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This could have been a continuation of the last blog, but that then could have been long and missed the point about the New Fact of Life.

Understanding and seeing racism as conditioning is a way of working – campaigning. Making demands in terms of identity is not helpful, there is no education – no communication. Just an ideal, a set of ideas that is agreed with or disagreed with. You are racist, no I’m not. You are racist, no I’m not. You are racist, no I’m not. You are racist, no I’m not. You are racist, no I’m not. You are sexist, no I’m not. You are sexist, no I’m not. You are sexist, no I’m not. You are sexist, no I’m not. You are sexist, no I’m not. You are sexist, no I’m not. There is no meeting here, no communication, no helping each other.

But understanding conditioning recognises that it is not a switch, yes or no, it is a spectrum – a continuum. I will always have to be conscious of racism because there are always conditioning forces that want to make me racist again – even despite an awareness that was a pinnacle as editor of Young Journal and was never really lost teaching in Botswana and Nigeria – lost now 12 years in Thailand?

As discussed throughout the esp. Ch 22, the process of conditioning is ongoing and pervasive. Conditioning is the agreements that get made from generation to generation, and this conditioning is the basis of the ego that can be so divisive and destructive. When bell hooks describes an imperialist white supremacist capitalist patriarchy, she is describing with a verbal hammer a significant proportion of the conditioning we are processed with. But what she is not overtly describing is the ego that we are also conditioned with. When you put all of these together we can begin to understand conditioning, and begin to understand what all of us need to move beyond – and moving beyond conditioning could be a manifesto for Unity.

It is important to consider the current political realities in terms of this conditioning. It is quite clear that we are all conditioned to some extent, and it is equally evident that this conditioning benefits the 1% who accumulate whilst our different conditionings divide us. If we don’t keep our focus on those who benefit with our divisions we end up contributing to those benefits. If we accept that there is a conditioning both natural and systemic, then we can begin to experience freedom whilst at the same time become aware of how deeply exploited we are by the 1%. We can then see that being divided only hurts us.

It is so important to understand that this conditioning does not singly apply to those who are privileged within the conditioning. In bell hooks words it conditions privilege to imperialist white supremacist capitalist patriarchs and withdraws privilege from those who are not. All people are conditioned to accept the privilege of the imperialist white supremacist capitalist patriarchy, not just white men, but women – all genders, and people of colour.

What is also important to note in this description of conditioning is that of the conditioning of the ego, to move beyond conditioning is to move beyond ego. This is significant for a group of intellectuals known as the IDweb. These people demand freedom but this freedom is limited and conditioned, it is really freedom to exploit. Genuine freedom is freedom from conditioning, freedom from ego, freedom for all. In the US and increasingly in the western world this freedom has become freedom from government regulation, and as Noam Chomsky discusses here, the purpose of Trump flim-flam is to create a public charade whilst removing regulations that benefit business and disadvantage people – all done in the name of freedom.

A key component of the IDweb (article not link site gone?) is the promotion of the individual intellectual – the cult of the individual intellectual such as the ego of Jordan Peterson or Sam Harris, and significant in all of the IDweb is that lack of freedom for ALL, the lack of compassion for ALL. This is the intellectualism of the ego, of competition, of self-aggrandisement, of capitalism.

Also try to see where identity politics fits into this process of conditioning. This creates an identity or ego around certain ideals such as fighting the privilege of white men in favour of non-whites, non-males etc. These are ideas that the ego attaches to and makes demands for. This is a conditioned response to the exploitation by the imperialist white supremacist capitalist patriarchy but in itself is still conditioned. When the ego clings to an ideal as a conditioned response it creates division. If instead it was recognised as conditioning then it would be more clearly understood that moving beyond conditioning is not holding to ideals but educating an awareness that is beyond conditioning. In other words identity politics is a divisive conditioned response of the ego, needs to understand its own egoic conditioning, needs to move forward in its understanding of conditioning, and begin to recognise the importance of Unity and the need to develop awareness.

Whilst a step in the right direction Marxism has got stuck as an ideal that more and more people are rejecting. It came about as an explanation as to how working people were being exploited by the capitalist/imperialist owners of the nineteenth century. Marxism was however limited to an examination of finance, and by limiting the ethos to finance it has left the proletariat vulnerable to exploitation through finance and by accumulation. The level of accumulation of contemporary super-wealthy is far beyond that envisaged in the times of Marx, and the ease with which many of the proletariat can be bought off by the super-wealthy makes any organisation by the proletariat against the bourgeoisie virtually impossible if they are fighting for equality of finance.

Continuing with an emphasis on finance is now a conditioned response because it has been controlled by the powerful – by the 1%. In moving beyond conditioning we have to try to establish what is beyond the conditioning, beyond the ego, and when we recognise how conditioning works we can see that what is beyond is compassion and freedom for all. This I discussed in the Treatise as pathtivism:-

When I discussed this as being esoteric – a bit beyond, I was not exhibiting a clear analysis. Where we are going with a class analysis based on finance is outmoded and has been controlled by the 1%. Class based on the global interests of all people would end the competitiveness that divided the first from the third world. But a position in which the global class interest is placed in the context of Gaia would bring sustainability to an interest that is limited to humanity and its lack of sustainability. These last two positions are not contradictory for Gaia’s interest and the peoples’ interests are identical if thought through. It is capitalism that focusses on exploiting resources to increase profit, that is conditioning, and is not in the peoples’ interest. Pathtivism or indigenous wisdom is the only practical way forward, a way that is beyond conditioning.

For a fuller development of the recognition of conditioning, addiction and the need for pathtivism in the context of Gaia, consider the last section of the – Ch 21-25.

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Nowhere to Hide

Posted: 25/05/2018 by zandtao in Struggle
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I have been doing some light listening in the car – bell hooks, and it is excellent. I am MAWP so I am part of the imperialist white supremacist patriarchal system that she continually questions. When you listen to her you have to question what you are doing about race, and I have been complacent about that. Partly that complacency stems from living with black women who looked to me for knowledge on the struggles of black people, partly that complacency comes from things like the Young Journal, partly that complacency comes from learning from Ndeh and Omwody, and partly that complacency comes from being MAWP and knowing that whenever I want I can hide from the results of MAWPs. I can hide within the very imperialist white supremacist patriarchal system I hate. I have no skin that prevents me from hiding.

I compare bell with how I felt about Krishnamurti. When I was about 30 I spent a few years attending the Krishnamurti gatherings at Brockwood park. At that time I was focussed on spirituality trying to come to terms with my understanding, and I would listen as he would say empty your contents of consciousness. I would internally scream at him that I am trying to come to terms with understanding and yet you tell me empty. It was a permanent spiritual revolution, and needed.

Listening to bell is a permanent societal revolution, everything has to be questioned because it is imperialist white supremacist patriarchal. As a MAWP I am not going to have conflict because it is MAWPs who are the problem – apart from the 1% of which MAWPs are their foremen.

It is the state of permanent revolution which is the end of addiction to self Ch 22, it is permanent revolution that ends conditioning, it is permanent revolution that is the practice of Ch 23, and it is permanent revolution that is the pathtivism that I put forward in Ch 24:-

Listening to bell is comfortable because it unhinges any attachment I might have. If I am not agreeing with her – maybe thinking she goes too far, I can stop myself and say that is addiction to conditioning – and let it go.

She makes me evaluate class. That in itself is a good thing. Class is Marxist and therefore MAWP no matter how much socialists argue – ask Russell Means about Europeans. But at the same time the 99% are exploited and provided Gaia is happy somehow working for Unity against the 1% has to underpin the permanent non-violent revolution – unless it becomes legitimately violent and that is very very unlikely as realistically there will never be that level of consciousness amongst the 99%. Working with black comrades in a state of permanent revolution means constant deep listening as each new turn shows how MAWP I am, and how unintentionally I perpetuate the imperialist white supremacist patriarchal system simply by having the conditioning. This deep listening is of course completely liberating no matter how much my ego screams that I have much to offer.

I should think seriously about how to add permanent revolution to the practice of the Treatise. Will I wait and see if Holybooks comes through?

I know bell is Buddhist but she talks much of desire – and there was self esteem that I questioned. I have mixed reactions to her occasional focus on black women fulfilling their sexual desire. On the one hand it is a celebration of self-realisation but on the other it is indulging desire, and attachment to desire is addiction to self – and is therefore not following the path. Following the path is permanent revolution but most don’t have the awareness to follow the path; such celebration of self-realisation is an intermediary step.

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Treatise Milestone

Posted: 20/04/2018 by zandtao in Writing

I have just completed the book “A Treatise on Zandtao”:-

The Treatise can be found on my Zandtao website, click on or there.

This blog has become too unwieldly. Although I have made efforts to tag as I go along, I sometimes have difficulty finding what I have previously written. From now on I will just refer to the Treatise (gif), there is more in the blog but at least the Treatise has some sense of order. If you have previously looked at the Treatise, the links have been tidied up but not all the references are there. If a publisher wants to publish I’ll do it

As a Treatise taster the purpose is :-

and a summary methodology:-

It feels good to finish this but there will be new blogs – can’t stop.

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Glands, Chakras and Pranayama

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In response to Dottie I wrote this blog about going deeper to solve the gland problem. I suggested that the glands might be a notional border between the body and energy as examined through the eyes of the 3 tenets:-

Improving the mind

Harmonising our energy

Taking care of our bodies

I have looked at healing the glands through food with diet etc. and my main treatment was energetic through acupuncture, but what about the central focus of energetic work – the chakras? Vaguely there was a notion that the glands and chakras were connected so I searched. Now corresondences abound with chakras and organs, chakras and colours, chakras and elements, and quite often there is a difficulty in finding a pattern with these correspondences. But between the chakras and glands there was no difficulty, every reference gave the same, the following table being a typical example (taken from here:-

(Here is another giving the same correspondences from a different tradition).

As I am having issues with the glands I can help resolve those issues through chakra healing.

I had already been looking at chakra meditation (breathing in the colours consecutively for each chakra), and this has helped. But is there more I can do? As I searched there were two avenues that opened up for chakra healing, breathing and yoga postures. Here are yoga postures – asanas – for healing the chakras. But I have never got on well with yoga. So I began looking at the breathing. The most documented on breathing is the Indian system of pranayama, and for the chakras they suggested nostril breathing. Nostril breathing is something I had picked up from Daniel Reid, I am not sure whether it was in “The Tao of Health, Sex and Longevity” or “A Complete Guide to Chi Gung”, and I have done it before to a little benefit. So I had a chakra healing strategy.

The proof of the pudding is in the sleeping. 8 hours is too much – especially as I doze at the beach sometimes or whilst using the computer, so I tried 10.30 to wake up at 5.30. I lay down and focused on the nostril breathing.

Right open, left closed in 1->5
Both closed holding breath in 1->5
Left open, right closed out 1->5
Both closed holding no breath 1->5

then reverse

Left open, Right closed in 1->5
Both closed holding breath in 1->5
Right open, left closed out 1->5
Both closed holding empty breath 1->5

I did this for each chakra, and then I began the colour work breathing in the colours in and out, I use light blue for the brow and lavendar for the crown. Never made it I was asleep. I woke up in the middle of the night – toilet, and awake at 5.20. Success.

I am sure it won’t be so easy every night but …. where am I at? Through treatments I have improved the hormone balance. My particular problem is that the pineal gland is stressed even though the glands function as a whole endocrine system. I have done relaxation techniques for the pineal gland, and now I have nostril breathing for the glands via the chakra healing and similarly with colour work. I also will be doing herbal massage and herbal sauna once a week. Let’s see if that nails it. Maybe flu will be a thing of the past?

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In a message from Dottie “As we’ve talked about before, sometimes, healing is peeling back layers. I wonder if the deeper we go with our healing, if the layers are more intricate, and perhaps the solutions are not as apparent.”

This is a question worth considering, and I think it is worth considering in the context of who we are as human beings, if you use Zandtao this is the 3 tenets:-

Improving the mind

Harmonising our energy

Taking care of our bodies

What does the term deeper mean in this context? Whatever method you choose for healing (Zandtao Healing Plan being one), we go through various stages of healing, as Dottie says uncovering layers of problems. The Zandtao Healing Plan focuses on these as the main stages to heal the body:-

Natural Eating
Acid-Alkali balance
Bacteria balance

But in the last stage of lifestyle we encounter conceptual difficulties. Is meditation for improved lifestyle healing the body? There is an aptitude of mind that tends to separate. With the Zandtao there are the 3 tenets, but are these tenets dealing with separate parts of a human? Are there boundaries between body energy and mind? Or is it a continuum of sorts? And the word holistic comes to mind. Healing needs to be holistic but the tendency is to view holistic healing as healing the whole being through healing separate parts, but again we have the question “are the parts separate?”

There is a spiritual concept of denseness, the physical body being the most dense and the mental and spiritual bodies being the most light; the continuum I discussed above could be denseness. Some people talk of vibrations, and there being a continuum of vibrations. There might well be other descriptions that this word continuum might be appropriate for, I have no inclinations any way. But what I do contend is that there is unity, and on a personal level that unity means there is not a separation of mind, energy and body but a continuum.

And it is with glands I am maybe crossing the “border” between body, energy and emotions. In terms of hormones one obvious such crossover is sexual desire. For men it is a physical impossibility to maintain the same level of sexual activity as they were when they were 20. The amount of testosterone produced in the body reduces with age, this is a physical fact. What is the relationship between testosterone levels and sexual desire? And desire is not physical even though it might be stimulated physically.

Here I am suggesting that, Dottie, by going “deeper” we might be crossing a border between body and feelings. In other words healing hormones might not just be a physical issue, what is intricate might not just be resolved by food alone. It is my intention to study the glands further but there are descriptions that connect the pineal gland with the Third Eye. Now whatever one’s view on that is, these people do not see the pineal gland in purely physical terms.

We all know that meditation and energy work improve our health, this could be an indication that our glands are improved through meditation and energy work. I would of course attest to that as I sought acupuncture help in dealing with the hormone problem.

Finally there is a tendency in mb circles to seek to solve all through food and improving diet. I have never subscribed to this view, and feel that the hormone issue is evidence for this, but of course it could be argued that the continuum (of energy and mind)could be affected by food.

For me, Dottie, going deeper – being more intricate – is about recognising the connections of energy and meditation with physical health. In terms of my current approach to the hormone issue I have started my diet – well I haven’t yet as I haven’t eaten today yet just drank water. Once the diet has been finished I intend improving my acceptance of hormonal change in meditation and concentrating on Chi Gung – which I have almost completely stopped.

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A Zandtao Cancer Programme?

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Over the last couple of years I have been increasingly susceptible to flus. Nothing too bad – five times, but what hit home was that I had a flu at the end of July and three weeks later I had the flu again. I recognised that my susceptibility to these flus revolved around a cold chest – a seriously cold chest. Wow look what I found when searching for a link – a blog “Exercise Cold and Damp” on 12/10/08 – fascinating. I have tried to resolve this cold chest issue before. I have made amendments to my diet – increasing warm foods, cayenne pepper etc. – discussed here. But the chest was still cold. My “guru”, Paul Pitchford “Healing through Whole Foods”, says these chest things take time but with herbal treatments it was not happening. I needed a practitioner intervention – acupuncture treatment. The issue has not been resolved yet but I think it is on the way.

So why am I writing this now and not waiting? Quite simple. Meditation. Meditation told me I needed to revise my approach. I have previously said that if I had cancer I would go Gerson, but meditation told me that was not enough. The approach to cancer you want is a “Zandtao in your terms”. I am not saying everyone should follow Zandtao but my approach to the whole person is the three tenets as discussed in the Zandtao Treatise; that is what I am proposing for life, so it should be the same for healing from cancer. Cancer could be termed a holistic disease. I have previously called it a lifestyle disease, and yet although a cure is lifestyle I have often said Gerson. But Gerson is not enough. Using the description “Zandtao in your terms” I mean a lifestyle approach that incorporates meditation (mind), chi and healing the body.

Let’s examine the three tenets:-

Improving the mind

Harmonising our energy

Taking care of our bodies

Let’s start with our bodies, here is where Gerson comes in. I believe the Gerson therapy is the best way of cleaning the toxins, and therefore tumours, from the body. But that is not enough for our bodies, our bodies need rehabilitating. In the cropped clip Charlotte Gerson talks of rehabilitation in general, and I don’t doubt their competence. But because of the Zandtao approach being committed to energy, in this programme a significant part of that rehabilitation needs to be acupuncture. Now acupuncture helps clear the channels but what if your energy intake is not peak, then you need energy techniques such as Chi Gung to “gather energy”. And none of this works if your mind is in a mess, maybe still dealing with the doctor’s cancer death sentence? So you need meditation – the 3 tenets.

For a healing routine a clinical schedule could be

Juice 1 -> Gerson 1
Chi Gung
Juice 2 -> Gerson 2
Chi Gung
Walk Added
Juice 3 -> Gerson 3
Chi Gung
Juice 4 -> Gerson 4
Chi Gung

I stress I am not an expert so to apply this sort of routine requires a team of committed experts, people who understand such a holistic approach. These would include Gerson therapists, acupuncturists, Chi Gung teachers and meditation teachers.

My food diet is primarily macrobiotic, and it is interestng to note that macrobiotics once offered itself as a cure for cancer. I believe some doubt has been cast on its ability to cure cancer, but Denny Waxman worked with patients and their cancer was cured – see Denny Waxman. It appears that he worked on a combination of food and energy. What is practised now as macrobiotics has beceome much more of a food diet; but in its esoteric depths macrobiotics speaks of meditation, energy and food – Denny Waxman is such an example.

A friend advised me to watch this film, “Cancer is curable now”. I was a bit dismissive – I wrote something like I have looked at a number of cancer movies over my retirement years. But I began watching it, and then stopped because the movie was moving to where my meditation had taken me. So that is where I am now; I stopped the movie and wrote this blog ….

…. in light of what I have just written I am going to continue watching the movie.

My concerns that this blog might be viewed as plagiarism based on the movie were unfounded. I completely agreed with the first half of the movie that can be found at this torrent.

However the remainder of the movie I am unwilling to comment on as it involved techniques that I am unsure of. You can view the whole movie “Cancer is curable now” via this torrent..

The movie led to three amendments to the above programme. Firstly exercise needs to be included, the minimum of a 20-minute walk daily – as discussed in the Zandtao Treatise. Sunshine is essential as is evident in the Natural emphasis of the Treatise, but I forgot to write it. I am not a Gerson expert although I recommend their therapy for the body. I have replaced the word juice by Gerson, it is their therapy that should be their decision as part of the “Zandtao programme team” (grandiose eh?).

This programme need not be limited to cancer. In the movie-crop Charlotte Gerson talks of all degenerative diseases, the approach of this programme is the same. It follows from a deep respect of Nature, that we are ONE, and that in our bodies Nature provides the healing.

Corollary:- This programme is unlikely to happen as I have no resources, but if I am going to discuss cancer (degenerative diseases) I ought to offer an approach – not just being critical of “death by chemo”.

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Yooi need help

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I woke up this morning and realised my yooi need help. Yooi is the Thai name for gut bacteria, and it is my view that if the yooi become imbalanced then candida proliferates. Now I believe candida was one of the causes of my migraines, and that if there is excessive expansion of candida from the gut then my migraines will start again. I have noticed occasional tinges in my head but nothing special. But I do feel the candida is expanding.

I noted this morning that the candida feels like the kilesa, both induce apathy, both have a sense of comfort. Is there a symbiosis? By this I mean, does kilesa create the candida and vice versa? It is also interesting to consider this in terms of paticcasamuppada. In that blogentry I listed the steps, where consciousness comes from natural interaction starting with the physical or mental senses. If there is a sense of apathy created by candida then the feelings created might well be kilesa, and consciousness might similarly be affected leading to self. I have been disappointed that after my recent awakening due to Tan Ajaan I have drifted back to the same old comfort habits.

It is stupid but understandable how I let this candida arise. Moving house the chonabot(countryside) gave me a real boost – afterwards I came down with a bang; in some ways discipline did not keep control because of the external chonabot stimuli. Then came the water problem, and my health was seriously knocked back. By the time I realised that the water was damaging my health I had stopped all the fermentation and pickling. For maybe two or three months I have not had fermented foods in my diet; hence the expanding candida. Yesterday I boiled the tea so I have a week to wait for kombucha. I also had decided to try pickling onions and I used some of the vinegar to pickle cucumber. Today I am going to make kimchee so that I eat kimchee every day as part of my evening meal. Recently I have also started eating more bread and the wheat feeds the candida, I am going to stop eating bread until the fermented goods are stabilised in the diet.

Studying Tan Ajaan has made me focussed on the doing and not mental considerations. The doing fits in with the three tenets of Zandtao:-

Improving the mind

Harmonising our energy

Taking care of our bodies

My self-preoccupation usually takes me further into mind proliferation. Here the doing failed with my diet leading to candida and apathy, straying from my Path. Doing recently has also failed with regards to Chi Gung, I want to harmonise my energy daily and it isn’t happening. The spiritual Path is doing – and not endless contemplation, the opposite of apathy. The mind needs to meditate, do it, that’s enough. I am moving from my previous proliferated position in the direction of mb – although not mb itself, healing develops consciousness. Note I said towards mb as mb focusses on food only when meditation and chi gung are more important – but only in the doing.

“For the anarchist, freedom is not an abstract philosophical concept, but the vital concrete possibility for every human being to bring to full development all the powers, capacities, and talents with which nature has endowed him, and turn them to social account. The less this natural development of man is influenced by ecclesiastical or political guardianship, the more efficient and harmonious will human personality become, the more will it become the measure of the intellectual culture of the society in which it has grown.” taken from Chomsky on Anarchism.

I want to begin by examining the limitations of this anarchist freedom as described by Chomsky. “Bring to full development all the powers, capacities, and talents with which nature has endowed him”, I like this as a starting point, and I like the emphasis that it is a “vital concrete possibility”. In other words it is all well and good to say that we are free to develop naturally, but if it is not a concrete possibility then that phrase is meaningless sophistry. In fact for such a concrete possibility to be an actuality this search for freedom has to be a primary motivation for a society. What does this mean? This completely alters the ethos of our society at present. In the current society the dominant ethos is that of profits for the few (1% is the current terminology for this superclass). So the interests of this natural development is limited by these desires for profit. For freedom we initially need sustenance, to obtain this sustenance we are required to work. In some ways this work is reasonable as people need to work together to help develop the potential for all to be free, but the purpose of the work is not working for each other but to enable the profits for the few. In fact the current social ethos is to enslave people to the need for work by requiring taxes and other moneys above and beyond the need for their personal sustenance. The argument given is that that taxation is to build social resources such as infrastructure, if that was the case that would be reasonable, but in reality the purpose of taxation is to get the people to pay for this infrastructure to enable businesses to trade and make a profit. Whilst there are social benefits to paying for industry’s infrastructure the ultimate purpose is that the profits are increased and they then become assets for the few – often money lying idle in bank accounts. If those profits were returned to society to enable peoples’ freedom this might be an acceptable ethos of society, but the reality is that this is not the case. People are forced to work for wages that enable the profits of multinationals whose money is then syphoned off into the personal bank accounts of the few. Whilst it might be purported that industry is making socially useful items the reality is far from this.

Let us begin with food – a sustaining basic. What has happened to the way BigFood produces food? They have added toxic substances to preserve food, they have added substances such as excessive sugar, MSG and aspartame that heightens taste but which are damaging to health. Even when scientists have determined that these additives are damaging to health, BigFood continues such production and attempt to deceive people that there no problems. If a person’s health is damaged there can only be limited development to freedom whilst individuals fight disease with all energy etc that takes. In the case of aspartame Coca-Cola knew of the health effects of using aspartame but they continue to use it in their diet products and used their influence to ensure that there was political support for their FDA approval at presidential level. As more people become aware of the damages aspartame can do, they rename it AminoSweet. And what about GM products? There has been an outcry against these products but still the company promotes their sale and there are political maneouvres by governments to support their sales, yet in India people commit suicide because of GM.

And what about dealing with disease? Does BigPharma help us with dealing with disease? Far from it, they market supposed cures at exhorbitant prices – sometimes covered by insurance schemes, but for the poor unaffordable. Doctors learn their medicine at university. They leave university where their only access to drugs is through the pharmacy reps who market the latest cures produced in their company labs. See Pharma Whistleblower. But what about healing through food? Whilst there is strong evidence for this, BigPharma uses its profits to belittle the approach. This is particularly true of degenerative disease where lifestyle change is needed for cure but instead BigPharma markets supposed cures that rake in the profits with little chance of success. Cancer is a particular example of this as can be seen through movies such as “Healing Cancer from the Inside Out”.

As for other expenditure what happens? Money is spent to create a consumer desire, and then the for example the latest technology, car or mobile phone, is touted round, and people develope the desire to purchase these items, without the advertising would they buy them? If society was seeking freedom from consumer purchases would there be this advertising? Would society be trying to create the demand? How many definitions of freedom would include the freedon to own the latest technology? How many definitions of freedon include ownership of 4by4’s by citydwellers? On a personal level this consumer society does little to promote freedom but does much to create wage-slaves and make people indebted to the system.

Perhaps we might argue that our education system educates for freedom. Teachers begin by learning that educare means leading out, and idealists might see that leading out as a raison d’etre for education – and that education unfortunately fails. But in reality education succeeds in its objectives – maintaining the status quo with rich increasing their wealth and the poor working to pay for what they can get. This is not education for freedom – discussed more in Matriellez.

So society is not working for freedom of its members, the simplest way to describe it is wage slavery. So we need to examine the socio-political conditions that would lead to freedom. But where do we begin with that? Do we establish a notion of freedom or do we simply ask for conditions that can lead to freedom? This is difficult as what is freedom? Let’s try to establish what freedom is and then see if we can determine conditions that could possibly lead to that.

Here is where I go Buddhist or start talking Krishnamurti. Freedom is a situation in which we sustain our bodies, energy and mind enabling our selves to flourish. By living to our true selves we are free from needs and desires, and our wings can fly. Or to use Chomsky’s description “bring to full development all the powers, capacities, and talents with which nature has endowed him”. There is another spiritual point that fits well with what Chomsky says – we are Unity, One Earth, One Planet, when it comes to “turn(ing ourselves) to social account” that has to be a reality if we are Unity. In the earlier part of the Treatise (this is a blog entry but in some way will be added to the treatise later) where I have discussed the “Three Tenets of Zandtao”:-

Improving the mind

Harmonising our energy

Taking care of our bodies

the measures for sustaining body, energy and mind have been developed. Through meditation there is a possibility that our selves can flourish. This has also been discussed earlier in the treatise. If you have reached this stage in the Treatise then you are likely to be more sympathetic to this spiritual approach to Freedom, I am not so sure that the political tradition of anarchism will be so enamoured. Whilst, in the Treatise, I have spent much time developing the Three Tenets, there is no contradiction with Chomsky’s “bring(ing) to full development all the powers, capacities, and talents with which nature has endowed” human beings. And if Unity were accepted then we have “social account”.

Educationally this can begin to be approached through Matriellez’ approach although the establishment of a Freedom curriculum would require many more nuts and bolts. The real difficulty lies with the 1%, quite simply freedom cannot be achieved whilst we don’t have democracy – whilst the 1% employs us as wage slaves. It is in consideration of this wage slavery that anarchism as a society of freedom examines political structures in the workplace. Freedom in the workplace requires a workforce being given the opportunity to flourish. This cannot occur within existing hierarachical structures, where one job is considered more important than another – thus rewarded by increased salaries. This process intentionally creates disunity through competition, measuring one against another rather than approaches to work together for the benefit of each other. So whilst attainment of freedom is a useful tool for dismissing current organisation in the workplace, replacing those structures with approaches such as cooperation will not enable Freedom without a society committed to the ideal and recognising the personal or spiritual approach necessary to begin working towards Freedom.

There is also the converse. How much do those on spiritual journeys similar to the ones described earlier in the Treatise recognise the importance of appropriate structures in the means of livelihood? How many on spiritual journeys seek to bring their compassion and insight into workplace production? How often is production tacitly dismissed as greed and materialism, and Freedom seen in terms of Nirvana an etheral state of mind attainable outside the structures of production such as in a monastery or as a mystical recluse? There is an imperative to marry the two traditions seeking greater clarity on Freedom through the spiritual tradition, and a greater involvement of the spiritually aware to recognise that a significant part of humanity’s lack of Unity is determined by the political structures of the 1%. If the 99% were not wage slaves maybe they would have the time to investigate possible Paths to Freedom.

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Choice and Suffering

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Free from suffering?

Are we free from suffering whilst others die in war?

As Buddhists there is a recognition of fundamental unity, we are all one species, one entity, oneness. One. We are not killing something else, we are killing ourselves. This is a fundamental understanding that has to lead to pain and suffering, we feel the pain at the death of others. How do we deal with this pain? Coming to terms with this pain begins to set us free so it is important to understand how we interact with this pain. In the 4 Noble Truths the first Truth talks about suffering existing. So with this suffering existing how do we become free from it, are we not a part of that suffering? Yes we are, because we suffer. When an Iraqi dies we suffer.

Before I go on, I think of the recent Republican debate in which the audience were cheering when someone spoke of people dieing, it is sad how far these people have strayed from their humanity to lead them to cheering. There is such sickness in their hearts for them to do that, so much suffering in their own hearts.

All of the above are what is included in suffering existing, and why are we here? Compassion, free people from suffering. That is our purpose, free ourselves, the rest of the world, the unity, from suffering. How can we do that? By ourselves not suffering, and by helping others to free themselves from suffering.

In ourselves we need to recognise suffering, and we need to recognise the causes of suffering. For many Buddhists they see this as meaning freeing ourselves from suffering by not attaching to desire personally. But what about compassion – freeing others from suffering? Must we do this? I think so as a measure of compassion – being compassion. For many this leads to good works – understandably, and of course this goes part way to compassion. But does compassion end there? For me it definitely does not.

In the 4 Pillars of War I discussed the 4 components that make up a declaration of war:-

1) Military
2) Corporations
3) Government
4) Democratic legitimacy or accountability.

The military and corporations by their very nature push for war, the government usually complies, and the only control lies with democracy. It is our vote that legitimises war, it is using our voice that the MIC takes on the war for corporate benefit. Yet Britain went to war against Iraq when a popular demonstration clearly showed disagreement. Tony Blair said He did not “seek unpopularity as a badge of honour”, he said, “but sometimes it is the price of leadership and the cost of conviction”. In a democracy the price paid should have been the cost of his leadership, and not lamenting his lack of popularity, because that is what democracy is – he was an elected representative. The war went ahead and more than a million Iraqis have died:-

Iraq Deaths Estimator

In the UK the public demonstration was not enough, but what more could have been done? The answer to that is individual and lies with our own conscience, but my conscience tells me 1,455,000 + Iraqis died, my sisters and brothers died, and yet in a democracy that I am connected to my leaders and my soldiers killed them. This is suffering, Iraqi suffering and my suffering. I am not free until my conscience frees me. I am only free from siffering when my compassion has been active.

And that is the dilemma that I have been facing just recently. I am not free from the suffering my Iraqi comrades have suffered, my heart is not free. I seek freedom, to be free from suffering my conscience genuinely needs to be satiated, before it was not.

I am seeking freedom from my suffering, and without that freedom any thoughts of enlightenment are deluded falsehoods.

And when we go beyond the suffering we seek explanation. Here we need insight to discern the truth as to the need for war, we need to go beyond the lamentable excuses that are the stock and trade of the politicians as they serve their corporate masters. And when we go beyond their falsehoods a new world of intrigue and rationale open up that eventually leads to proper understanding of war, corporatocracy, influence and compromise. Recognising this understanding begins the freedom from suffering – true compassion.

Now that I am beginning to come out of the legitimate anger that can accompany political understanding the question that really matters is “what is all this blogging and angst for?” Quite clearly a significant aspect of the zandtao-corporatocracy blog has been my own learning process, a process that has involved an updating on political reality, a recognition that the system I am a part of is responsible for the deaths of so many people, and also preparation for the next section of the treatise. In the end the politics must settle down and be integrated into my journey – wherever that takes me next.

As with Buddhism there is an unreasonable part of me that wants to force this down peoples’ throats and make them understand – especially the monk. But that is not right. Awareness has to be personally driven. I think back to my dissertation on black achievement in schools – there was no doubt that imposed black awareness had a deleterious impact on the achievement of black students. We never forced white kids to understand how nasty the white system is, why did liberal teachers black and white think it would help black kids? I suspect the black intellectuals were angry and feel that they should teach all the black kids about the oppression but it hurts trying to cope. And that’s what I feel about the politics, it hurts, it makes you angry – or it should. However the understanding should be made available.

So where should it be made available? In the same place you look for Buddhism, the monks. So in the end this awareness is about monks as they are the teachers of Buddhism, this awareness issue is about the institution that has sold out. Where do monks take their insight? As far as is safe for the institution, but this is not awareness. The real issue comes down to this. For someone to achieve enlightenment there needs to be mindfulness – 100% awareness. What happens in practice at the moment is that it appears that monks shut off their minds to the consideration of the political causes of suffering. Suffering always exists as the Buddha said so it is Nature, why look into the causes now? There is some truth in that. But there is also truth in the fact that people are dieing because of tacit acceptance of humanity – the voters of US, UK and France for example.

For a monk seeking enlightenment should they not be aware that the donations for their upkeep could have come from the spoils of war? And that those spoils of war were the reason for the war in the first place. Can they do anything about it? Very little. But without understanding this can they be considered enlightened? I would suggest that part of enlightenment is understanding the times in which you live as well as the more important dhamma, isn’t that compassion?

But it is not just Buddhism. The churches I visited when young lived off the collections. Where did those collections come from? People mostly working for corporations. And where did the corporations get their money? Initially immoral wars, wars for profit, MIC wars. Surely war for profit is the greatest immorality, and yet did our priests tell us this?

But the real point for me is that political insight is insight, and insight is required for enlightenment. Monks seeking enlightenment seek insight at all levels including the political. How can people be expected to live with the reality of compromise with their society’s participation in war for profit when their spiritual teachers don’t?

And when those people choose that awareness can they get it from their spiritual teachers? NO. Living with the death of a moral war is hard enough but wars are not moral they are driven by power for profit. The reality of living with war for profit is suffering, it is hard. People should not be forced to do this. But if they are seeking complete awareness then that is a suffering they have to go through. How will their teachers be able to help them when they haven’t been through that suffering?


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Whilst the politics of the food industry is disgraceful, it pales into comparison with what happens in the cancer industry. You would think at least that the corporatocracy would want to heal people of a serious illness like cancer. But in practice it is far from this with the industry seeking to profit from the ill health of so many.

First and foremost I am not a qualified medical practitioner. As a lay person my views are not professional, and if it matters to you you must seek a professional opinion. But let’s be clear that opinion could be biased. Doctors are trained at universities or medical schools. There they are taught what the establishment believes, and what the establishment believes is what Big Pharma wants it to believe. Trainees go to uni where they are trained in the cause and cut or pill method of western medicine. When they are qualified doctors they learn of new drugs to cure from the Big Pharma reps. With cancer the oncologist believes in the cutting of chemo, and patients, whilst occasionally getting temporary cures, in general suffer like Farrah Fawcett (she made this documentary of her dying from cancer – links and discussion in blog) – was she dying from chemo or cancer?

There is no medical model for cancer but perhaps there is a model that could be considered. Cancer is a growth, and for it to grow it needs a fertile “soil”. Such fertile soil exists in bodies that are not balanced, that are suffering from lifestyle diseases. For example suppose someone eats a lot of sugar and drinks alcohol their system will be acidic. This acidity attracts cancerous growth. Then there is candida – yeast excess, this also increases acidity and can encourage cancerous growth. What about mucus that is blocked and stored up in the body? Or internal organs that are deteriorating from misuse, such as the liver that is being destroyed because of all the toxins it is having to deal with – say from drinking or eating sugar. I am suggesting that cancerous growth can come from imbalance in the body caused by excess of one form or another.

The liver is a fundamental organ whose purpose is to fight off toxins, in general our livers get hammered and for many that hammering eventually turns into disease. If the body ingests too many toxins the liver can’t cope, and one result can be cancer – the excess toxins acting as a soil for the cancer. Common-sense tells you that if you are getting cancer – or any lifestyle disease such as diabetes (type II), the first thing you need to do is detoxify your system. Why isn’t this the first thing that the doctor recommends when you get cancer? If someone has cancer they are generally desperate for something to do to try to help themselves, why don’t doctors tell them to detox? Detox can be uncomfortable, headaches, diarrhoea etc., but can it damage the system? I think not, but I would listen to professional experience on this. So whatever treatment the establishment recommends, at least they can recommend a detox.

The next stage is not to introduce new toxins into the system, and this is where there is conflict with industry – Big Food. Because our problem lifestyles come from drinking and toxins in processed food. If we can eat organic food – veg, fruit, whole grains, pulses and some sea fish, then we are not introducing new toxins and our livers will improve especially if we add turmeric to our food – a spoon if turmeric in a glass of water daily helps.

Once our livers are healthier our systems begin to deal with other problems, and a major one is pH balance. In gardening we need the correct pH for healthy growth, and the same for the human body we need a pH balance. Now the toxins we usually eat, such as sugar or alcohol, make our systems acidic, lowering our pH and making our system more susceptible to cancers. Balancing our pH helps our bodies grow harmoniously. Now whatever treatment your doctor gives you, creating this pH balance through correct eating cannot hurt. As our system are usually acidic we look to making our system more alkaline, and one of the most powerful ways of doing this is baking soda (in fact it can be too powerful). Dr Simoncini sees baking soda as a cure for cancer, and in his clinic in Italy he injects baking soda directly into the cancerous growth and claims success. This is worth considering.

Now the next concern I have is the balance of the intestinal flora, these often get damaged by antibiotics (as does the liver). To redress this balance we need to eat fermented foods. I started with rejuvelac. This helped especially with bowel movements. But it was not enough, and I moved onto kimchee – I prefer this to sauerkraut although both help. And I still had a candida excess so I made kombucha tea and kefir. As with all health the choice has to be yours – what best suits your system.

There is a 4-stage process towards good health that ought not to conflict with any cancer treatment:-

1) Detox
2) No toxins
3) pH balance
4) Intestinal flora balance

In the book, The Treatise of Zandtao, that I am writing, I stress a three tenet approach as a way of life:-

Improving the mind

Harmonising our energy

Taking care of our bodies

Why isn’t the above 4-stage healing approach to diet not recommended – and also why isn’t Chi Gung and meditation? In fact the opposite is actually true. Start by watching “Healing Cancer from the Inside Out”, this will show the importance of diet and the resistence of the cancer industry.

In the movie Gerson (scroll down this blog entry for two movies – “Dying to have known” or “The Beautiful Truth”), we find out that this cancer treatment is forced out of the US, there is a clinic in Mexico and one in Hawaii ( I know the contradiction but I don’t understand it). Now Gerson is a raw food approach which I am sure contains the above steps. The movie shows well-documented evidence that this raw food approach helps with cancer but who recommends it? Have a look at Steven Luch’s blog as he works through his cancer (he is now teaching in Phnom Penh).

If how I eat (my diet) is anything it is a macrobiotic diet although I don’t follow the yin-yang details. At this blog-entry I have testimony of 4 people who have recovered from cancer following a macrobiotic diet with the help of a counsellor.

And then for me perhaps the most enigmatic of all, Burzynski. In this movie he describes the trials and tribulations he has had with the FDA, being taken to court etc. He has much evidence that his urine therapy works – an established naturopath method, yet for some reason his treatment is not tested.

Well I say “for some reason”, for me there is no doubt. The cancer industry makes a phenomenal amount of money with the status quo, a status quo where people do not question the medical establishment. This branch of the corporatocracy makes huge profits through insurance in the treatment of cancer by chemo, and as the Gerson movie points out, as does Burzynski, there is no evidence to support chemo as a cure. In fact it makes little sense cutting out chunks of the body and leaving toxins inside.

If sadly you are warned about cancer or diabetes (Type II) try this 4-stage process:-

1) Detox
2) No toxins
3) pH balance
4) Intestinal flora balance

with chi gung and meditation.