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Posted: 26/07/2016 by zandtao in Corbyn, Democracy, Struggle

It seems a lot longer since I have been writing but the last stuff on the fight for genuine democracy (NEC decision) was only 11 days ago. I have been through stuff since them so maybe it feels longer. I have moved house again. I have again found a house that is more than what I need and is situated where I need – in the country yet less than 10 km from Trat. So now I have to hope the landlord/landlady thing works out. The guy is the problem this time, he is an empire builder and this house is part of his empire. There are signs that he would want to interfere with my space because he sees it as his space, let’s hope he is not a pain like Serge. Of course I am completely paranoid about everything to do with renting here – having moved 3 times in a year. I am still settling in – no internet yet, I’ll have to wait and see.

Back to the blog. As an aside to the VBC against Corbyn, across the Atlantic there is a similar mass movement developing. On Sunday the chairperson of the Democratic National Convention (DNC) had to resign over the partisan nature of the DNC support for Clinton. None of this should be a surprise.

To be clear it is necessary to understand the reality of the current political systems called by some neo-liberalism. It is well explained in the movie “Lifting the Veil” , and the Veil that is being lifted is that of the apparent democracy of the 2-party system. Throughout the world after 4 or 5 years democratic countries (so-called) have an election between two apparently opposing parties. Somewhere in the past these parties will have similar histories, one party having allegiance to the landowners business and finance, and one party having allegiance to the mass movement. But don’t make the mistake of thinking that these parties are connected to their historical roots. In practice both parties perform the same function, they offer the voting people a delusion that they will be represented whereas the policies are those which support the 1%.

For some Obama was a disappointment. He was the first black US president, and black people especially hoped he would enact policies that would benefit them. But instead he had mock battles with Wall Street but did what they and the military wanted. For him to have risen in the ranks of the Democrats he had to learn the game of the Neo-Liberals.

Having said that Neo-Liberalism requires the pretence of democracy to maintain control of the people, in some way people have to believe they are electing their government. With this pretence there is the potential for a genuine democratic candidate – a genuine representative of the people. In recent years the distance between the representatives and the mass movement has grown greater and greater. As a result of this widening gap there have arisen genuine candidates on both sides of the Atlantic fighting for genuine representation, in the US Bernie Sanders and in the UK Jeremy Corbyn. I have been discussing Corbyn, just a short mention of Bernie Sanders. Bernie has run a campaign against Hillary, and did remarkably well given the forces railed against him. It is no surprise that Democratic Party staffers had been using influence to try to get Hillary elected as the Democratic Party is part of the Veil that is the election system. This influence was so severe that the party chair has resigned. One person resigning would be a small price to be paid by the 1% to ensure Bernie does not stand and risk the damage to Wall Street his presidency might cause.

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