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Posted: 19/10/2013 by zandtao in Health
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In a message from Dottie “As we’ve talked about before, sometimes, healing is peeling back layers. I wonder if the deeper we go with our healing, if the layers are more intricate, and perhaps the solutions are not as apparent.”

This is a question worth considering, and I think it is worth considering in the context of who we are as human beings, if you use Zandtao this is the 3 tenets:-

Improving the mind

Harmonising our energy

Taking care of our bodies

What does the term deeper mean in this context? Whatever method you choose for healing (Zandtao Healing Plan being one), we go through various stages of healing, as Dottie says uncovering layers of problems. The Zandtao Healing Plan focuses on these as the main stages to heal the body:-

Natural Eating
Acid-Alkali balance
Bacteria balance

But in the last stage of lifestyle we encounter conceptual difficulties. Is meditation for improved lifestyle healing the body? There is an aptitude of mind that tends to separate. With the Zandtao there are the 3 tenets, but are these tenets dealing with separate parts of a human? Are there boundaries between body energy and mind? Or is it a continuum of sorts? And the word holistic comes to mind. Healing needs to be holistic but the tendency is to view holistic healing as healing the whole being through healing separate parts, but again we have the question “are the parts separate?”

There is a spiritual concept of denseness, the physical body being the most dense and the mental and spiritual bodies being the most light; the continuum I discussed above could be denseness. Some people talk of vibrations, and there being a continuum of vibrations. There might well be other descriptions that this word continuum might be appropriate for, I have no inclinations any way. But what I do contend is that there is unity, and on a personal level that unity means there is not a separation of mind, energy and body but a continuum.

And it is with glands I am maybe crossing the “border” between body, energy and emotions. In terms of hormones one obvious such crossover is sexual desire. For men it is a physical impossibility to maintain the same level of sexual activity as they were when they were 20. The amount of testosterone produced in the body reduces with age, this is a physical fact. What is the relationship between testosterone levels and sexual desire? And desire is not physical even though it might be stimulated physically.

Here I am suggesting that, Dottie, by going “deeper” we might be crossing a border between body and feelings. In other words healing hormones might not just be a physical issue, what is intricate might not just be resolved by food alone. It is my intention to study the glands further but there are descriptions that connect the pineal gland with the Third Eye. Now whatever one’s view on that is, these people do not see the pineal gland in purely physical terms.

We all know that meditation and energy work improve our health, this could be an indication that our glands are improved through meditation and energy work. I would of course attest to that as I sought acupuncture help in dealing with the hormone problem.

Finally there is a tendency in mb circles to seek to solve all through food and improving diet. I have never subscribed to this view, and feel that the hormone issue is evidence for this, but of course it could be argued that the continuum (of energy and mind)could be affected by food.

For me, Dottie, going deeper – being more intricate – is about recognising the connections of energy and meditation with physical health. In terms of my current approach to the hormone issue I have started my diet – well I haven’t yet as I haven’t eaten today yet just drank water. Once the diet has been finished I intend improving my acceptance of hormonal change in meditation and concentrating on Chi Gung – which I have almost completely stopped.

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A Zandtao Cancer Programme?

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Over the last couple of years I have been increasingly susceptible to flus. Nothing too bad – five times, but what hit home was that I had a flu at the end of July and three weeks later I had the flu again. I recognised that my susceptibility to these flus revolved around a cold chest – a seriously cold chest. Wow look what I found when searching for a link – a blog “Exercise Cold and Damp” on 12/10/08 – fascinating. I have tried to resolve this cold chest issue before. I have made amendments to my diet – increasing warm foods, cayenne pepper etc. – discussed here. But the chest was still cold. My “guru”, Paul Pitchford “Healing through Whole Foods”, says these chest things take time but with herbal treatments it was not happening. I needed a practitioner intervention – acupuncture treatment. The issue has not been resolved yet but I think it is on the way.

So why am I writing this now and not waiting? Quite simple. Meditation. Meditation told me I needed to revise my approach. I have previously said that if I had cancer I would go Gerson, but meditation told me that was not enough. The approach to cancer you want is a “Zandtao in your terms”. I am not saying everyone should follow Zandtao but my approach to the whole person is the three tenets as discussed in the Zandtao Treatise; that is what I am proposing for life, so it should be the same for healing from cancer. Cancer could be termed a holistic disease. I have previously called it a lifestyle disease, and yet although a cure is lifestyle I have often said Gerson. But Gerson is not enough. Using the description “Zandtao in your terms” I mean a lifestyle approach that incorporates meditation (mind), chi and healing the body.

Let’s examine the three tenets:-

Improving the mind

Harmonising our energy

Taking care of our bodies

Let’s start with our bodies, here is where Gerson comes in. I believe the Gerson therapy is the best way of cleaning the toxins, and therefore tumours, from the body. But that is not enough for our bodies, our bodies need rehabilitating. In the cropped clip Charlotte Gerson talks of rehabilitation in general, and I don’t doubt their competence. But because of the Zandtao approach being committed to energy, in this programme a significant part of that rehabilitation needs to be acupuncture. Now acupuncture helps clear the channels but what if your energy intake is not peak, then you need energy techniques such as Chi Gung to “gather energy”. And none of this works if your mind is in a mess, maybe still dealing with the doctor’s cancer death sentence? So you need meditation – the 3 tenets.

For a healing routine a clinical schedule could be

Juice 1 -> Gerson 1
Chi Gung
Juice 2 -> Gerson 2
Chi Gung
Walk Added
Juice 3 -> Gerson 3
Chi Gung
Juice 4 -> Gerson 4
Chi Gung

I stress I am not an expert so to apply this sort of routine requires a team of committed experts, people who understand such a holistic approach. These would include Gerson therapists, acupuncturists, Chi Gung teachers and meditation teachers.

My food diet is primarily macrobiotic, and it is interestng to note that macrobiotics once offered itself as a cure for cancer. I believe some doubt has been cast on its ability to cure cancer, but Denny Waxman worked with patients and their cancer was cured – see Denny Waxman. It appears that he worked on a combination of food and energy. What is practised now as macrobiotics has beceome much more of a food diet; but in its esoteric depths macrobiotics speaks of meditation, energy and food – Denny Waxman is such an example.

A friend advised me to watch this film, “Cancer is curable now”. I was a bit dismissive – I wrote something like I have looked at a number of cancer movies over my retirement years. But I began watching it, and then stopped because the movie was moving to where my meditation had taken me. So that is where I am now; I stopped the movie and wrote this blog ….

…. in light of what I have just written I am going to continue watching the movie.

My concerns that this blog might be viewed as plagiarism based on the movie were unfounded. I completely agreed with the first half of the movie that can be found at this torrent.

However the remainder of the movie I am unwilling to comment on as it involved techniques that I am unsure of. You can view the whole movie “Cancer is curable now” via this torrent..

The movie led to three amendments to the above programme. Firstly exercise needs to be included, the minimum of a 20-minute walk daily – as discussed in the Zandtao Treatise. Sunshine is essential as is evident in the Natural emphasis of the Treatise, but I forgot to write it. I am not a Gerson expert although I recommend their therapy for the body. I have replaced the word juice by Gerson, it is their therapy that should be their decision as part of the “Zandtao programme team” (grandiose eh?).

This programme need not be limited to cancer. In the movie-crop Charlotte Gerson talks of all degenerative diseases, the approach of this programme is the same. It follows from a deep respect of Nature, that we are ONE, and that in our bodies Nature provides the healing.

Corollary:- This programme is unlikely to happen as I have no resources, but if I am going to discuss cancer (degenerative diseases) I ought to offer an approach – not just being critical of “death by chemo”.

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Jews, Israelis and macrobiotics

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On macrobiotics facebook groups I have recently been involved in two discussions concerning Israel. I used to belong to an excellent mailing list called vegan- macrobiotics, and there were a lot of people who helped me there. Also at the beginning of my macrobiotics I met a very helpful and knowledgeable lady, Klara Levine, and she also introduced me to Dottie Roseboom – a valued contact. Klara invited me to join her macrobiotics Jerusalem group – even though I was Buddhist. I remained in her group for a while, but gave up because mostly the group was about local mb happenings in Jerusalem – not contributing to my learning. I mention all of this because I will always be grateful to Klara for her generosity and advice.

Once I withdrew from mb-Jerusalem more of my learning took place through vegan macrobiotics. Then my political awareness began to re-emerge, and with that I became aware that Klara regularly posted political mailings that supported her political position; I did not consider this appropriate. In the end I contacted the moderator of the mailing list, and asked her if she would veto Klara’s political mailings. She refused, so I unsubscribed from the mailing list out of respect for all the help Klara had given me.

Later on Dottie invited me to join macrobiotic questions on facebook. At this stage I needed less teachings on mb and was able to contribute. Then Klara posted a political post, and I decided that this time I would confront it politely. On the facebook question Klara explained that she had misposted it and she felt it appropriate to a different question. However a member of the page promoted the posting, and I confronted him politely but firmly – I believe. What was clear throughout the interchange that the member would not back down, and I would not. He presented what I consider to be propaganda as facts, and I attempted to point out that I considered that they were not facts but propaganda – to no avail. This post went on.

I woke up the next day to find that two leading lights of the mb movement had been inappropriately scathing of the member – I felt they were playing their mb badge to tell him to shut up. Anyway he did, and the thread ended. For me the only thing I learnt was how deeply ingrained the propaganda is, but then that has to be expected. Israeli people are suffering much hardship as a result of the policies of their leaders and their divisive role within the 1% order. To endure this hardship Israeli media cannot tell the truth otherwise why would the Israeli people put up with it. Equally Israel requires support globally from the Jewish diaspora so these Jewish people also cannot be told the truth. The Jewish lobby in the US (and the UK for that matter) is very powerful, and needs to be to present the propaganda.

Now I have little knowledge of what Israeli people are taught, little knowledge of the daily cultural life of the Israeli people. I do remember teaching Israeli kids one time nearly 30 years ago. They were on a language school package in Brighton, and I needed cash. I approached the first lesson with trepidation, I was a political activist at the time and as such pro-Palestinian. As a professional I never discussed politics in a lesson unless asked, and was pleasantly surprised to find that the kids weren’t interested. Now they were not the best behaved of students, but better than I was used to in English schools.

On the last day they broached politics. They had sensed my political position but because I was professional and because they had learnt some English they gave me respect. Very mature. And then there was a discussion conducted very amicably but underlying the whole discussion was a deep tension, a tension that stemmed from deaths – my position was political but they had people in their families who had died. This did not make my position wrong but grief associated with family dieing has to be recognised. In the end I was sympathetic not with their views but that they were in a reprisal war – a war against the people who had killed their family.

As are the Palestinian Arabs – for whom there are far more deaths and much greater destruction. I knew there was no solution there, the solution lay in the politics of the West and now what is called the 1%.

Amongst the arguments these students presented was that of Israel as a Jewish homeland and how the Jewish people had been exiled. Despite the fact that this was 2000 years ago it was integral to their standpoint. I was surprised. In 2000 years life changes, one has to accept that. This is where global politics comes in. It suited western interests to have Israel as a destabilising influence in the Middle East so when public sympathy was with the Jews after the Nazi holocaust Israel was created.

My father was there as a British soldier and he said it was wrong. Palestinian people were displaced by British soldiers from their homes within 24 hours. As fate would have it I later worked in Oman as Head of Maths. We were having an end-of-term meal, and they invited me back to their flat afterwards. They raised the question of Palestine – two members of the department were Palestinian. One told me how his grandfather had been killed by the British in the 1930s, and the other told me how his family had been given 24 hours notice to leave their homes and they could take only what they could carry; he was still hoping for justice for his family. It was real to me although far more real to them.

The occupation of Palestine continues, and the strength of that occupation is founded on the propaganda accepted by Israelis and Jewish support. That propaganda I don’t understand but I know it is based on a homeland. There appears to be a whole process of education in Israel designed to propagate this homeland rationale, and according to this Israeli speaker much of that propaganda is groundless:-

It is interesting to me because it questions, but in truth I don’t know enough. Worth watching because it gives a feel of what’s going on.

Diet Evaluation

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On 29th May I wrote the following:-

I made a mistake and told someone not to drink coffee as I thought it was part of the healthy diet, it turns out that I was told not to drink coffee because it is acidic and my condition was GERD – an acidic condition. Now I think coffee is a stimulating drink – extreme yin, so it is discouraged – mb does not like big swings on their yin-yang balance. But on investigation coffee has some healing properties. It is high in anti-oxidants – very positive, and its bitter taste is good for diabetes. However they speak of moderate coffee drinking at 5 cups a day as being good for you, personally I can’t see that.

I can remember drinking coffee to excess when I was on alcohol. The coffee must somehow have balanced the alcohol but both encouraged eating sweet stuff. It wasn’t good. On top of that I was getting headaches which I associated with my stomach – probably the first signs of GERD. Apparently coffee is good for the head but alcohol definitely isn’t – at that time my food input was so mixed up it is hard to judge what was going on.

Here is an interesting clip with an Ayurvedic perspective ion drinking coffee – seems well balanced to me:-

But that has changed, now my intake is good. I just want to mention eating propane. My GERD doctor told me to avoid flavourings but as I wasn’t buying processed foods that didn’t come into it. I have started making muesli cake so decided to add vanilla. Online I bought some organic vanilla essence, and the cake was nice so I bought some vanilla essence from the cake shop. I got the ingredients translated – propylene glycol 50%. Apparently this stuff preserves the flavour, but when I looked it up it is propane. So the flavouring is half propane and 1/3 vanilla. I emptied the bottle. Aaggh! No more vanilla unless it is online organic. You have to be so careful of anything that doesn’t come out of the ground.

I have just started watching “Food Matters”, it is looking good so far. It begins with Hippocrates describing food as medicine and the innate ability of the body to heal. As the movie describes we have come a long way from that. The movie promotes a nutritional approach but there is an emphasis on raw foods – 51 % of our food to be raw. I am far from that but do I agree? I have just started the carrot slush every day – half a large carrot grated with 300 cl of water in the blender, the rawness of the carrot keeps the enzymes for the stomach to help with the GERD. But I was warned off a raw food diet because the body needs some food that has been cooked. I am approx 25% raw. Do I need to increase raw? Food Matters says yes, but do I?

Also water is something I have been remiss about.

Next year August (2013) is 7 years since I started healthy eating. Whilst I have been quite disciplined, probably in the early stages I could have been better. It is time to evaluate as in 7 years the body should have rejuvenated itself. Definitely the worst thing is the coughing and mucus.

Well these initial thoughts have triggered a major change in eating. I had thought drastic changes were over, even to the extent that I made a complacent comment to a friend and adviser.

The first major change is the water, and I don’t know how I missed it. My massage doctor told me I should drink 8 glasses of water a day – 2 litres – to help the chi, that was enough incentive for me. Then I started reading about this amount of water, and I don’t know how I missed it. I assess it as water lubricating the system keeping everything flowing. Especially mucus. I have always felt that there might be clogged mucus in my system, hence my trying to cough solid mucus stuck in my passages somewhere. Anyway already the mucus is easier. I even had a detox reaction to the water. My stool was much looser but my stomach didn’t feel so good – it was a couple of days. And I had migraines for years. I have read several times that the lack of water gave headaches but as I was healthy I felt the liquid intake was OK. Far from true. One RAW guy, David Wolfe, said that the water helped clean out the system, and recommended a litre first thing. I seem to be managing that easily. My massage doctor said warm water for the chi, so I take a flask to bed!! Water, how stupid was I?

Food Matters made me think give raw a go, so I have looked online and downloaded recipes. They take time to make but I have found them invigorating – raw food raw energy. My first day was a disaster breaking the food processor, requiring a rush trip up to Chantaburi the next day. I had wasted 3000 on a Cuizimate that I had already taken back once – had it three months. The new one is going well and with the blender I am making raw food. A typical meal is 2 or 3 portions together with a heated staple – brown rice, polenta, brown rice vermicelli. As yet I am not going 100% raw, will still visit the healthy restaurants I have found vegetarian food and hoi (shellfish). And my cakes are getting delicious with the addition of raw cacao and coffee.

Cooking raw means completely different preparation and I don’t have a routine yet. The preparation is more intense and requires more planning. Yet once ready making a meal is actually quicker. I have found some veg OK raw – broccoli mushrooms spring onions, so prepare sauce. Other veg like aubergines and squash work well with a marinade, and that requires 24 hours. The local market makes bags of mixed salad and I make a dressing, this mixture needs work on the dressing – more liquid. The pressed salad is going well, adding pineapple and raisins makes it fruity and healthy. Then there is the yam mashed potato and soy gravy. That required soaking almonds 24 hours and then yam carrots and stuff in the blender. And of course there is the kimchee. So all-in-all more work even though the meals are quicker. What a change!!

Initially starting my diet 6 years ago I didn’t fancy raw, I expect it was too difficult for my system – now the body is loving the balance of raw and cooked I have established so far. Must look for good recipes.

Update July 23

I found a dilemma yesterday. When I went to buy my prison pak (organic vegetables from Khao Rakam) I saw some very nice winged beans but didn’t buy them because I wouldn’t eat them. Why? Because I usually ate them cooked. So I am now going to cook some green vegetables as well as the staple (brown rice, brown noodles or polenta). Eating raw reduced the amount I ate, and I conclude that because there were more accessible vitamins I needed to eat less. At the same time I have been taking the Chinese herbs for the cold and damp and that doesn’t encourage appetite either. I have lost 2 kg so still 2 kg over BMI. I equate excess weight with potential disease but I feel these herbs dealing with the cold and damp are unseating that disease potential – there is less mucus now. Raw foods are healthier – no personal doubts, but if it means I don’t eat enough greens then it is not healthy. I have found many raw food dishes that are delicious, but like somtam and kimchee they are root veg or else they are salads. I am not keen on the marinated veg. Apart from eating out the cake and ruce were the only cooked elements so I would say that I was 4/5 raw at home. Meals will now be rice and cooked greens with raw food dishes, and I will on balance still be 55% raw – definitely believe more than 1/2 raw.

This decision was reinforced later in the day. I went to give blood. Shame on me I have never done it before, I did it because I needed to know my blood group for the new …….job aaggh! Anyway my haemoglobin count was 13.2 – too low so they wouldn’t accept my blood. I looked up why it was low – I was low in plant-based foods and low in iron. Now the iron I had been getting from hoi – shellfish, and I had reduced protein levels. And there was also iron in leafy veg, and although I had increased lettuce intake my leafy-greens were down. So back to include hoi and leafy greens in diet.

Ramifications – my fears

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This blogentry about the the Future of Food was intentionally enigmatic for two reasons. Firstly I hoped my reader would watch it, and secondly I have not internalised the full ramifications of thefilm that genuinely frightened me.

Let me place some of my fears in context. I am what is termed a health freak, or at least I have been since I retired. The basis of this “health-freakness” is that I follow a natural unprocessed diet of grains, legumes, veg and fruit – with a bit of fish for B12. I was put onto this health diet when I visited a natural health practititoner who told me my reflux plus problems were what is termed “GERD”, and that to recover from this disease I needed to eat “naturally”. I listened to his advice, and bit-by-bit my health has improved; I have just turned 60 and whilst my legs are weakening from football injuries overall I feel my health is improving.

That improvement sounds a stupid thing to say given my age but it has a sound basis in natural thinking. Every 7 years our bodies regenerate themselves based on the quality of food we put in, and since that quality has improved my health has improved. I have not had the stress of teaching so that also has improved my health. So at a time when western people are traditionally beginning to suffer with accumulated lifetime degenerative diseases based on the toxicity of the foods they eat, my health is improving.

It is no accident that I became ill, it was because of the foods I ate and the hard work I did. In our lifetimes we cannot do much about being wage-slaves but we can do something about the foods we eat. UNTIL …. along comes Monsanto. Using Nature’s elements and a corrupt legal system – a legal system that favours the 1% – they have started a process to control all our food. Food begins life on the farm, is processed, and is sold in our shops. For me any food that is processed causes disease, I have cut out processing and mostly just eat organic. The organic movement is slowly growing until now with Monsanto – they are trying to block it by controlling seeds.

How can you patent something that belongs to Nature such as seeds? The fact that the law has allowed this shows exactly how unfair the law is. There is a phrase “one law for the rich and one law for the poor”. With the repressive violence shown to the Occupy movement globally we have “one law for the 1%”, and with the patenting of seeds we have “one law for the 1% BigFood”. The damage to humans caused by GM foods has not been assessed as discussed in the the Future of Food. But for me there is no doubt. I have experienced the healing that comes from eating Nature’s food, I know the disease that can come from processed foods. But how much worse will it be when that food has been genetically altered?

Still at least I can buy organic food? Not after a while, and that is the power of the patent when misused in our corrupt system. Even though the patent had been accepted, it shouldn’t affect organic farmers. After all they can still grow their crops and sell them. But then Nature steps in, the wind blows the bees pollinate and plants from GM seeds are found on organic farms. Now anyone who knows organic finds this an abhorrence, and would support the courts fining Monsanto for the pollination of their seeds on someone else’s land. But no, the law has said that by patent because the seeds have been found on these farmers’ land they have stolen it. I have a hard time believing that the law can say this, this is extreme even for 1% law, but that is the case. In this clip a lawyer for some organic farmers explains some of the efforts he has made to fight Monsanto’s 1% law.

With Nature’s collusion, over a period of time Monsanto will control the seeds for all the US, and the US won’t even have the recourse to organic food. So grow it in your own garden? Can you stop nature blowing the wind? Can the organic farmers patent the natural foods? NO. It is Nature. Monsanto got away with it because scientists manipulated the genes and then claimed it as an “invention” – GM.

Now what is clear from the the Future of Food is that Monsanto have no intention of limiting their monopoly to the US. Through Bill Gates and other 1% benefaction GM foods are being marketed in Africa as poverty reduction because of the supposed increased yield. As both the the Future of Food and Dan Ravicher points out the evidence is not clear that there is increased yield. What is clear is that once they have used the planting combination of GM seeds and Roundup farmers are ensnared annually to buy Monsanto products. India has had Monsanto for a while. The farmers have bought into the trap, cannot make ends meet, and are committing suicide (unbiased? – system argument presenting case for GM).

Thailand has strong anti-GM laws but GM has reached Kanchanaburi. European peoples might well fight the introduction of GM but the governments are in the hands of the 1% and in our system of government profits outplays democracy any day.

But the truth is these heinous crimes are sneaking in. Monsanto is slowly getting control of all farm production. Most people kind of know that GM is wrong but they are not as frightened as I am. Why? I know processed food causes disease, most people don’t so they are not as frightened. Monsanto is far bigger than Dan Ravicher and his organic farmers.

Here in Thailand it is hard to find organic produce but I can mostly. The law here does not prohibit organic produce, the people in general are not aware. But they do fight GM so I suspect in my lifetime I will be able to eat mostly healthily. I would have less confidence back in the UK, but in my lifetime it would probably be just OK. But what about the kids?

Kids haven’t got the sense to keep away from processed foods. The sugar- and MSG-baited products have already had an impact on the earlier onset of lifestyle degenerative disease. But what is worse is an increase in disorders such as ADHD which many claim comes from the toxins (preservatives) in our foods. But what will be the new generation of GM diseases be like?

People call them frankenfoods, what will that mean for our kids?

Update 21/9/13 – here is a clip belying the myths that surround GM foods:-

Bill Gates “lies” are covered in this clip.

Lament for Natural Eating

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I have just watched “Processed People”, and it was reinforcing to see reputed health experts presenting their viewpoint:-

Processed People

My lament is this. It saddens me that no-one listens. Long before I understood the relationship between food and healing, I was a political activist; I got used to people not listening. It took me a while to learn that it had nothing to do with my arguments, it was about self-interest. Rather than people fighting for each other they would vote for the status quo so they could keep their houses etc. Usually there was a patronising attitude that I would grow out of it, of course that patronising adage of “growing out of it” is a bit difficult as those people older than my 60 years are usually struggling with illness from their unhealthy diets. The thing about politics is that people know the system is wrong, how they rationalise it for themselves differs, but deep down they know it is not a fair system. They know it is unfair but self-interest directs them not to listen.

Part of that unfair system is BigFood producing processed foods that cause illness, yet for some reason people are unable to grasp this, and they are unable to see the necessity of a diet that would avoid illness. I am trying as usual to be careful with my wording. Although I would guarantee that healthy eating would invigorate your life, I could never say that healthy eating would cure disease. In fact I believe that it would, it has cured my GERD, but what it would do for others I cannot be certain. But I come across people with cancer, lifestyle diabetes, blood pressure etc., and yet these people do not see the importance of diet. I would say that these people believe I don’t lie, so they have to believe I am deluded – otherwise why not follow a healthy diet.

It make me so angry to see the suffering the system continues to inflict, and the further suffering people inflict on themselves. I need films like “processed people” to keep me fervent.

Of course I know my friends know better than I, that they have studied as much as I have, have watched as many movies, and have first-hand experience of eating a healthy diet. What do I do? Ram the diet down their throats force feed them!! People prefer to believe the doctors and nurses whose jobs depend on BigPharma, whose education is controlled by BigPharma, whose process is part of BigPharma. And do you know who I find it hardest to understand? The left-wing politicos who understand the power and influence of the 1%, yet they still go to the working man’s cafe for a fry-up.

Lament for Natural Eating!!!

There is a ray of sunshine for my lament. I found this URL which describes how Ginny Walden healed herself of cancer. Her diet was macrobiotic (my natural eating), she developed her energy through Chilel (the QiGung I use) and dealt with her disease with acupuncture. As for the mind, when you read her story you will see how important having the right state of mind was for her, this maybe would have been easier to attain with meditation.


I have just watched the movie, A Delicate Balance – the Truth. This is a good movie pointing out that although we need protein we can get enough from plant-based foods and the excessive consumption of protein in the West is the cause of disease. The movie is unequivocal as opposed to the caveats I feel it is necessary to write. The movie also connects our type of food consumption with environmental degradation, however I got angered with their final shot. If we all eat healthily then the world problems will be solved, we will regain our health and the planet will be harmonised again. If you have read this blog you know what I will say next. The 1% will not allow this to happen. The 1% exerts its influence to ensure that we will not follow such a diet. It is not simply a matter of personal choice that the majority of western people eat diets that cause disease, it is a 1% strategy both to get people to consume the products of BigFood and to use the products of BigPharma to attempt to cure the ensuing diseases. People should know that it is not easy to take the decision to eat healthily, forewarned is forearmed. Eat healthily, take control from the 1%.

Let’s begin with Run from the Cure. This guy is talking about hemp oil as a cure for cancer. I have doubts about this, but the film offers testimony – of course they are crackpots??? How many crackpots does it take for the observations to become science? My problem with it is not the usual problem. I perceive cancer primarily as a degenerative disease based on lifestyle, so when I hear testimony based on macrobiotic lifestyle (as compared to the hell Farrah Fawcett went through) I tend to go for it – healthy eating has certainly helped me. Maybe there are quick cures but …. Listen to these people, and then start to ask why haven’t the cancer societies sponsored research into hemp?

Partly that was answered in the clip. Legally the moviemaker was prohibited from distributing his “hemp oil” as it contained THC, and THC is apparently the psycho-active substance that people smoke marijuana for. The “hemp oil” was made from marijuana so the clip-maker had his plants taken by the police, but the “hemp oil” was in a syringe and often enough rubbed on the “disease” so no psycho-activity could take place – it seems to me. Morphine is used as a controlled substance, why couldn’t this “hemp oil” be used similarly?

So that is a taster on the issue. In this very short clip there is just science. Basically cannabinoids are supposed to destroy cancer cells. Simple as that. They are supposed to destroy cancer cells. Watch the clip (from Forbidden Knowledge TV):-

Is this science or pseudo-science? I can’t answer that, I don’t trust science anyway – they are in the pay of the 1%. But when you add to it the info given by Rick Simpson in “Run fron the Cure“, there is a lot to be answered.

Here is more info from the documentary “What if cannabis cured cancer?”:-

And here is the documentary:-

Title What if cannabis cured cancer
Starting historically this movie looks at the healing properties of cannabis and gives evidence that it can help with cancer. Decide for yourself.
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
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Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
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Myles, thanks a lot. I still don’t think Thrive Exposed was that sound analytically but what you are talking about is sound. “A small group control the world because the most superior resource on earth (Hemp) is illegal.” I am certain the 1% are blocking use of hemp, blocking the use of cannabis as a possible cure for cancer, but it does surprise me that hemp is grown in the UK as the 1% have the UK under wraps.

Broad healing

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I just read this article by Verne Verona on macrobiotics and cancer. The problem with macrobiotics is that it just focusses on food, or at least most of the people who claim they follow macrobiotics do. In theory the macrobiotic approach is much wider including meditation and chi, but far too often this is not advocated. In the end healing, at whatever level, becomes an analysis of minutiae with regards to food preparation, and ignore the breadth necessary for whole healing. As a non-processed diet helps the body, many are convinced they are doing enough with the diet, and miss the essentials of developing good human energy and a stable mind.

the article begins with an amusing irony concerning the state of medicine at the moment – not too amusing for Verne at the time.