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Not everything is in order but I have turned the corner. Yesterday’s realisation was important, and once I had internalised that realisation things changed. Sauna is now part of my healing – I needed the sauna because of my cold body, a body that was cold because although I was doing good exercise with swimming I was not sweating. That was an obvious part but only a part of the problem. Last night I slept from 11-7.00, bitty sleep but sleep – balance at the right time (slightly late as I was out).

During the sauna I developed a chakra sauna (a version of the chakra meditation I often use). Taking each chakra in turn I breathed in the healthy air of the steam “box”, and breathed out detox. It felt a bit good, I say a bit as I don’t enjoy the saunas and feel uncomfortable; I will have to adjust as sauna is now part of my healing. Now today is the last day of my detox diet, and despite the earlier discomforts it was well worth doing. From the discomfort I know there is a need to detox every 6 months, but that should be helped by the detox process that occurs during the regular sauna – now part of my healing.

I have to prepare for sleep, it is evident that sleep can’t just happen at the moment. Answer – meditation and sauna. I put the two together here because when I sauna I don’t think there is a need to meditate as I detox. I need to meditate early evening so that I don’t take the effects of the day to sleep with me, and as part of the meditation I will be detoxing the pineal gland and others.

Hormones are regulators, and of the body the pineal gland is maybe king! And my body needed regulating. Just over 6 years ago I began a healing diet. Whilst I was not in desparate straights as many are because of our toxic lifesyles, I was well on the way to cancer with GERD. As my system has detoxed and healed, the organs have healed but what has happened overall? The body needed regulating. I suspect for many healing that regulating happens without a big problem like I had. But there were two other factors in my own regularising – stopping work and changing climate. I was very stressed at work. I got angry one time when someone said I should handle the stress, and my answer in retrospect is that I more or less did – as far as I could go. I was an educator forced to teach in the corporate paradigm schools (for more understanding of this see Matriellez link below). I had to be stressed, if contemporary teaching does not stress you you are part of the compromise instead of part of the solution. Working in education means an ongoing battle for education against indoctrination, and if that isn’t stress I don’t know what is. And if there isn’t the stress there the actuarial stats for teachers add weight, so many of my colleagues died without having a retirement (only a year or two). Without this stress of work my body had to regularise, was the reason these teachers died because the hormone system was not able to regularise in retirement after the stress? How did my hormone imbalance show – cold body? The hormones showed that way to reflect the temperature change they were forced to endure all year round from Manchester to Jangwat Trat. I am so convinced about this hormonal function I have decided there needs to be a hormone-regulating process included as a stage in the Zandtao Healing Plan.

Finally I come to an issue that I don’t properly understand as yet. This hormonal imbalance reflects a spiritual imbalance as well. During this period of hormone healing I have been thinking about the need to have more compassion and creativity. My creativity usually shows itself in scifi writing (see Wai Zandtao scifi link below), and it is more than 3 years since I have written. Compassion I don’t understand, am I compassionate enough? Insight for me forms a trinity with these two, and insight has occurred throughout. Working out the balance of compassion, creativity and insight can now happen now that I have handled the healing.

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Pineal Gland toxic

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In previous blogs (see tag cloud glands) I have discussed the effect of the glands problems I have been having. In summary this is a problem that has built up over time, that I have overlooked whilst dealing with other healing issues. To handle my hormone problem in general I have had acupuncture treatment (because Chinese medicine recognises the glands as a health issue) but in my last blog I decided I needed to investigate the pineal gland; it was quite revealing. After a second sleepless night I decided that my pineal gland was toxic.

Is this a reasonable thing to say? If I said my liver was toxic it would be considered reasonable. OK the liver’s function is to deal with toxins but it can still become toxic because it has too many to deal with. The kidney does not deal with toxins, can it become toxic? Would you say yes? I would. The body can have too many toxins and they can affect the kidney adversely. Eventually kidneys might have to be removed because those toxins have attracted disease that causes removal. If organs can become toxic why can’t glands? By this reasoning I suggest that saying the pineal gland can become toxic is reasonable.

More importantly why do I say mine is toxic? Firstly I am on a detox at the moment so my body’s different reactions are going to be based around the release of toxins. I have noticed a pressure in the head in the space above the rear of the eyes, this almost turned to a headache in the earlier days of this detox. For the last two nights I have been particularly concerned about the pineal gland – as already recorded. The first night I didn’t sleep well, with various focussing techniques I tried to encourage the body to heal the pineal gland – difficult. I was on the move yesterday, and arrived home 5.00pm. I ate sat down and put the box on. Fell asleep. Woke up and continued watchng. Then began to fall asleep an hour later – it was 9.00pm. As it was my intention to change my bed hours to 10.00 pm to 06.00am, I went to bed thinking I would wake up early; I also hoped to be asleep between 11.00pm and 02.00am the optimum hours for the production of melatonin. I lay down and immediately became awake again. There was a strange feeling in that place above the eyes, it kind of forced me awake.

My recognition of imbalance had already led me to a couple of realisations concerning compassion and creativity. Whilst what I have been doing since retiring has led to insight this insight was not balanced by compassion and creativity as much as perhaps they might be. So I began focussing on both, compassion and then creativity, as a means of balancing the problem (what I now consider to be the pineal gland problem). Helped a little. Eventually I drifted off in the early hours, woke again, then drifted and it was 4.30am. I lay there thinking all kinds of wierdness, it was not rational. And then the realisation came, my pineal gland was toxic and this was part of the detoxing.

What happens when the liver becomes toxic? It loses its ability to function – as the organ that gets rid of toxins. One symptom of liver dysfunction is sleep, and if you have a sleep issue one remedy is turmeric (yellow juice – see Zandtao Health page Zandtao Healing Plan). My pineal gland is dysfunctioning, my sleep is out of balance, and previously melatonin was an issue – low immune system making me susceptible to colds. When I was awake at 4.30 I realised it was not natural, so natural sleeping hours will help. Detoxing is natural, continue detoxing, and use meditation (chakra meditation). I asked the mind to focus on helping the gland to detox, it helped.

Throughout the recent gland issues I think back to China. Whilst there I was very fortunate to be treated by Professor Guo who was as far as I understood Vice -Principal of the TCM teaching hospital in Chengdu. At the time I had just turned 50 so was into the hormone changes. Mostly we discussed stress at work but it is now apparent to me that the treatment was also for hormones. Apart from the appalling problems caused by the manic depressive who was my Principal (and the company and career structure that allowed him to retain his position – at least until after I had gone), I remember the sleeplessness – up all hours and dozing during the day and asleep watching TV. This is the same pattern I have now, it is the same problem – the pineal gland, the yin and yang of melatonin and serotonin. I can remember the same pressure above and behind the eyes, and the same thing going to be tired and waking up.

So this is a problem over time, and it got covered up with the stress at work, then retirement and healing. Until now when the healing process has a year to go for the 7-year replacement plan, with the detox, then natural eating, pH-balance, probiotics, and now hormones. So the pineal is toxic and is detoxing. What must I do? Don’t panic, these things take time. I am 61, hormones have been on the wane for a number of years now, I had the problem 10 years ago in China – it takes time. Seaweed is a must, both for the thyroid and pineal. And maintain the new bed times irrespective. Over time I expect this to settle down.

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Discussing detox

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I’m just recovering from perhaps my worst detox experience. It is the end of my second day of the fruit part of the detox. It started OK but not well this morning. I felt a small headache above the bridge of my nose, and I was tired. I slept, woke slept again, and the headache worsened. I began to get a cold sweat, and my body was cold. I slept, and then the headache was worse. Then my stomach became uncomfortable, I almost vomited. I couldn’t sit still, because of the discomfort so I got up and walked in the garden for about half an hour. Eventually I could sit down, I sat and thankfully dropped off.

This could have been a description of a bad migraine that I had all those years – a migraine without the headaches that finally made me blackout. But it wasn’t, it was a description of detox. Yet it is more than that. What am I detoxing at the moment? Hormones. What for me has seemed to be a new problem is a problem that I have had all my life – migraines. I want to be clear here. What I described in the first paragraph are symptoms associated with the migraine, with the worst migraines it was the pain spreading all over my head that was the mainstay of the migraine but with these associated symptoms. I don’t think I experienced these associated symptoms with my early migraines – I recall seeking acupuncture treatment for them when I was 28. But what I am certain of with these above symptoms is that they were definitely present in my later life when I had migraines – but not every time.

There is no way that this is a real migraine, I couldn’t have written this blogentry if it had been. It was detox. Now I have often thought that the migraines were a stress relief, therefore an experience similar to detox; this is some form of confirmation.

Fascinating. I’m going to sleep on it, and hopefully get to understand more.

Day 3 was better but not good – just detox. Day 4 I woke up with what was a potential migraine – starting on the right side of the head. I was very dehydrated, and drank maybe 2 litres and the headache eventually disappeared. I had another low day but OK. Day 5 improved, but still not active; day 6 was active – didn’t know I was on a detox but not lively. That’s where I’m at now – end of day 6. I haven’t felt vital today – can remember feeling so during detox, but I suspect I have to get used to a change in vital level because that is a hormonal change.

Despite all my previous hormonal concerns – thyroid, testosterone and oestrogen, my thoughts are turning more and more to the pineal gland. The thyroid still itches a little. It is hard to judge my general level as I am still on detox but I am not concerned about testosterone levels, I suspect they are sufficient to cope with the oestrogen if I am careful. My thoughts are turning more and more to the disrupted sleep, and therefore melatonin levels. Melatonin is the general revitalising hormone – immune system and more, and is secreted at night via the pineal gland – in the hours of darkness. This darkness is key as it is not 8 hours sleep I need but 8 hours of sleep in darkness. Sleep has always been an issue. When young it was ruined by drink, then by stress until I retired. Then I didn’t care about routine – didn’t have to get up, and slept when I wanted; I thought it didn’t matter. Maybe – since I have lived in the new house in the country I have wanted to get up with the chickens and enjoy the countryside; for a month I did this and then my hours have changed gradually worsening until sometimes up to half my sleeping hours are in daylight. This is not good. If I force myself to bed early often I can’t sleep, give up and do something – mostly wasteful, then waking in the morning I am not ready and sleep again to get the hours – but not the melatonin. Unfortunately medtation does not appear to be helping with this.

I have unbalanced my pineal gland, and it is hard to decide what to do. Food-wise I have started berry concentrate when I go to bed – indiciators say berries help pineal gland, this has had no impact on sleep – either way – although I haven’t tried it long. These berry concentrates are a Thai thing, and I am dubious about them so will need to enlist help to find out. They are marketed to be taken as quick shots of “energy?”. They also have different shots – chicken essence and other essences (mushroom?). Sounds strange, but as yet I am unsure whether I should fault them out.

I have already discussed the notion that hormones are borderline other states (less dense) such as mind and energy. I am beginning to think that my health route is non-physical, I don’t know where that is going to take me. I mean it, I am going to look at what some do for the Third Eye. Whatever that is might help the pineal gland. I don’t like it because of the wierdness associated with those areas, but most people think I am wierd.

So detox so far is reasonably fine after day 2. Why was it bad? I am still not entirely sure. For certain I was in the middle of dealing with an accumulated problem concerning hormones. It had reached the turn of the endocrine system to heal, and that had many many years of build-up. As well it is a while since I have detoxed, it could be 3 years. Between these 2 I am satisfied that they give explanation for the bad day 2 – and the rest. My diet has worsened slightly, but in truth my health hasn’t – until the hormone problem developed. But I don’t feel the necessity to halt that “backsliding” – it is minor, and my general good eating copes. Maybe I am being complacent, but at the moment I don’t think so. However what is certain is that I need to detox more often, whilst I am teaching that will be both holidays – now and beginning of May – just pre-rainy season. Just to note, if I haven’t got a grip on the hormones I will use May as another course of acupuncture as well as the detox diet.

I feel different today. I haven’t finished the detox but don’t feel bad about it. Unfortunately my weight is too high, I thought the diet would have reduced it. So the weight is thyroid – the hormone problem. Maybe I don’t have to be pro-active with the hormones. I started my “mb” diet 6 years ago, maybe year 7 is hormone year as the diet naturally heals the glands. I will focus on seaweed for the thyroid, the berry concentrate for the pineal until I feel it is wasteful, and investigate Third Eye techniques to see if that is a “Hail Mary” approach. But maybe I should just trust my body and ride out the trouble. That last will require discipline, I feel my hormonal balance has disturbed my ability to be disciplined, for some they might perceive in me an improvement because of this. It feels different and I must live with it.

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I woke up this morning feeling good about my glands. Yesterday I was completely disturbed, the previous night had been disrupted, and in a sense I felt out of control. The grass was being cut so it was noisy and I rushed off to the beach, and then had a herbal massage. I went to sleep before midnight – a rarity, and woke up with the chickens – as I would like to.

Today is the last acupuncture treatment, and tomorrow I start the diet. I feel as if I am somewhere near the last hurdle – but in truth dealing with glands will always be with me. I compare this with probiotics. At a certain stage I felt that I had those yooi under control, but they slipped back out of balance on occasions – see tag cloud probiotics. When I look back at this blog the battle with the yooi is ongoing, rather than just one skirmish and then over. It will be the same with the glands – see tag cloud glands.

Feeling good about the glands today, I wanted to write about them and put them in perspective. Apart from the young Danish ranter I have never heard them discussed in mb circles – or the plant-based diet circles. On reflection this seems rather strange as quite clearly all people age and go through menopause or andropause. Perhaps there is an assumption that these healthy diets just deal with any glandular problems, and that assumption is not that unreasonable. Let’s consider mb. The mb I don’t deal with is balancing the yin-yang, and this hormone balance problem is about excess yin. So maybe mb could be excused, except that it appears that the mb church does not recognise it as an issue. One way of healing the lymphatic system is by a plant-based diet so you might argue that it is covered there. But in truth I don’t accept either explanation. With regards to me hormones are swept under the table and not talked about.

This last part is worth considering. The droop. This is what men get up in arms about – the droop. Maybe some talk about it, maybe some worry about it, and perhaps they talk about it with doctors? When you look online about andropause, reading between the lines the issue is the droop – the balance between testosterone and oestrogen and the health consequences of that. The reduction in the production of testosterone with ageing might be a strong trigger but it is my contention that the glands are a much wider problem that needs addressing. Look at my own case. There has been a long history of flus and “cold and damp” – see tag cloud flu. This coldness Chinese medicine (TCM) recognises as excess yin in men, and that is what I have had treated with acupuncture. The disrupted sleep patterns that might well be considered as “normal retirement” and “ageing” might be rectified through hormone balance. Yet again when the establishment pill-dropping and slashing cannot handle the problem, it says the problem does not exist – I think of my migraines that I had for years with no solution except knockout drops.

So this brings me to the point of this blog, healing the glands is an additional stage in the Zandtao Healing plan. For those who start healing early in life this hormone issue might well not apply, a healthy lifestyle would probably handle the hormones. But for those who come to diet later in life I suspect hormones will be an underlying condition. By the time we take on a diet our health has deteriorated usually leading to a recognised disease – in my case GERD. But once we get through the main stages of healing:-

natural eating

then this underlying condition has a chance to come out. Once we recognise the imbalance then we can start healing.

In my case because the imbalance was marked I needed acupuncture – strong treatment. But there are other methods of dealing with it:-

Massage – especially herbal.
Detox diet
Continued Zandtao Healing Plan esp exercise

When I look at this there is nothing new, apart from the acupuncture and the sauna my lifestyle would have created the hormonal balance. But remember my 7 years are not up yet – August 2014 will be 7 years from when the diet started.

I have also picked up some stop-gap measures:-

Zinc improves the immune system
Nibbling pumpkin seeds for prostate – benefits here
Cherries for serotonin
Seaweed for the thyroid
Hoi for ageing

For men don’t get sucked into the hormones = droop scenario, and ignore the possibility that glands have a wider impact on your health. Recognise that hormone imbalance might be an underlying condition that comes to the forefront as part of the 7-year healing process and be prepared to handle it. Above are some of the techniques for doing so.

This is not a small issue. The disease aspect for me was flu but that is not the real issue. This year the first flu was mid-July, and off-and-on I have been dealing with it since. Unless I had discussed this with others my life would have appeared the same but it was not. My quality of life has been down because I have not been meditating, and Chi Gung has been a struggle; mind and energy are not working well. Transpose that to those who don’t try with their health. Hormones are not making them ill so they are not an issue, this is an acceptance of a lowering of quality of life – continuous sleeping and disrupted nights. THAT is significant. Be glandularly conscious.

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Healing Plan

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I lost an acquaintance a couple of days ago. He is frustrating because he is one of the worst procrastinators I have seen. He has a cancer problem, I believe that he has previously had an operation on his colon. Fortunately for him he has learned that diet is the cause but he does little about it. Knowing diet is the issue he still drinks and smokes. Because he is western he also relies on “experts” rather than getting on with it himself – procrastination again. Rather than changing he appears to prefer to wait around to discuss with an expert, and this expert has got to be the best – my limited expertise is not enough. As a result he is waiting to start healing himself, but of course the cancer doesn’t wait. When we met he lost his temper with me as I wasn’t accepting his procrastination. It made me sad, he had latched onto a partial answer but wasn’t doing it.

It made me check the Zandtao Healing Plan, and I have updated it’s presentation.

Intuitive Eating

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I have come across this approach to eating before but at the time I did I felt that the counsellor who was using the approach was watering down the more unpalatable aspects (unpalatable to those on an addicted diet) in order to keep customers. In this clip Paul Risse discusses intuitive eating:-

This gelled a lot with me – although the first time I watched it I fell asleep! Intuitive wisdom is something I believe a great deal in. I am a Buddhist primarily because I practise insight meditation, and there is no doubt at all that insight meditation and intuitive wisdom are the same. I can remember on my healing journey that there would be times in meditation that I would recognise a change in diet was needed. Another thing that has registered much with me after watching the clip is addiction. Craving and addiction are part of a core understanding of Buddhism, but it seems to me that some food approaches don’t recognise how much our bodies are addicted to the rubbish that BigFood shoves down us. Coca-cola containing cocaine originally is not the only form of food addiction that BigFood uses, what is sugar but addiction?

His detox start is excellent but seriously drastic – 90 days raw food diet. I am sure by the end of that the body will have got rid of any of its sugar addictions. I remember an mb friend telling me he followed a brown rice diet at the beginning of his mb life, and this taught him how to recognise the yin-yang in foods. This yin-yang is a part of mb I have never addressed but I am sure it is good for him.

I also like the way Paul connects the food to the environment. I have no doubts at all that food and lifestyle are connected. I do not believe I could ever have changed my diet whilst teaching and bringing home all that stress. My environment and lifestyle are now much more chill, and eating healthily blends easily into that life. I have previously seen lifestyle as restrictive, preventing the change to a healthy diet because of family or business commitments, but Paul is suggesting that the more “unnatural clutter” our lives have the less we want to eat naturally. Albeit he said this on a You-Tube clip as he said in an aircon house. This is not loincloth back to Nature but there has to be a harmony.

And as soon as I talk of harmony I think of the Path, Path is the symbiosis of the diet and lifestyle. It kind of points to the possibility that healthy eating occurs for those on the Path and conversely contemprary hi-tech lifestyles are not on the Path. The Path has an inbuilt sufficiency to it so in some ways that would follow. I considered that at least in part my teaching was a Path but healthy eating didn’t harmonise with that. It might well harmonise with my new part-time status – although that has had a bad start.

Intuitive wisdom applied to eating is something I like, and fundamentally there is more nutrition in the way Nature gives you the food – this is just Insight. More raw?


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(Warning:- I am not trained medically nor nutritionally. If any of what I say strikes a chord investigate for yourself. It is your body, you are your doctor. Please feel free to contact me)

Drinking water continues to affect my health, but it is just water detoxifying. Or much better to describe it as the body rehydrating. Since Thursday I have been ill, today I am getting back to health although not completely there yet. I told people I had flu because flu is what everyone “gets”, and no-one worries – you just get over it. But disease is not about “getting”, disease is about the state of your health. It is personal, not an invasion of alien microbes. That is the system view to sell you drugs to destroy the microbes. Disease is because your personal health process is not functioning well.

What is this personal health process? Good input of food and drink during your life will be used by the body to maintain a good output – good health. This is the simple health process that we all go through but most people including our doctors don’t recognise. Most doctors don’t recognise it because their training establishments are controlled by the 1%. BigPharma and BigFood do not want people to recognise the health process I have described for two reasons. Firstly BigFood don’t want people to know that they can remain healthy by eating natural foods from the ground, and that processed foods from the can will cause disease. Secondly BigPharma don’t want people to know that the costly drugs they have are not the best source of health but taking time with your intake is.

How is my personal health process dysfunctioning now? My problem is chronic dehydration, I have never drunk water. I don’t know how unusual I am for never having drunk water, but it has been a serious deficiency. My major health bugbear has been migraines. I have often read that water can help with migraines but the headaches were often so severe I never believed they could be cured by something as simple as drinking water. I sought acupuncture, fortunately I never liked the BigPharma knockout drops and preferred to lose a night sleeping rather than take knockout pills. I looked at allergies, alcohol, chocolate, cheese etc, all of which are not good for you – unless it is pure chocolate, but maybe the problem all along has been water. By the time I realised I was dehydrated the headaches had gone, my food intake was good and my drinks were good – except for not drinking water.

So how is this chronic dehydration problem showing as symptoms? Well the “flu” showed itself as extreme cold chest and uncomfortable cold sweats. Outside it was 32, inside I had the ceiling fan low, put on a thick t-shirt and buried my chest under my down sleeping bag. Then I was coughing lots of phlegm, but that was it – no other symptoms. Cold is stagnation, the phlegm coming out is water removing the stagnation; this is all about water flowing in my body. On Thursday I felt it was connected to kidneys, and it is. The kidneys help the water to circulate and along with the liver help detoxify, the kidneys have not been used to the correct amount of water in the body and therefore are having to work differently. They needed a rest so whilst I was “resting” with the cold and expelling the phlegm the body was helping the kidneys.

What has been happening without the water? This is difficult to answer. But what if I draw parallels with the way water functions in Nature? Water seeps everywhere into nooks and crannies, and carries away flotsam and jetsam. In the body the system produces all kinds of stuff naturally, and these products once they have been used need to be cleaned out and washed away. This is what the water does. Now obviously I was taking some liquid – I was alive and healthy (especially considering I was eating so well), so my system was mostly cleaning itself. But not all. And I take the evidence as the mucus. My mucus problem seems to be increasing, as I feel myself trying to expel it. Rather than the water circulating in the body removing the mucus the “river” has stagnated, and the mucus has remained attached to the river bed. It has hardened there. Therefore there is potential for growth attracting germs or worse cancer.

With the water the body is now trying to remove these stagnations, hence the increase in mucus. But as it digs out the mucus it will also drag out what has been attached to the mucus – bacteria etc. In the long term this can only be good, in the short term there is some discomfort. There is increased sweating and urination, but that will balance out. The kidneys will do more work, but that is what they are there for.

We are mostly water, water flows in and out of our system. We therefore need to replenish it. It seems crazy to me that replenishing this water is not a key platform of any diet, and I am particulalrly surprised that in mb I was encouraged to think that I could get enough water from other drinks and foods in the diet. This morning, even though I haven’t recovered from this “flu”, my body felt good – it felt glowing.

We are what we drink.

Going Raw – the next day:-

Not only recently did I learn of the importance of water, I also began to consume more raw food eating heated staple and raw veg and salads. I have always been concerned about chest cold and I consider that this raw might well have increased the cold. One thing I have been remiss in my diet is the lack of local spices, I have minimally used these basically because the Thais overuse them – for me with many Thai dishes all I taste is chilli. Over the last couple of days I have seen three or four different emails advocating spices, here is one:-

Because I am in Thailand I should eat more local so I think it is dangerous to give carte-blanche approval of spices but for me my eating should include more spices. I bought a load of chillies for the first time, and will increase their use. I even made vegan somtam, and although I made a lot I put 5 chillies in it. It was OK, and I will put more in next time. I hope the chillies, cayenne pepper, and the black pepper will release the cold in my chest.


A friend found a source of Chinese herbs, and got me some for a cold chest and excess mucus. They have affected me. It is releasing some of the cold on the chest and the mucus is less. It has also reduced the appetite, and reduced thirst. I have decided not to push the water issue to the full 2 litres as yet, I think the cold chest was a response to this. Once the herbs have done their stuff, I will go back to the proper intake of water.

Water – You are what you drink.

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(A caution – Whilst I am seriously concerned about nutrition and health I am not qualified. If any of this blog strikes a positive chord with you, seek out your own sources for confirmation and make your own decision.)

I read yet another article that said we would get enough water from a plant-based diet so I decided to write this. I now disagree with this advice (mb and others) that revolves around the notion that we will get enough water from the drinks etc. that come with the diet.

I was advised by my Thai massage doctor, one of Vandana Shiva’s Grannies – a treasure trove of traditional Thai knowledge, to drink 8 glasses of water per day; in fact the Mayo clinic advises similar. She said it would promote the sen, chi for most people; that sold me. At the time I was also looking into raw foods, and a raw food guy, David Wolfe, said to drink 1 litre in the morning. As my massage Grannie said warm water, I take a litre flask to bed ready for a slow wake-up in the morning as I consume a litre of water. When we wake up we need to urinate – even waking early sometimes to do this. This is a natural function, it is the body getting rid of toxins by passing water. By consuming the extra litre in the morning we aid the body because then the water goes round and round picking up extra toxins and getting rid of them. This increased circulation is good for the body and I see it connected with the chi.

This has been a forced change of consumption. Previously if there was water there I would drink it but if I needed a drink I would drink something else – healthy but something else. My system was completely dehydrated but because my food intake was good I wasn’t seeing the problem. Except with mucus. I had, and still have, a mucus problem, and I am convinced that it has been “dried up” in my system over the years, buried somewhere and therefore a potential for cancer growth. Again because my diet is now so good I wasn’t seeing the problem. This dehydration issue I suspect stemmed from my problem of alcoholism. As any drinker knows alcohol severely affects the way we experience thirst, and thirst becomes correlated with the need for a drink. Waking in the morning after a drinking bout would leave me thirsty, and if I had the sense at the time I would drink high vitamin C drinks. I have never drunk water, and that is why the water from a plant-based diet was such a misdirection for me. My thirst still hasn’t balanced out, and I cannot trust it.

Since starting the water I have obviously noticed an increase in urination. This of course is a kidney worry, something I noticed the other day. Being concerned about a slight pain, I avoided the water but felt thirsty and the kidney pain went away after drinking. I have concluded that although there is increased urination and therefore increased pressure on the kidneys 2 litres is natural and the kidneys will come to terms with it. I will definitely amend this if that turns out not to be true for me.

But this has not been the only change. My stools were loose for a couple of weeks but have settled down now – getting rid of some toxins. But there has been another detox, I have experienced “sensitive stomachs”. I see this as detox because I see it connected to the GERD. The worst of these was two weeks ago, a couple of weeks after I started on the water. This sensitive stomach lasted two days, and came with a loss of appetite. I felt the same this morning, and that was the additional prompt to write this blog. This morning’s feeling has now gone (2.00 pm), I have completed the litre and had my usual carrot juice and sesame seeds for the stomach’s enzymes.

It angers me that I let this water dehydration continue for so long because of the potential danger. I am also angered at the advice that a plant-based diet will provide you with sufficient water. We need to drink water. We are water, water needs to circulate in the body and water is a process of detox. We need to drink water on its own, water in other drinks is not enough. It is better to reduce the other drinks so that you become comfortable with the 2 litres water. Fortunately I have always used filtered water – a necessity as I live in Thailand, and recently bought a filter machine that gives you water with a pH higher than 7.2. Now that I am drinking 2 litres of water my pH is even better

As a high proportion of your body is water it is important to recognise that “You are what you drink”, and drink water.

A Thai friend was persuaded to drink water, but chose not to drink 2 litres. I weigh 80 kg and she must weigh about 10kg. Here is a water calculator. For me it says just over 3 litres. I am comfortable with that, 2 litres of water and more than a litre of other drinks such as rejuvelac, kombucha tea, carrot and sesame juice, green (chlorophyll) juice and kvas (see my post on making drinks count).

You are what you drink.


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My lesson was cancelled yesterday, and I decided to buy some cumin and “the licorice star” Thai herb for polenta. Jum was now safe as there is John around so I went to the restaurant. There was some hyped-up guy there ranting on about a fruit diet, I spoke with him. His diet was his life at the moment, and his ranting was concerning the lymphatic system. As I got through the rant it was clear he had a lot to say, and that last made me feel that I had been complacent. I came home and investigated.

One way of seeing the body is at the cellular level. How do our cells get nutrition? Blood. How are our cells cleaned? The lymphatic system. Put together this system quite obviously is important in a healthy body – cells must be fed and cleaned. Robert Morse is an American healer who focuses on this approach to healing, and this paper explains much more on the importance of the lymphatic sysytem. The lymph system eliminates through the kidneys colon and skin, and he uses iridology to measure how well the body is doing this – interesting.

Practically I need to know whether this lymph system is working for me. The ranter focussed on fruit and veg. To begin my healing I was a on 10 days detox of fruit and veg that I associated with liver detox – it was also lymph cleansing. I did Paul Pitchford’s “Parasite Purge” a few times, that was also helping the lymph system.

For the skin elimination is body scrubbing. Chi Gung for the circulation. Exercise is essential for the lymphs, the blood is pumped by the heart, what pumps the lymph – exercise! And food – fruit and veg.

In the reading it is clear that I need to do the detox diet again for the lymphs – not for the liver as I originally surmised. It helps the liver but I didn’t know about this lymph stuff, this makes it worth doing. Adding flax to meals has to be more of a priority.

One thing I would always like to do is get at more herbs. The herb companion gives a list of 6 herbs and how to use them that will improve the lymph – ah well:-

Echinacea spp
Astragalus membranaceus
Galium aparine
Hydrastis canadensis
Phytolacca americana
Baptisia tinctoria

I liked this article as a summary connected to the Chinese approach.

Thanks to the ranter – good education.


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(added to health page)

Whilst the politics of the food industry is disgraceful, it pales into comparison with what happens in the cancer industry. You would think at least that the corporatocracy would want to heal people of a serious illness like cancer. But in practice it is far from this with the industry seeking to profit from the ill health of so many.

First and foremost I am not a qualified medical practitioner. As a lay person my views are not professional, and if it matters to you you must seek a professional opinion. But let’s be clear that opinion could be biased. Doctors are trained at universities or medical schools. There they are taught what the establishment believes, and what the establishment believes is what Big Pharma wants it to believe. Trainees go to uni where they are trained in the cause and cut or pill method of western medicine. When they are qualified doctors they learn of new drugs to cure from the Big Pharma reps. With cancer the oncologist believes in the cutting of chemo, and patients, whilst occasionally getting temporary cures, in general suffer like Farrah Fawcett (she made this documentary of her dying from cancer – links and discussion in blog) – was she dying from chemo or cancer?

There is no medical model for cancer but perhaps there is a model that could be considered. Cancer is a growth, and for it to grow it needs a fertile “soil”. Such fertile soil exists in bodies that are not balanced, that are suffering from lifestyle diseases. For example suppose someone eats a lot of sugar and drinks alcohol their system will be acidic. This acidity attracts cancerous growth. Then there is candida – yeast excess, this also increases acidity and can encourage cancerous growth. What about mucus that is blocked and stored up in the body? Or internal organs that are deteriorating from misuse, such as the liver that is being destroyed because of all the toxins it is having to deal with – say from drinking or eating sugar. I am suggesting that cancerous growth can come from imbalance in the body caused by excess of one form or another.

The liver is a fundamental organ whose purpose is to fight off toxins, in general our livers get hammered and for many that hammering eventually turns into disease. If the body ingests too many toxins the liver can’t cope, and one result can be cancer – the excess toxins acting as a soil for the cancer. Common-sense tells you that if you are getting cancer – or any lifestyle disease such as diabetes (type II), the first thing you need to do is detoxify your system. Why isn’t this the first thing that the doctor recommends when you get cancer? If someone has cancer they are generally desperate for something to do to try to help themselves, why don’t doctors tell them to detox? Detox can be uncomfortable, headaches, diarrhoea etc., but can it damage the system? I think not, but I would listen to professional experience on this. So whatever treatment the establishment recommends, at least they can recommend a detox.

The next stage is not to introduce new toxins into the system, and this is where there is conflict with industry – Big Food. Because our problem lifestyles come from drinking and toxins in processed food. If we can eat organic food – veg, fruit, whole grains, pulses and some sea fish, then we are not introducing new toxins and our livers will improve especially if we add turmeric to our food – a spoon if turmeric in a glass of water daily helps.

Once our livers are healthier our systems begin to deal with other problems, and a major one is pH balance. In gardening we need the correct pH for healthy growth, and the same for the human body we need a pH balance. Now the toxins we usually eat, such as sugar or alcohol, make our systems acidic, lowering our pH and making our system more susceptible to cancers. Balancing our pH helps our bodies grow harmoniously. Now whatever treatment your doctor gives you, creating this pH balance through correct eating cannot hurt. As our system are usually acidic we look to making our system more alkaline, and one of the most powerful ways of doing this is baking soda (in fact it can be too powerful). Dr Simoncini sees baking soda as a cure for cancer, and in his clinic in Italy he injects baking soda directly into the cancerous growth and claims success. This is worth considering.

Now the next concern I have is the balance of the intestinal flora, these often get damaged by antibiotics (as does the liver). To redress this balance we need to eat fermented foods. I started with rejuvelac. This helped especially with bowel movements. But it was not enough, and I moved onto kimchee – I prefer this to sauerkraut although both help. And I still had a candida excess so I made kombucha tea and kefir. As with all health the choice has to be yours – what best suits your system.

There is a 4-stage process towards good health that ought not to conflict with any cancer treatment:-

1) Detox
2) No toxins
3) pH balance
4) Intestinal flora balance

In the book, The Treatise of Zandtao, that I am writing, I stress a three tenet approach as a way of life:-

Improving the mind

Harmonising our energy

Taking care of our bodies

Why isn’t the above 4-stage healing approach to diet not recommended – and also why isn’t Chi Gung and meditation? In fact the opposite is actually true. Start by watching “Healing Cancer from the Inside Out”, this will show the importance of diet and the resistence of the cancer industry.

In the movie Gerson (scroll down this blog entry for two movies – “Dying to have known” or “The Beautiful Truth”), we find out that this cancer treatment is forced out of the US, there is a clinic in Mexico and one in Hawaii ( I know the contradiction but I don’t understand it). Now Gerson is a raw food approach which I am sure contains the above steps. The movie shows well-documented evidence that this raw food approach helps with cancer but who recommends it? Have a look at Steven Luch’s blog as he works through his cancer (he is now teaching in Phnom Penh).

If how I eat (my diet) is anything it is a macrobiotic diet although I don’t follow the yin-yang details. At this blog-entry I have testimony of 4 people who have recovered from cancer following a macrobiotic diet with the help of a counsellor.

And then for me perhaps the most enigmatic of all, Burzynski. In this movie he describes the trials and tribulations he has had with the FDA, being taken to court etc. He has much evidence that his urine therapy works – an established naturopath method, yet for some reason his treatment is not tested.

Well I say “for some reason”, for me there is no doubt. The cancer industry makes a phenomenal amount of money with the status quo, a status quo where people do not question the medical establishment. This branch of the corporatocracy makes huge profits through insurance in the treatment of cancer by chemo, and as the Gerson movie points out, as does Burzynski, there is no evidence to support chemo as a cure. In fact it makes little sense cutting out chunks of the body and leaving toxins inside.

If sadly you are warned about cancer or diabetes (Type II) try this 4-stage process:-

1) Detox
2) No toxins
3) pH balance
4) Intestinal flora balance

with chi gung and meditation.