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Glands, Chakras and Pranayama

Posted: 30/10/2013 by zandtao in Health
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In response to Dottie I wrote this blog about going deeper to solve the gland problem. I suggested that the glands might be a notional border between the body and energy as examined through the eyes of the 3 tenets:-

Improving the mind

Harmonising our energy

Taking care of our bodies

I have looked at healing the glands through food with diet etc. and my main treatment was energetic through acupuncture, but what about the central focus of energetic work – the chakras? Vaguely there was a notion that the glands and chakras were connected so I searched. Now corresondences abound with chakras and organs, chakras and colours, chakras and elements, and quite often there is a difficulty in finding a pattern with these correspondences. But between the chakras and glands there was no difficulty, every reference gave the same, the following table being a typical example (taken from here:-

(Here is another giving the same correspondences from a different tradition).

As I am having issues with the glands I can help resolve those issues through chakra healing.

I had already been looking at chakra meditation (breathing in the colours consecutively for each chakra), and this has helped. But is there more I can do? As I searched there were two avenues that opened up for chakra healing, breathing and yoga postures. Here are yoga postures – asanas – for healing the chakras. But I have never got on well with yoga. So I began looking at the breathing. The most documented on breathing is the Indian system of pranayama, and for the chakras they suggested nostril breathing. Nostril breathing is something I had picked up from Daniel Reid, I am not sure whether it was in “The Tao of Health, Sex and Longevity” or “A Complete Guide to Chi Gung”, and I have done it before to a little benefit. So I had a chakra healing strategy.

The proof of the pudding is in the sleeping. 8 hours is too much – especially as I doze at the beach sometimes or whilst using the computer, so I tried 10.30 to wake up at 5.30. I lay down and focused on the nostril breathing.

Right open, left closed in 1->5
Both closed holding breath in 1->5
Left open, right closed out 1->5
Both closed holding no breath 1->5

then reverse

Left open, Right closed in 1->5
Both closed holding breath in 1->5
Right open, left closed out 1->5
Both closed holding empty breath 1->5

I did this for each chakra, and then I began the colour work breathing in the colours in and out, I use light blue for the brow and lavendar for the crown. Never made it I was asleep. I woke up in the middle of the night – toilet, and awake at 5.20. Success.

I am sure it won’t be so easy every night but …. where am I at? Through treatments I have improved the hormone balance. My particular problem is that the pineal gland is stressed even though the glands function as a whole endocrine system. I have done relaxation techniques for the pineal gland, and now I have nostril breathing for the glands via the chakra healing and similarly with colour work. I also will be doing herbal massage and herbal sauna once a week. Let’s see if that nails it. Maybe flu will be a thing of the past?

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Posted: 19/10/2013 by zandtao in Health
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In a message from Dottie “As we’ve talked about before, sometimes, healing is peeling back layers. I wonder if the deeper we go with our healing, if the layers are more intricate, and perhaps the solutions are not as apparent.”

This is a question worth considering, and I think it is worth considering in the context of who we are as human beings, if you use Zandtao this is the 3 tenets:-

Improving the mind

Harmonising our energy

Taking care of our bodies

What does the term deeper mean in this context? Whatever method you choose for healing (Zandtao Healing Plan being one), we go through various stages of healing, as Dottie says uncovering layers of problems. The Zandtao Healing Plan focuses on these as the main stages to heal the body:-

Natural Eating
Acid-Alkali balance
Bacteria balance

But in the last stage of lifestyle we encounter conceptual difficulties. Is meditation for improved lifestyle healing the body? There is an aptitude of mind that tends to separate. With the Zandtao there are the 3 tenets, but are these tenets dealing with separate parts of a human? Are there boundaries between body energy and mind? Or is it a continuum of sorts? And the word holistic comes to mind. Healing needs to be holistic but the tendency is to view holistic healing as healing the whole being through healing separate parts, but again we have the question “are the parts separate?”

There is a spiritual concept of denseness, the physical body being the most dense and the mental and spiritual bodies being the most light; the continuum I discussed above could be denseness. Some people talk of vibrations, and there being a continuum of vibrations. There might well be other descriptions that this word continuum might be appropriate for, I have no inclinations any way. But what I do contend is that there is unity, and on a personal level that unity means there is not a separation of mind, energy and body but a continuum.

And it is with glands I am maybe crossing the “border” between body, energy and emotions. In terms of hormones one obvious such crossover is sexual desire. For men it is a physical impossibility to maintain the same level of sexual activity as they were when they were 20. The amount of testosterone produced in the body reduces with age, this is a physical fact. What is the relationship between testosterone levels and sexual desire? And desire is not physical even though it might be stimulated physically.

Here I am suggesting that, Dottie, by going “deeper” we might be crossing a border between body and feelings. In other words healing hormones might not just be a physical issue, what is intricate might not just be resolved by food alone. It is my intention to study the glands further but there are descriptions that connect the pineal gland with the Third Eye. Now whatever one’s view on that is, these people do not see the pineal gland in purely physical terms.

We all know that meditation and energy work improve our health, this could be an indication that our glands are improved through meditation and energy work. I would of course attest to that as I sought acupuncture help in dealing with the hormone problem.

Finally there is a tendency in mb circles to seek to solve all through food and improving diet. I have never subscribed to this view, and feel that the hormone issue is evidence for this, but of course it could be argued that the continuum (of energy and mind)could be affected by food.

For me, Dottie, going deeper – being more intricate – is about recognising the connections of energy and meditation with physical health. In terms of my current approach to the hormone issue I have started my diet – well I haven’t yet as I haven’t eaten today yet just drank water. Once the diet has been finished I intend improving my acceptance of hormonal change in meditation and concentrating on Chi Gung – which I have almost completely stopped.

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Posted: 18/10/2013 by zandtao in Health
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I woke up this morning feeling good about my glands. Yesterday I was completely disturbed, the previous night had been disrupted, and in a sense I felt out of control. The grass was being cut so it was noisy and I rushed off to the beach, and then had a herbal massage. I went to sleep before midnight – a rarity, and woke up with the chickens – as I would like to.

Today is the last acupuncture treatment, and tomorrow I start the diet. I feel as if I am somewhere near the last hurdle – but in truth dealing with glands will always be with me. I compare this with probiotics. At a certain stage I felt that I had those yooi under control, but they slipped back out of balance on occasions – see tag cloud probiotics. When I look back at this blog the battle with the yooi is ongoing, rather than just one skirmish and then over. It will be the same with the glands – see tag cloud glands.

Feeling good about the glands today, I wanted to write about them and put them in perspective. Apart from the young Danish ranter I have never heard them discussed in mb circles – or the plant-based diet circles. On reflection this seems rather strange as quite clearly all people age and go through menopause or andropause. Perhaps there is an assumption that these healthy diets just deal with any glandular problems, and that assumption is not that unreasonable. Let’s consider mb. The mb I don’t deal with is balancing the yin-yang, and this hormone balance problem is about excess yin. So maybe mb could be excused, except that it appears that the mb church does not recognise it as an issue. One way of healing the lymphatic system is by a plant-based diet so you might argue that it is covered there. But in truth I don’t accept either explanation. With regards to me hormones are swept under the table and not talked about.

This last part is worth considering. The droop. This is what men get up in arms about – the droop. Maybe some talk about it, maybe some worry about it, and perhaps they talk about it with doctors? When you look online about andropause, reading between the lines the issue is the droop – the balance between testosterone and oestrogen and the health consequences of that. The reduction in the production of testosterone with ageing might be a strong trigger but it is my contention that the glands are a much wider problem that needs addressing. Look at my own case. There has been a long history of flus and “cold and damp” – see tag cloud flu. This coldness Chinese medicine (TCM) recognises as excess yin in men, and that is what I have had treated with acupuncture. The disrupted sleep patterns that might well be considered as “normal retirement” and “ageing” might be rectified through hormone balance. Yet again when the establishment pill-dropping and slashing cannot handle the problem, it says the problem does not exist – I think of my migraines that I had for years with no solution except knockout drops.

So this brings me to the point of this blog, healing the glands is an additional stage in the Zandtao Healing plan. For those who start healing early in life this hormone issue might well not apply, a healthy lifestyle would probably handle the hormones. But for those who come to diet later in life I suspect hormones will be an underlying condition. By the time we take on a diet our health has deteriorated usually leading to a recognised disease – in my case GERD. But once we get through the main stages of healing:-

natural eating

then this underlying condition has a chance to come out. Once we recognise the imbalance then we can start healing.

In my case because the imbalance was marked I needed acupuncture – strong treatment. But there are other methods of dealing with it:-

Massage – especially herbal.
Detox diet
Continued Zandtao Healing Plan esp exercise

When I look at this there is nothing new, apart from the acupuncture and the sauna my lifestyle would have created the hormonal balance. But remember my 7 years are not up yet – August 2014 will be 7 years from when the diet started.

I have also picked up some stop-gap measures:-

Zinc improves the immune system
Nibbling pumpkin seeds for prostate – benefits here
Cherries for serotonin
Seaweed for the thyroid
Hoi for ageing

For men don’t get sucked into the hormones = droop scenario, and ignore the possibility that glands have a wider impact on your health. Recognise that hormone imbalance might be an underlying condition that comes to the forefront as part of the 7-year healing process and be prepared to handle it. Above are some of the techniques for doing so.

This is not a small issue. The disease aspect for me was flu but that is not the real issue. This year the first flu was mid-July, and off-and-on I have been dealing with it since. Unless I had discussed this with others my life would have appeared the same but it was not. My quality of life has been down because I have not been meditating, and Chi Gung has been a struggle; mind and energy are not working well. Transpose that to those who don’t try with their health. Hormones are not making them ill so they are not an issue, this is an acceptance of a lowering of quality of life – continuous sleeping and disrupted nights. THAT is significant. Be glandularly conscious.

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A Cold Farang in Thailand

Posted: 08/10/2013 by zandtao in Health
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This is a long one, and I am being pre-emptive in writing this blog as I am still undergoing treatment. The symptoms are the flu – see tag cloud flu. It came to a head in July and August this year, I got the flu for a week in July and then for a week in August – long discussion here. Suffice it to say I have had flu problems all my life. Recent flu has usually occurred in the rainy season, I developed supersoup if I got wet.

What was particularly irritating was that I am on a healthy diet, and that turns out to have disguised the problem – Dottie’s underlying conditions. In the addendum to the above blog the acupuncturist was talking about balancing the body – I assumed yin and yang, but sometimes acupuncturists don’t always discuss in terms of yin and yang. She might have been talking about hormones – the endocrine system. Whatever, she did say that my problem was caused by andropause – the male menopause.

Now understanding hormones is something I have just passed by in life. There was one circumstance. When I was in an extremely stressful relationship eczema flared up all over the place leading to blood on the sheets as I scratched when sleeping. Begrudgingly the doctor offered cortisone and begrudgingly I accepted. On reflection I am not sure whether I was wrong as the eczema was dreadful, but the after-effects of the cortisone treatment stayed with me a while – maybe even contributing to the current imbalance?

Now I am suffering from hormonal imbalance because of my age. It has given me a cold body that left me vulnerable to flus, can you believe it – a Cold Farang in Thailand? Fortunately this acupuncturist immediately diagnosed the problem as andropause and began treating it. This treatment has greatly helped but in the realisation of the hormonal imbalance it has become a problem that I dont know how to deal with. Fundamentally I don’t know what it is.

Below there are some authoritative quotes about hormone imbalance. They helped me on my way to this current understanding. I freaked at the hormone imbalance, what was I to do? My diet was good, and all that I read said do my diet – well mostly. Why was it happening? It had been a build-up. Coping with GERD and then the gradual renewal of my body with the diet had disguised the hormonal problem.

In a man of my age hormones means testosterone and the droop vis-a-vis the old Farangs in Thailand chasing the suais. So I’m up in the air about my desires and testosterone. But hormones are not just testosterone – see endocrine system, and I began to settle. There is the thyroid, and key in the thyroid was cold intolerance – my cold and damp body. The key is hormonal balance, and this is something I had lost. Perhaps my diet should have given me balance, maybe it would have in time – maybe. But it taught me a big lesson, I don’t feel food is enough hence why I wrote the “Zandtao Cancer Programme?”, significant in this being healing has to include energy (Chi Gung and Acupuncture) and meditation, the 3 tenets of Zandtao:-

Improving the mind

Harmonising our energy

Taking care of our bodies


My last acupuncture programme made me feel uncomfortable, affected my sleep, and I struggled with the teaching. It is school hols so I have gone for 5 more treatments – she had asked me to do that before. In the interim I had settled within my body (a sauna and taking zinc tablets as well) so hormones were not screwing me up, I have had one treatment (of the 2nd five), and balance has gone a bit – less than before. My plan is to finish the 5 treatments, and then do a detox. I remember the Danish ranter talking of the lymphatic system – the endocrine system appears to fit in with that; my usual diet of 3 days fruit and 6 days veg should do the trick. At least I hope so.

This stuff is not good. I have struggled to meditate, the Chi Gung is but a memory, and some of my diet is slipping. All of this is because the hormones have disturbed my meditation. Between the acupuncture courses I gained strength and discipline, but with the second course that has gone a bit again. However I feel confident that once the treatment has finished my discipline will bring me back on song – gradually.

I now realise that routines of old men I have known well (in my family) have been affected by hormones, of course men don’t have hormones they just have the droop and viagra fixes that!! Fascinating stuff – hormones and old men.


Lots of garlic – usually 8 or 10 cloves ground in a mortar then poured in a pan.
Buai – Chinese umeboshi – 5 or 6 – cheap here
Miso – better – started using Dtao giao when ran out
Honey to balance the plums
Seaweed for thyroid

Boil and drink


The hormone imbalance starts to occur naturally at 20 “In men, the symptoms of aging are often the result of a growth hormone and testosterone decline. After age 20, a man’s growth hormone falls about 14% for every 10 years. By the time he reaches 40, he’s lost almost half the growth hormones he had at 20-years-old and by the time he reaches 80, men are left with just 5% of their original growth hormones. These imbalances can happen at any age.” from here. Over the last 6 years I have improved my diet with an accompanying improvement in health, but now that I have almost completed the 7 years hormonal imbalance has hit.

In Michael Rossoff’s movie and Dan Reid “A Complete guide to Chi Gung”, it is recommended to decrease the amount of ejaculation. But I am convinced that that is not all of it.
“Since fat cells manufacture estrogen (a powerful hormone), it is crucial for men to maintain normal weight to have balanced sex hormones. Excess fat can lead to an excess of estrogen in men. When you see a man with a beer belly and breast-buds (female-like development of breasts), he probably has an estrogen excess made by fat cells. This may be the reason that overweight and obese men have a higher incidence of prostate cancer and benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH). In males, higher levels of dihydrotestosterone, a hormone derived from testosterone, is associated with BPH and possibly prostate cancer; increased levels of estrogen also appears to play a role in the development of BPH.

Other non-sex-hormone factors can create imbalances in the sex hormones. An excess or deficiency of the thyroid hormone will change sex hormone levels; replacing the sex hormone in any quantity will not correct the problem until you have compensated for the thyroid function. Changes in liver function can also cause a shift in the relative amounts of various hormones, because the liver processes most sex hormones. Many menopausal-aged people, both men and women, still have normal or even high levels of the circulating sex hormones. Additional mammalian hormones in this instance are inadvisable, because they can create an excess of hormones with the associated problems. Faulty liver function, as evidenced by high cholesterol levels, contributes to inadequate transformation of hormones. Improving liver function is a key step in normalizing hormones and the body’s response to hormones (it is possible to have adequate hormone levels and still have symptoms of deficiency or excess if the liver is not working properly).

Remember that overall good health is critical to the body’s production of hormones. Inadequate nutrients from diet is a major factor in hormonal imbalance. Excess alcohol, refined carbohydrates (sugars), and “trans” fats will all have a negative effect on hormone levels.” from here. Here is a reasonable sales pitch from the same site “From the findings (BZ of a consultation), a unique protocol of natural supplements, herbs, nutrition, acupuncture, and/or allergy elimination can often remedy the condition and create profound improvements in health (refer to Testing and Treatment for more details). Even though most natural hormone balancing supplements are safe, professional guidance and monitoring is suggested in order to make sure the right treatment is being given at the right time in the right dose.” It is this protocol I am seeking.

“The most significant hormone imbalance in aging men is a decrease in free testosterone, while estrogen levels remain the same or increase precipitously. As men grow older, they experience a variety of disorders relating to the dual effects of having too little testosterone and excess estrogen. The result is a testosterone-estrogen imbalance that directly causes many of the debilitating health problems associated with normal aging (1-12, 28).” from here.

Possible solutions:-

Oestrogen increases as testosterone decreases so “Consume 400 mg of indole-3-carbinol to help neutralize dangerous estrogen metabolites. Cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli and cauliflower, can also stimulate the liver to metabolize and excrete excess estrogen.” My consumption of these veg is good, maybe look at buying indole-3 carbinol temporarily.

And it could be the thyroid:- “Hypothyroidism in Men:

When men possess low thyroid hormone levels, meaning an underactive thyroid gland and low metabolism, men experience such symptoms as:
Hair Loss
Dry Skin
Weight Gain
Cold intolerance”

I definitely have cold intolerance.

• Selenium: The highest concentration of selenium is found in the thyroid gland, and it’s been shown to be a necessary component of enzymes integral to thyroid function.14 Selenium is an essential trace mineral and has been shown to have a profound effect on the immune system, cognitive function, fertility in both men and women, and mortality rate. I have enough selenium. (I was not able to buy idole-3 carbinol or selenium).

Yoga exercises for the thyroid, those that mess around with the neck. Have had stiff neck and shoulder issues before.

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A Zandtao Cancer Programme?

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Over the last couple of years I have been increasingly susceptible to flus. Nothing too bad – five times, but what hit home was that I had a flu at the end of July and three weeks later I had the flu again. I recognised that my susceptibility to these flus revolved around a cold chest – a seriously cold chest. Wow look what I found when searching for a link – a blog “Exercise Cold and Damp” on 12/10/08 – fascinating. I have tried to resolve this cold chest issue before. I have made amendments to my diet – increasing warm foods, cayenne pepper etc. – discussed here. But the chest was still cold. My “guru”, Paul Pitchford “Healing through Whole Foods”, says these chest things take time but with herbal treatments it was not happening. I needed a practitioner intervention – acupuncture treatment. The issue has not been resolved yet but I think it is on the way.

So why am I writing this now and not waiting? Quite simple. Meditation. Meditation told me I needed to revise my approach. I have previously said that if I had cancer I would go Gerson, but meditation told me that was not enough. The approach to cancer you want is a “Zandtao in your terms”. I am not saying everyone should follow Zandtao but my approach to the whole person is the three tenets as discussed in the Zandtao Treatise; that is what I am proposing for life, so it should be the same for healing from cancer. Cancer could be termed a holistic disease. I have previously called it a lifestyle disease, and yet although a cure is lifestyle I have often said Gerson. But Gerson is not enough. Using the description “Zandtao in your terms” I mean a lifestyle approach that incorporates meditation (mind), chi and healing the body.

Let’s examine the three tenets:-

Improving the mind

Harmonising our energy

Taking care of our bodies

Let’s start with our bodies, here is where Gerson comes in. I believe the Gerson therapy is the best way of cleaning the toxins, and therefore tumours, from the body. But that is not enough for our bodies, our bodies need rehabilitating. In the cropped clip Charlotte Gerson talks of rehabilitation in general, and I don’t doubt their competence. But because of the Zandtao approach being committed to energy, in this programme a significant part of that rehabilitation needs to be acupuncture. Now acupuncture helps clear the channels but what if your energy intake is not peak, then you need energy techniques such as Chi Gung to “gather energy”. And none of this works if your mind is in a mess, maybe still dealing with the doctor’s cancer death sentence? So you need meditation – the 3 tenets.

For a healing routine a clinical schedule could be

Juice 1 -> Gerson 1
Chi Gung
Juice 2 -> Gerson 2
Chi Gung
Walk Added
Juice 3 -> Gerson 3
Chi Gung
Juice 4 -> Gerson 4
Chi Gung

I stress I am not an expert so to apply this sort of routine requires a team of committed experts, people who understand such a holistic approach. These would include Gerson therapists, acupuncturists, Chi Gung teachers and meditation teachers.

My food diet is primarily macrobiotic, and it is interestng to note that macrobiotics once offered itself as a cure for cancer. I believe some doubt has been cast on its ability to cure cancer, but Denny Waxman worked with patients and their cancer was cured – see Denny Waxman. It appears that he worked on a combination of food and energy. What is practised now as macrobiotics has beceome much more of a food diet; but in its esoteric depths macrobiotics speaks of meditation, energy and food – Denny Waxman is such an example.

A friend advised me to watch this film, “Cancer is curable now”. I was a bit dismissive – I wrote something like I have looked at a number of cancer movies over my retirement years. But I began watching it, and then stopped because the movie was moving to where my meditation had taken me. So that is where I am now; I stopped the movie and wrote this blog ….

…. in light of what I have just written I am going to continue watching the movie.

My concerns that this blog might be viewed as plagiarism based on the movie were unfounded. I completely agreed with the first half of the movie that can be found at this torrent.

However the remainder of the movie I am unwilling to comment on as it involved techniques that I am unsure of. You can view the whole movie “Cancer is curable now” via this torrent..

The movie led to three amendments to the above programme. Firstly exercise needs to be included, the minimum of a 20-minute walk daily – as discussed in the Zandtao Treatise. Sunshine is essential as is evident in the Natural emphasis of the Treatise, but I forgot to write it. I am not a Gerson expert although I recommend their therapy for the body. I have replaced the word juice by Gerson, it is their therapy that should be their decision as part of the “Zandtao programme team” (grandiose eh?).

This programme need not be limited to cancer. In the movie-crop Charlotte Gerson talks of all degenerative diseases, the approach of this programme is the same. It follows from a deep respect of Nature, that we are ONE, and that in our bodies Nature provides the healing.

Corollary:- This programme is unlikely to happen as I have no resources, but if I am going to discuss cancer (degenerative diseases) I ought to offer an approach – not just being critical of “death by chemo”.

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I call myself a Buddhist but do I believe in Buddhism? …. more on Buddhadasa page

My Journey has stalled

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Last June I quite rightly had a wake-up call when I realised that the aspect of Buddhism that I was following did not have a component of insight into daily life particularly political awareness. This was unacceptable, and as could have been predicted I have lost balance. My journey is primarily political now, and this is not acceptable.

Zandtao talks about three tenets:-

Improving the mind

Harmonising our energy

Taking care of our bodies

So what am I doing about them? On the body my food improves, in fact of the three this is the one that I do keep updating. Yesterday was a cooking day, cake, ga tii for the week, and coconut kefir. Today I am starting the nukodoko in the hope of getting Japanese rice bran pickles after a couple of weeks. The kvas is lasting well so with the kombusha tea and kimchee I am doing a lot for my bacteria – chouai yooi. Massage has been helping with my loose cartilege so I feel that my knee is perhaps in the best condition it has ever been. I have therefore started work on my Achilles’ tendons which just over 10 years ago left me hobbling for days after playing my last game of football – a knock about at Muscat. I am concerned my tendons might stop me walking up mountains if I ever get there.

Energy is not good. Every time I go to the beach I do Chi Gung, but that is as little as three times a week now. It is not acceptable that I don’t do more Chi Gung but I do find myself tired on Fridays after a busy Tues/Wed/Thurs with school and swimming. This tiredness does get into the weekends so I must try to get Chi Gung into the home routine. My three beach days are serious quality especially with the late stays as the meditation at 7.00pm is excellent. But meditation has dropped and that is always a bad sign. In another way meditation has improved as the morning meditation is up to 55 minutes now, so on a good day – often Wednesdays – I do 55 minutes and beach meditation, but for the rest of the week there are days when I do nothing. There is no excuse for that, but that is what is happening. Why? Politics.

Yes, politics. How am I following the first tenet? OK last June I improved my mind by applying insight to all aspects of life, not just the ones that don’t bring me into conflict with the 1% establishment. But having established insight across the board I have stopped being insightful in developing the mind. I always review my life in terms of inner and outer, at some stages the outer becomes strong and other times the inner. Since June the inner has taken a back seat whilst I re-balanced the outer, now it is time re-balance the inner whilst not forgetting the outer. The Zandtao blog is very political, and with Democracy Now I have a ready-made political awareness of one hour 5 days-a-week, that is enough to keep me contemporary. The Treatise is almost finished but has stalled, as has Matriellez stalled in the same way. My mind is not improving, it has stalled.

I think now, what do I want to study to improve my mind? Maybe the answer is Thay as the Plum Village are developing a wonderful workbank for study with all his clips. But I am looking for something to do, I am looking to de-stall the mind yet usually improving the mind comes naturally through meditation – I know what to study. In truth I am not studying the mind since I started politics. I must start again. Then there is the wonderful bank of work that K has, the questioning mind. My mind has questioned politics applying insight, but I have not been asking about mind.

It is time to stop being equivocal about meditation, it is not a choice. Develop a routine for the weekend that is not just doing housework and recovering form the beach. The weekend needs to be more positive, not just looking for the latest political movie to watch but to start developing the mind again as well as doing Chi Gung more than just at the beach.

I need details or I won’t do it. Meditation twice a day is a must, even when tired. I can let tiredness prevent Chi Gung every day but I have to increase it to 5 times a week- Sunday and Monday. I have to cut back on the food time. I am becoming a foodie for foodie’s sake. My yooi are chouaied – the bacteria must be getting good, drinks are good as well as the food with the yooi drinks. I don’t need to keep looking for food improvements especially as they take up so much time. My mind needs to be a priority now. Thay or K or maybe death thread, one of them. Let meditation decide as that is happening twice a day now for sure.


I had a discussion with one of my two blog-readers, so I need to make something clear about my journey. The journey stalled because I became overly involved with politics – I became too attached to the politics that I forgot the journey. This is a matter of poor discipline on my part, and not a criticism of the political involvement. The politics I have learnt about has been insightful and extremely important, the insights I have gained have improved my understanding. There are many things where people say it is a turning point, and if we don’t do something we cannot turn back. I think we have reached that point.

Significant in considering this turning point is brinkmanship, and I cite the nuclear crisis as an example. We got so close to nuclear war many times but we never went beyond it. The 1% continued to get wealthy, pushed us to the brink of nuclear catastrophe, but then we stepped back – brinkmanship. Now the US has no opposition, nothing limits the 1% many of whom live in the US. US politics is now completely dominated by the 1%, and that is recognised by many. Now what is required is not brinkmanship but self-restraint on the part of the 1%. However it is my view that they are so addicted to money and power that they have no self-restraint, and they cannot perceive the brink for brinkmanship to apply. Significant in this assessment is the climate. Throughout the world we are seeing climate change, and the response to this is to pay scientists to deny that there is climate change. When people were seeking a solution at COP17 they did nothing because of this denial, and they then created a coup in the Maldives to oust a climate change champion. The causes of world recession are not being dealt with, and the response to the crisis is to print more money, hand it out as bailout money, and then allow the banks to pocket it as bonuses. Flagrant greed that does not show any sign of self-restraint or compassion.

For me this turning point is a rallying call. It is a time to move away from compromise strategies which have been usurped by the 1% and which have been mostly ineffective in restraining the 1%, and seek an alternative of no compromise, of withdrawal, as far as is personally possible, from the reach of the 1%. This alternative refers specifically to the use of their money so we need to replace it with increased barter, creditos, community currencies or R-credits.

But having recognised what I consider an important turning-point, I must not dwell and stay attached to this thought. The journey needs to continue, and that is what this blog is about. Not a denial of the need for insight in our political daily life, but a recognition that I have been lacking the discipline for meditation – for following the Path. I had a bad day yesterday but have been on target today.