Posted: 29/06/2018 by zandtao in Insight

“They refuse to see what they see hear what they hear because they are so brain washed and living in Trump and Fox [FAUX] propaganda and an alternate reality We could be at the brink of destruction and they still would follow him like the followers of Jim Jones.”

“Offer them all a free weekend in North Korea where everyone loves Trump & Christians plus the beaches are really nice”

I saw this meme on facebook, and picked the top two comments.

The meme and comments totally irritated me. Yesterday (Blog written two weeks ago) I watched coverage of the North Korea issue. All I saw was partisan ignorance. Ever since there was a DMZ Korea has been divided. Governments from both sides have continued the dispute by having war exercises. If you ignore the media and look for the truth, it was these war exercises that were isolating North Korea. I have no idea what was going on behind the scenes but ending war exercises was a very positive step, whoever made the agreement. It was positive for peace.

Here I heard Chomsky describing Trump as something like a public distraction that the media and people were deluded by whilst the powerful were digging away underneath.

What has happened since the election is increased polarisation, and polarisation is not a one-sided process. These comments are typical of the polarising positions.

Why is it that there are 30% following Trump “blindly”? Because the alternative that is offered has nothing for them. Why did so many vote for such a fool in the first place? Because the alternative offered nothing for them. There have always been racist sexist deplorables but not as many as 30%, why has this proportion increased? Until people answer this question and act on the answer, Trump is going to stay there. It is no good saying I’m right the other is wrong and having a pop. This mentality has been classified as “snowflake”, and has led to “others” not listening. There are a proportion of Trump supporters who are deplorable, and there are others who are not. How are these non-deplorable Trump supporters being addressed? As deplorables fools sexists and racists.

Why did these non-deplorables vote for Trump? Because the snowflakes and Democrats offered them nothing. Government is for all the people including white – described as privileged or otherwise. If snowflakes and Democrats continue to offer these white people nothing then Trump will stay in power.

Does this mean take jobs from blacks Hispanics or women? NO It means stop supporting the 1% and demand that the 1% return money to the economy so that there are more jobs. After the election some Democrats talked of this, and in the community some are doing this but the Democrat elite in the pockets of Wall Street have done nothing – and just “hoped ” support for Trump will burn out. It seems that it is not.

What is clear is that Wall Street Democrats would prefer Trump to the grass roots or Bernie. Until that is changed there will be Trump or similar.

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