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Zandtao Healing Plan

This is the health part of Zandtao Personal Development discussed in “A Treatise on Zandtao”. In Zandtao I developed three tenets for personal development as follows:-

zbullet Improving the mind

zbullet Harmonising our energy

zbullet Taking care of our bodies

[NB Please note I am not a medical expert.]

To begin with the plan focusses on healing the body but that is part of a wider Zandtao approach. This healing takes place through drinking, eating and detox. Our bodies consist mostly of liquid, and so it is in our liquid intake where healing begins.

Drinking:- Here is a liquid intake calculator. I start my drinking at meditation. My routine is a glass of water, then another with supplements, and a glass at the end. Then I have my liquid breakfast – green juice and yellow juice. I also have green and yellow juice in the evening.

Green juice depends on what leafy-greens area available. I use pak bung (because I grow them), but gwang tung or kanaa are equally fine, and I put the leaves in the blender. Because of the health benefits of maa raa ki noo, I add 5 of these (very) bitter gourds to the blender. Then nam minao (lemon juice), king (ginger) and nam peuan (honey to taste).

Thais know yellow juice as yaa rabaai. You take two packs of makham (dried tamarind), and put the dried fruit in water (this water should be half your blender volume). Once the water has become hydrated you break up the pack so that more of the makham is released into the water. After half a day strain off the nam makham (tamarind water), and then cover the remains with the other blender half of water. At the end of the day strain this liquid and put both portions of water in the blender. Then add two heaped teaspoons of kamin (turmeric powder); I also add a teaspoon of ground organic flax seed – this drink has such a strong taste you don’t notice the flax. I then add honey to balance the flavour of the drink – not a small amount of honey. Blend and drink.

There is one other important drink and that is kombucha tea. This is difficult in Thailand. The purpose of the kombucha tea is chouai yooi – probiotic, so if you take your probiotics differently – see below – you don’t need the kombucha tea. The problem with kombucha tea is the scoby, this is a rubbery-type substance that ferments the tea. Basically you make a large pot of tea, 2 litres of water, 4 spoons of your favourite green tea, and 4 table spoons of white sugar (yes white sugar, I know, but the sugar dissolves in fermentation). Let the tea cool to room temperature and then put it in a container for a WEEK with the scoby. After the week you have (fermented) kombucha tea, and I drink a glass a day.

I drink a glass of water with my meals, and then other drinks to make up your calculated liquid intake. In Thailand there are many healthy drinks available, a wide selection of green teas, sesame drinks, matuum (chrysantehmum), king (ginger), and grajiap (rosella/hibuscus). In fact there are far more than this. I drink 5 grains tea and add ginger, but with Thai drinks you have to be careful because they add a lot of sugar.

Eating and Detox

Eating needs to be plant-based. In Thailand there are many veg available in the market but to be 100% organic is difficult. I go to my local organic sources and then buy the remainder of my veg in the market. In Thailand you can get the best rice in the world (I am probably biased), and that rice is organic gaba brown rice (brown rice organically grown slightly fermented – gaba – to bring out all the nutrition); ordinary brown rice is available in most supermarkets – you choose how good you want your rice to be. In health stores you can also find brown rice noodles. The larger supermarkets now stock healthy bread – wholewheat etc., and I get online buckwheat flour – I used to use polenta but she has stopped selling it. I try to have two different grains every day. The rest of the meal is mainly vegetables, but I eat fish once a week (sometimes more) and as I am getting old I eat hoi (shellfish) – and prawns. To begin with I only had animal protein once a week. Dairy is not good so bang go the pizzas – as well as milk, use sesame to build up your bones.

For most people considering a change of diet, they are having to cope with a lifetime of damage done to their system, and key to this is the damage done to the liver. The function of the liver is to get rid of the toxins in the body so if your lifestyle is standard, cakes, alcohol and even cigarettes your liver has been overworked. And if you live in the fumes of the city even more so. The best intake for your liver is kamin (turmeric) so Zandtao healing has the liver covered by yellow juice, but you first have to cleanse the liver – detox is essential.

Healing can have six stages, although beginning with a liver detox is essential:-

zbullet Detox
zbullet Natural Eating
zbullet Acid-Alkali balance
zbullet Bacteria balance and Parasite Purge
zbullet Hormone awareness
zbullet Stress Free lifestyle

animated_favicon1 In the detox you follow this 10-day plan:-

Day 1 – Food and drink with no toxins. Brown rice, vegetables and fruit – no processed foods or processed drinks. Water green and yellow juice OK.
Day 2, 3, 4 – 1 fruit only. Drink from same fruit or water. No green or yellow juice.
Day 5,6 7,8,9,10 – Fruit and vegetable only – no grains. Water green and yellow juice OK.

When I first followed this detox I thought the idea was to clean out the liver only – a good enough idea in itself as most people’s livers are highly toxified because of the diets we eat. But only recently I discovered that the focus on fruit and vegetables helps clean out the lymphatic system as well. Now the lymphatic system detoxes at the cellular level, the blood circulates providing nutrition for the cells and the lymphatic system cleans them out. So this detox cleans both the liver and the lymphatic system.

I recommend you do this detox regularly, say every 6 months, and the measure of how healthy you are is whether you notice any difference during the 10 days, whether your body still has toxins to remove.

animated_favicon1 Natural Eating

After your detox then you need to eat healthily – natural eating. I kind of say natural eating is food that comes out of the ground but of course GM foods come out of the ground, tinned foods that are processed with chemicals also come out of the ground, so I need to be more specific when describing natural eating. There are four groups for me:-

Grains, legumes, fruit and vegetables – within this I encourage herbs and spices but in a balanced way. That means no processed foods, tins – definitely not, packages check the labels clearly. Ideally all of these would be organic, if available, as I have no doubts that vegetables somehow retain some of the toxins in pesticides. But what is organic in the supermarkets might be a labelling con. Where I am, in the supermarket you can buy hygienic vegetables. Nowhere can I find a definition of hygienic vegetables on the company’s website so I don’t buy them.

Dairy is out, it is not natural for human’s to eat COW’s milk. When I started this healthy eating, I stopped eating dairy. Then in the balancing bacteria phase I started milk fermented by kefir, and eventually I got headaches every Sunday, when I stopped milk kefir the headaches went. So for me no dairy, you choose.

At this point it is important to stress that you become your own “doctor”. You have to know how you feel, you have to grow your own sense of assessing your well-being. Throughout my life migraines have been an issue, headaches at the drop of a hat – as with the milk kefir, but now no headaches. Don’t take my word for anything, work it out for yourself. My guide was always meditation. Once I started the healthy eating, something would come up in meditation that said I need a change, and I changed – that is how the next phase started.

animated_favicon1 Acid-Alkali Balance

I believe this approach to eating will help with cancers but I offer no medical evidence for this claim. It is just common sense that if you don’t introduce toxins into your body then it will help the body fight cancer. And if you are removing toxins from the body this has got to help as well. There are people who make claims that cancers grow in parts of the body that become acidic. Whilst I believe that, I have no authority to make such a claim. Nor is this the place for scientific reference. Whether you believe cancers grow in acidic parts of the body or not, having a good pH balance is good for healing. Ask a gardener. The land has good pH for natural growth for particular vegetables – for human life that pH is 7.2; if you’re acidic it can be a lot less.

What causes acidity? The usual culprits – drugs, alcohol, antibiotics and sugar especially white sugar. White sugar of course is processed so I never buy it, but on the road access to products with no sugar or fructose excludes you from most purchases. White sugar is everywhere, and it is addictive; and it is hard to get off it. But it creates acidity in the body, and is very dangerous.

For most people this balance requires making your diet more alkaline. Here is one chart of the acid-alkaline balance of foods but there are many on the net. I mention 2 foods. Watermelon is very alkaline, and when I was rebalancing myself I ate much of this. The other product is sodium bicarbonate – baking soda. now I started with this but very quickly stopped. Yes, it is very good for making the body alkaline – but I found it too quick. It helped early on, but then I stopped. I bought a pH meter to test my urine but human-spectrum litmus strips are fine – I just couldn’t find any where I am.

My final step was that I bought a water-filter system that gave a pH higher than 7.2. Water is the basis of life, and I believe it is worth paying money to have the best water possible.

animated_favicon1 Balancing Bacteria – Chouai Yooi with Parasite Purge.

Here the dreaded migraines told me that I had a bacteria balance problem. I was on the road and found some wonderful wholemeal bread and gorged on it. I had such a bad night with headaches, all night – usually the pain makes me drop off but I couldn’t sleep either. I took this to mean my body telling me I was not paying attention to candida – yeast excess. Yeast should exist in balance but if you have developed an imbalance at some stage it can expand throughout the body. In my case it gave me the ubiquitous headaches. I decided that the yeast balance was connected to bacterial imbalance in my digestive system, and that meant fermentation.

I have done much with fermentation and feel comfortable at the moment with it. I have already mentioned the kombucha tea. Next I made kimchee, I preferred it to sauerkraut. Then I got into beetruit kvas with ginger drink. Check the fermentation page for recipes for all of these fermented foods.

Before I realised that I needed to chuai yooi, I was making rejuvelac. This stuff is wonderful – so good for bowel movements. In my case it guarantees regularity and a healthy stool. Changing to the above plan for drinking and eating should make you regular but if not try the rejuvelac.

Before you can balance the bacteria you have to ensure that there are no outside participants – parasites. To get rid of them you need a parasite purge. I did this early on in my healing but did not note the importance until these friends got back in my system causing overweight, excess mucus, sluggishness, irregularity etc. I recommend an annual purge.

Every morning you eat a 1/3 of a cup of raw brown rice (my teeth are not good so I grind it the night before), and wait three hours before eating. Before each meal I have ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) and garlic. Do this for 7 days and you lose your friends. But they lay eggs so take a break for 3 days then do another week; they should be gone. Parasite purges are essential healing, it was a mistake for me to have missed it first time round.

Apparently cells and organs regenerate, and “they” sat it takes 7 years for this to happen. Following these 4 steps of Zandtao health will go a long way to that regeneration. In Thailand these steps can be followed quite well with some limitations. The scobies and kefir grains are not available in Thailand – please write and prove me wrong – I will always reference it on this site. Mainstream Thai food contains much that is healthy, herbs and spices are so beneficial. Beware of the ubiquitous pong chuu root (MSG) and white sugar – but I have always found restaurants willing to comply with “mai sai pong chuu root and mai sai nam taan”. Getting brown rice in restaurants is a big problem, but restaurants let me bring my own rice with barely a second glance.

animated_favicon1 Hormone awareness

This is a monitoring stage of the diet, and might not require any dietary action. Hormones particularly from the pineal gland, are the body’s regulators such as regulating the circadian rhythm. For many people following a healing programme might have occurred because of illness requiring a drastic change. Not only does the disease need healing but afterwards the body needs to rebalance – the job of the hormones. If that balancing takes too much the glands themselves can become toxic, and it is this that needs monitoring.

Many people accept hormonal problems that occur through ageing as a fact of life thus reducing the quality of life. this need not be so.

Detoxing the glands is the same process as for detoxing the body. If you recognise the problem then continuing with natural eating should balance the hormones. But if a hormone imbalance is indicated then try the 10-day detox described in the first stage. Chinese medicine, herbs or acupuncture, particularly recognise the power of hormones especially in the ageing, so visiting these specialists is worthwhile if there is imbalance. Seaweed is particularly good for the pineal and thyroid glands. And sauna is a good non-dietary way for dealing with detoxing.

animated_favicon1 Stress Free Lifestyle

Stress is a major contribution to health problems so making your life stress-free has to be part of your health and well-being, however you manage it. For me the other two tenets of Zandtao provide that:-

zbullet Harmonising our energy

zbullet Improving the mind

Firstly energy through Chi Gung etc. is essential – without forgetting the need for some aerobic exercise every day (a 20 minute walk suffices), and I wonder how some people claim health without meditation. For me meditation is the first priority. Thailand has one final advantage. If all of the above don’t work there is always the Thai traditional medicine – the herbal doctors.

Personal History

A few years ago (August 2007) I was diagnosed with GERD and visited a Natural Health clinic. They advised me that my diet was a problem, and advised me to eat whole grains, organic vegetables, pulses, fruit and occasionally fish. Since then my health has improved greatly, and as a result I have begun to see that profiteering around the issue of health is a major problem. Not only is our economy based on the profits of war but processed foods create disease and diagnoses, rather than pointing to the food, offers chemical solutions that damage our health even more. The food industries are known as Big Food and the companies that promote these supposed chemical solutions are known as Big Pharma. This page will be about issues concerning Health, and how Big Food and Big Pharma help create our ill health.

Even for cancer there is evidence that healthy eating can cure. Basically the industrial processing of foods, Big Food, introduces harmful toxins into our foods, and because of these preservatives and other toxins the toxicity of our systems, our bodies, increases. Then when we are ill doctors advise us to take certain medicines. When they went to university these medicines were recommended as solutions, and when they are in practice the changes to these medicines are usually only made when the pharmaceutical reps say they have a better version – Big Pharma.

Good health can be maintained by healthy eating ie not eating toxins in processed foods, and disease can be thought of as the amount of toxins in your system. To begin the process of healthy eating it is best to start with a detox diet to help the liver stabilise, and then begin by eating appropriate foods – to know what to eat read Paul Pitchford’s book “Healing through Whole Foods”.

Big Food

To begin looking at health we need to begin to look at our food. There is a functional relationship between healthy eating and good health, if we eat healthily then we maintain good health – and the converse is also true if we eat food containing toxins our bodies become diseased. For me fighting disease means eating healthily, and by doing so personally I have become far more vital. In my last few years of working it was always an effort. I would get into work and the demands of the job kept me motivated, but getting home I was tired and did nothing during term-time. In early retirement I don’t feel as if I am carrying my body around, life is not an effort, and I put this down to healthy eating where I have an ongoing process of detoxifying as I strive to live happily. As I have said I use Paul Pitchford for specific problems but mainly I am concerned about detoxification, a conscious process of detoxifying and equally a conscious process against retoxifying. And to stop the toxins entering my system I had to stop eating processed foods. Now this is not easy but it is worthwhile. Eat what comes from the ground locally. I spend far more time cooking and shopping – that is unavoidable.

And what am I avoiding? Big Food. To understand why watch Food Inc – this movie is far more eloquent then I am – Earthlings also shows how we treat animals but it does not directly relate it to our health – see blog entry.

Since watching this film I have become aware of how endemic this poisoning for profit has become. I was particularly angered by the manipulations of the corporatocracy in get
ting acceptance of aspartame. Please check these earlier comments and find a link to a movie on aspartame – Donald Rumsfeld!

I have not followed the GM issue as much as I should. I am totaly against genetic engineering as it seems totally against nature – I consider myself to eat “Natural” food. I have an acquaintance who drinks too much coke. I tried to check the ingredients but for some reason it is acceptable for coke to be considered secret – I then discovered yesterday that HFCS is a GM food. I found this YouTube clip:-

or watch it from here. I knew that GM meant that the corn was modified so that it was compatible with the pesticide but I didn’t know what that meant. They guys spitting out the corn showed me. The GM corn is never used as corn because it has been damaged, it is sent away to be converted to this sweetener – and then they showed the poisons that are added to make High Fructose Corn Syrup. I then went on to watch “King Korn”, it kind of ambles through the issues within the wider ambit of corn and Iowa farming – the pertinent political points are in the clip but the movie is good context.

Jeffrey Smith is an anti-GM activist, and this is a talk of his – watch it for details about GM (also available at his website). I particularly note the FDA approach that is something like, GM foods are like foods so we don’t need to test them – even though his talk quotes testers who have said that GM is linked to un known disease. When you mess about at the genetic level it is bound to have unknown consequences. There are good resources at the website Institute of Responsible Technology. I note that GM products are illegal in many countries, but do you believe that the HFCS in your UK coke is GM-free? I am not so sure when I hear this on the news:-

At the beginning of the talk Jeffrey spoke about the tipping point. In an earlier campaign people had fought against rGBH – genetically-engineered bovine growth hormone – in milk. When enough people refused to buy milk with it in, then Walmart and others refused to sell it. Enough people had created a tipping point where it was not profitable for the companies to sell – consumer power – what an MCN could be part of. Tipping Point!

Finally I watched Alex Jones on food – download here, I could have been saying the same thing without the ranting.


Whilst the politics of the food industry is disgraceful, it pales into comparison with what happens in the cancer industry. You would think at least that the corporatocracy would want to heal people of a serious illness like cancer. But in practice it is far from this with the industry seeking to profit from the ill health of so many.

First and foremost I am not a qualified medical practitioner. As a lay person my views are not professional, and if it matters to you you must seek a professional opinion. But let’s be clear that opinion could be biased. Doctors are trained at universities or medical schools. There they are taught what the establishment believes, and what the establishment believes is what Big Pharma wants it to believe. Trainees go to uni where they are trained in the cause and cut or pill method of western medicine. When they are qualified doctors they learn of new drugs to cure from the Big Pharma reps. With cancer the oncologist believes in the cutting of chemo, and patients, whilst occasionally getting temporary cures, in general suffer like Farrah Fawcett (she made this documentary of her dying from cancer – links and discussion in blog) – was she dying from chemo or cancer?

There is no medical model for cancer but perhaps there is a model that could be considered. Cancer is a growth, and for it to grow it needs a fertile “soil”. Such fertile soil exists in bodies that are not balanced, that are suffering from lifestyle diseases. For example suppose someone eats a lot of sugar and drinks alcohol their system will be acidic. This acidity attracts cancerous growth. Then there is candida – yeast excess, this also increases acidity and can encourage cancerous growth. What about mucus that is blocked and stored up in the body? Or internal organs that are deteriorating from misuse, such as the liver that is being destroyed because of all the toxins it is having to deal with – say from drinking or eating sugar. I am suggesting that cancerous growth can come from imbalance in the body caused by excess of one form or another.

The liver is a fundamental organ whose purpose is to fight off toxins, in general our livers get hammered and for many that hammering eventually turns into disease. If the body ingests too many toxins the liver can’t cope, and one result can be cancer – the excess toxins acting as a soil for the cancer. Common-sense tells you that if you are getting cancer – or any lifestyle disease such as diabetes (type II), the first thing you need to do is detoxify your system. Why isn’t this the first thing that the doctor recommends when you get cancer? If someone has cancer they are generally desperate for something to do to try to help themselves, why don’t doctors tell them to detox? Detox can be uncomfortable, headaches, diarrhoea etc., but can it damage the system? I think not, but I would listen to professional experience on this. So whatever treatment the establishment recommends, at least they can recommend a detox.

The next stage is not to introduce new toxins into the system, and this is where there is conflict with industry – Big Food. Because our problem lifestyles come from drinking and toxins in processed food. If we can eat organic food – veg, fruit, whole grains, pulses and some sea fish, then we are not introducing new toxins and our livers will improve especially if we add turmeric to our food – a spoon if turmeric in a glass of water daily helps.

Once our livers are healthier our systems begin to deal with other problems, and a major one is pH balance. In gardening we need the correct pH for healthy growth, and the same for the human body we need a pH balance. Now the toxins we usually eat, such as sugar or alcohol, make our systems acidic, lowering our pH and making our system more susceptible to cancers. Balancing our pH helps our bodies grow harmoniously. Now whatever treatment your doctor gives you, creating this pH balance through correct eating cannot hurt. As our system are usually acidic we look to making our system more alkaline, and one of the most powerful ways of doing this is baking soda (in fact it can be too powerful). Dr Simoncini sees baking soda as a cure for cancer, and in his clinic in Italy he injects baking soda directly into the cancerous growth and claims success. This is worth considering.

Now the next concern I have is the balance of the intestinal flora, these often get damaged by antibiotics (as does the liver). To redress this balance we need to eat fermented foods. I started with rejuvelac. This helped especially with bowel movements. But it was not enough, and I moved onto kimchee – I prefer this to sauerkraut although both help. And I still had a candida excess so I made kombucha tea and kefir. As with all health the choice has to be yours – what best suits your system.

There is a 4-stage process towards good health that ought not to conflict with any cancer treatment:-

1) Detox
2) No toxins
3) pH balance
4) Intestinal flora balance

In the book, The Treatise of Zandtao, that I am writing, I stress a three tenet approach as a way of life:-

Improving the mind

Harmonising our energy

Taking care of our bodies

Why isn’t the above 4-stage healing approach to diet not recommended – and also why isn’t Chi Gung and meditation? In fact the opposite is actually true. Start by watching “Healing Cancer from the Inside Out”, this will show the importance of diet and the resistence of the cancer industry.

In the movie Gerson (scroll down this blog entry for two movies – “Dying to have known” or “The Beautiful Truth”), we find out that this cancer treatment is forced out of the US, there is a clinic in Mexico and one in Hawaii ( I know the contradiction but I don’t understand it). Now Gerson is a raw food approach which I am sure contains the above steps. The movie shows well-documented evidence that this raw food approach helps with cancer but who recommends it? Have a look at Steven Luch’s blog as he works through his cancer.

If how I eat (my diet) is anything it is a macrobiotic diet although I don’t follow the yin-yang details. At this blog-entry I have testimony of 4 people who have recovered from cancer following a macrobiotic diet with the help of a counsellor.

And then for me perhaps the most enigmatic of all, Burzynski. In this movie he describes the trials and tribulations he has had with the FDA, being taken to court etc. He has much evidence that his urine therapy works – an established naturopath method, yet for some reason his treatment is not tested.

Well I say “for some reason”, for me there is no doubt. The cancer industry makes a phenomenal amount of money with the status quo, a status quo where people do not question the medical establishment. This branch of the corporatocracy makes huge profits through insurance in the treatment of cancer by chemo, and as the Gerson movie points out, as does Burzynski, there is no evidence to support chemo as a cure. In fact it makes little sense cutting out chunks of the body and leaving toxins inside.

If sadly you are warned about cancer or diabetes (Type II) try this 4-stage process:-

1) Detox
2) No toxins
3) pH balance
4) Intestinal flora balance

with chi gung and meditation.

Patenting Life for Profit

I haven’t written much on health so far even though there are links to my previous blogs on the Health page. In this clip Harriet washington is discussing the patenting of life. Doctors healing someone discover that with research they can make huge profits. They patent the tissues of another human being, and she quotes cases in which this is done without consent or remuneration.

Download the show here, or go to this page to download.

Clearly research benefits humanity but BigPharma makes huge profits on drugs that are life-threatening. Clearly this system needs fixing.

And this before you consider that BigPharma is trying to prevent the spreading of the notion that healthy eating can cure many diseases – as discussed in cancer on this blog.

Marketing Madness

I have for a long time been concerned about the designation of acronyms such as ADHD, this movie explains where they have come from. Marketing madness – download here. It began well by equating emotions with concocted names as disorders. Happiness – “deluded enjoyment disorder”, OK I made that one up. But I did not make up shyness as social anxiety disorder, which is worse? The problem is that when they give it a name they also give the patients psychotropic drugs, and they definitely do make you ill – they call it side effects. So they have made you ill to make a profit, now they are going to call you insane to make a profit. Stop believing these people. The movie gives all the details of how much that profit actually is, based on drugs with no proven curation. Marketing madness producing emperor’s new clothes except these drugs make you ill. Absolutely crazy – stop listening to these people.

Broad healing

I just read this article by Verne Verona on macrobiotics and cancer. The problem with macrobiotics is that it just focusses on food, or at least most of the people who claim they follow macrobiotics do. In theory the macrobiotic approach is much wider including meditation and chi, but far too often this is not advocated. In the end healing, at whatever level, becomes an analysis of minutiae with regards to food preparation, and ignore the breadth necessary for whole healing. As a non-processed diet  helps the body, many are convinced they are doing enough with the diet, and miss the essentials of developing good human energy and a stable mind.
the article begins with an amusing irony concerning the state of medicine at the moment – not too amusing for Verne at the time.



My lesson was cancelled yesterday, and I decided to buy some cumin and “the licorice star” Thai herb for polenta. Jum was now safe as there is John around so I went to the restaurant. There was some hyped-up guy there ranting on about a fruit diet, I spoke with him. His diet was his life at the moment, and his ranting ws concerning the lymphatic system. As I got through the rant it was clear he had a lot to say, and that laso mademe feel complacent. I came home and investigated.

One way of seeing the body is at the cellular level. How do our cells get nutrition? Blood. How are our cells cleaned? The lymphatic system. Put together this system quite obviously is important in a healthy body – cells must be fed and cleaned. Robert Morse is an American healer who focuses on this approach to healing, and this paper explains much more on the importance of the lymphatic sysytem. The lymph system eliminates through the kidneys colon and skin, and he uses iridology to measure how well the body is doing this – interesting.

Practically I need to know whether this lymph system is working for me. The ranter focussed on fruit and veg. To begin my healing I was a on 10 days detox of fruit and veg that I associated with liver detox – it was also lymph cleansing. I did Paul Pitchford’s “Parasite Purge” a few times, that was also helping the lymph system.

For the skin elimination is body scrubbing. Chi Gung for the circulation. Exercise is essential for the lymphs, the blood is pumped by the heart, what pumps the lymph – exercise!

In the reading it is clear that I need to do the detox diet again for the lymphs – not for the liver as I originally surmised. It helps the liver but I didn’t know about this, this makes it worth doing. Adding flax to meals ahs to be more of a priority.

One thing I would always like to do is get at more herbs. The herb companion gives a list of 6 herbs and how to use them that will improve the lymph – ah well:-

Echinacea spp
Astragalus membranaceus
Galium aparine
Hydrastis canadensis
Phytolacca americana
Baptisia tinctoria

I liked this article as a summary connected to the Chinese approach.

Thanks to the ranter – good education.

Suzanne Somers again

There is much info on cancer on this blog especially on the Health Page.

I just watched this clip from Suzanne Somers:-

Here is an advert about the book from scribd

It is an old clip as Farrah Fawcett died maybe 4 years ago from her chemo – download (torrent) a movie she made about her dieing from chemo.

Suzanne’s conclusion, the more you learn of cancer the stronger you are to refuse the chemo and other poisons.

Flu & Jabs

I am recovering from my annual flu, and I say annual because it is seasonal. In May the rains begin, and I am on my bike off to school. One school is 35 km away and nearly two weeks ago (10/7) I got absolutely drenched – so much rain visibility was dangerously limited. Maybe this rain was the tipping point for my flu. The rainy season also lowers the temperatures. Today there isn’t so much rain but it is late morning and the temperature is 27, often as low as 24. There is another big factor in the flu scenario – swimming in the rainy season. I am often harangued at the beach for swimming when the waves are dangerous, compared with UK waves they are nothing. However there are rip tides so people who go in the sea at this time of year do need to be careful. But for me the “danger” is the temperature.

How does this “cold” affect me? A year ago, in June I noticed a cold chest, in fact I got Chinese herbs to try and rectify it. But I hadn’t put together the genesis of this chest. A while back my herb doctor said it was internal wind, and I tried some herbal stuff on that. It helped, but it obviously hasn’t solved the problem. My chest is cold because of getting soaked riding in the rain and swimming in the “cold”. These are both external conditions – seasonal and external.

So what is this cold chest? I think it is accumulation of mucus to protect from the cold, I am often coughing up phlegm. I don’t like it but the cough itself is not a problem – of course bringing up phlegm is not too socially acceptable!! This accumulation of mucus is what brought about the flu. I tend not to see illness in viral terms but it could be true that a virus found a place to grow in the excess mucus; maybe the flu was just a means for the system to get rid of the accumulated mucus. Either way the cause was the same – mucus accumulating because of the need to protect from the cold.

This is not really worth writing about unless I am offering some kind of solution. I don’t know whether this will work or not, but I will try. Firstly the problem is cold so I must do something about heating up my chest. They have electric hot water bags here, so in the evening I will sit with those on my chest whilst wasting time watching TV. I will also be found on the beach wearing my bike jacket after swimming to warm up my body; I must risk the sun more as well. I must eat warmer food. This means less salads, and it also means adding peppers to the food, I have always resisted this as I think Thai food is too spicy but I must try. I must have water at hand. If I cough this is my trying to expel the phlegm, that is done easier if there is water in my system; increasing my liquid intake to the proper amount of 3 litres a day has helped but not solved the problem. I must use a decongestant. There is a very interesting herbal concoction that helps, unfortunately I don’t know what it is. And I must practice deep breathing.

Wage-slave jabs:- Now that I am retired being ill only eats into my time. But then there is the teaching, and I refuse to go to school unless I am completely well. People always ask if I have been to the doctor, and I refuse to go. Why? Because the doctor will give me wage-slave jabs (or antibiotics). These jabs help people get over the symptoms of flu so they can get back to work. Note the purpose – get back to work. Are these jabs good for people? To think about this we must ask what is the purpose of disease? And it is the body’s mechanism for coping with some problem. In the above case I had an accumulation of mucus – that was why I was ill; I also needed to reflect on lifestyle to consider the cold chests. Would the jabs have helped with these? No, they would have got me back to work.

Our society has a sickness. It is natural to be ill; our bodies are speaking to us where our lifestyles are preventing us from hearing normally. Instead of listening our wage-slave society says “get back to work”. Note, it is not just our bosses, but most of us subscribe to this. We go back to work when we are not healthy further creating health hazards. Mostly it is the bosses however. They find mechanisms to put pressure to make people return to work. In teaching it was cover, if I was absent colleagues had to cover. This was not for serious long-term illness but for short-term illness like flu. You’re ill with flu and you sit at home worrying because colleagues are covering for you. You go back to work early, students get your disease as do colleagues and learning is compromised. There are plenty of supply teachers available to cover but no-one wants to pay if they can force teachers to cover.

Thailand is an over-medicated society often blindly reliant on doctors. I remember the case of Reena. Reena was a Thai teacher, and she was ill. She took too many of these wage-slave jabs because of the pressures – no cover, concern for students’ education etc. – the usual vocational concerns. One day she was driving home, fell asleep at the wheel because of over-medication, drove onto the other side of the road where she died whilst injuring the other driver. To me this is murder by the education system because they failed to provide appropriate cover for this committed teacher, for others they think the teacher was at fault. Wage-slave jabs – disgrace!!

Chris Wark beats cancer

There’s not much more to say that what he has said. Just to add some resources. Here is a blog I wrote on cancer (it is on this health page as well. The blog refers to some Gerson movies, as I have said somewhere “if I ever came down with cancer I would head for the nearest Gerson clinic”.

Here is a 48 minute interview with Charlotte Gerson, much more on the above links:-

Here is testimony from a Gerson therapy cancer survivor:-

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What a good morning for the body!


Even Better Day for Kaya

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