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Posted: 19/05/2014 by zandtao in Insight, Science

Michael Merzenich on plasticity

Built for change – shows brain – described adaptable machine.

Abilities depend on history and therefore education. 1% do not understand Nature and meditation because they can’t experience them. But they can be afraid of them – know thy enemy.

40% Sao Paolo can balance football on head.

Bring people up in factory towns because they will develop skills for that factory. No travel. Brain adapts but in a sense becomes smaller because of lack of diversity. Therefore it has a need to express – meditation. Esp as creativity will not be allowed as creativity opens mind in areas that cannot be measured.

These different abilities come from the plasticity of the brain but where does this plasticity start and end? My world becomes focussed on meditation, writing and Thailand. The Path has given me this path, yet previously it was focussed on teaching. How much has the brain changed? The path has changed the Path hasn’t. Does the mind create the plasticity of the brain? How much plasticity does the brain have? Is it the mind that has plasticity because the mind is not as solid as the brain?

I gave up. He was describing everything coming from the brain, and plasticity followed from that. Mind was not mentioned before I gave up. But if the human model is based on unity with mind/consciousness as a sense that is distinct from the brain and the 5 senses that are based on the brain then plasticity does not enter into it. The functions he describes as plasticity would be expected within a human who is based on unity with a mind as a sense.

Doesn’t Nature better explain that an infant develops into manhood with appropriate cognitive changes that would appear to the limited brain model view as “plasticity”? This talk is just a mish-mash based on an erroneous human model.

This does help Arico because it is this flawed model that is at the basis of the chip as control notion. This plasticity somewhat inadequately describes Unity and mind, and essentially is beyond chip control. Sure the chip can measure the skills of the Sao Paolo footballer, but it cannot measure plasticity – Unity and mind. Why would something technological ever be able to do so? Just a flawed concept from a flawed concept.

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Jill Bolte Taylor

Posted: 07/05/2014 by zandtao in Insight, Science

I came across her TED talk maybe 6 years ago – it has brought her fame.

Her brother was schizophrenic, basically saying her dreams were in reality and the brother’s were delusional. Examining biological differences in the brain between normal and schuzophrenic. This is so full of science’s confuscated brain and mind assumptions. One such simple assumption to be questioned:-

Schizophrenia is generally assumed to be a mental illness – presumably an illness of the mind so why is she examining physical brain?

A blood vessel in the left half of her brain exploded – infant in a woman’s body. Lost her left brain in the stroke.

Right parallel processor, left – serial processor. Describes both halves as different personalities.

Right – present moment, thinks in pictures, learns kinesthetically through the movement of our bodies.
Gives a collage of senses of what the present moment is – horrendous number of assumptions. Conflicts Eckhart to begin with. Unity

Left – linear and methodically, past and future, details of present moment. Thinks in language. I am – separate.

Stroke – experienced stepping back. Lost physical boundaries and could just experience energy. Brain chatter silent. Felt a oneness – euphoria. Realised – having a stroke. Could not read numbers, could not speak or understand language. Felt a surrender, an enormous “spirit”. 8 years to recover.

We are life power of universe with manual dexterity with two minds

Right – associate right side with unity

Left – separate, self ego


Wonderful experience for her, so powerful. But the power does not mean conclusions correct. She already saw things in terms of brain not mind, and she applied that framework to her experience. Logic – no left brain so experience happen in right brain, therefore happen in right brain for everyone.

Interesting right-left stuff:-

Right – parallel, thinks in pictures, learns kinesthetically through the movement of our bodies.

Left – serial, linear and methodically, past and future, details of present moment. Thinks in language.

Arico – pictures can be measured, serial processing can be recognised as happening. The thinking process can be measured but not the thought. Beyond this processing cannot. Much of Jill’s experience is beyond measurement. The haemorrhage could be measured, maybe Arico meditation could register as some form of illness. What areas of the brain does meditation register on?

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Posted: 06/05/2014 by zandtao in Insight, Science
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This is the first time I have ever “done research”- does that mean I am a writer? Perhaps it is foolish to say this but I was watching Elysium. I had already started Arico (16,000 words) and it is going to take a rewrite, but there is absolutely no way that these chips will be avoided – whatever the technology. They are patient – look at their approach. We have lost control of our money. I was in the UK earning for a year. There was a bill and I was used to going somewhere with the bill and paying it. This particular utility said I must pay direct debit or I would be charged extra – administrative costs. What costs? Under direct debit they still had to send me a letter telling me how much I had paid – the difference – control – they had it, I didn’t. ID cards are being sold to us as beneficial, containing health data etc., this is their patience. They will wear down the liberals fighting this, some incident will be construed and security says we will have to carry them – 9/11 type incident. Convenience will turn them into chips that people will want. I am not going to have a killswitch, maybe something similar – an illness requiring medical treatment?

I woke up thinking about these things – interesting.

Of course the research is interesting in itself. I have long accepted meditation as Nature’s tool of survival, transposing that survival to include chips is no big stretch.

It just struck me that if I know meditation is survival then they would.

A quote “Functional magnetic resonance imaging scans (fMRI scans) of Tibetan monks and Hindu yogis have shown that during deep meditation the parts of the brain that gives us a sense of location in time and space are less active.”

Zandtao – 3 tenets – mind energy and body are a continuum, look at the chakras and glands so meditation will have some physical resonance. A strand, I am going to use some kind of strand implant, will show some real-time MRI equivalent that can flag meditation as a danger. The question I woke up thinking about is this, if you are consciously meditating then you can create a mindmap for the strand – strictly mindmap is wrong as it is a physical mapping of the brain but science doesn’t know the difference. It will never admit it cannot measure ALL meditation because science is arrogant and science will never change its paradigm to accept meditation as empirical method. If you are not conscious how will meditation occur that cannot be flagged, how do you create a mindscan when you don’t know it needs to be created.

People can measure meditation. Two people in monasteries for a long time, there was a difference in strength straight after, daily life soon took that strength. But I cannot see that strength in meditators – no benchmark

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Brain and Mind

Posted: 06/05/2014 by zandtao in Science

There will be a series of blogs concerning the brain and meditation, I am basically doing this because it is relevant to The Arico Chronicles – see Wai Zandtao scifi below.

As a meditator I look inside and try to understand mind. Usually I follow a Buddhist view of mind, the 5 khandas etc. – see Buddhadasa page, and I get quite irate about science’s failure to draw a distinction between brain and mind. Instead science tries to justify mental activity as stemming from the brain. As a meditator I look at my mind and see it throughout my body depending on how I focus or how much I have lost control of it. I probably go too far the other way in dismissing the brain as having anything other than a cursory involvement in mental activity. Buddhism talks of 6 senses – 5 senses and mind, it does not say 5 senses and brain. I tend to associate the functioning of the 5 senses with the brain, the brain being a “cpu” for sensual activity.

I further note that it is western science that identifies brain and mind. If you ask a Thai where is your mind they point to the heart. I don’t agree with that either but have much more sympathy with it.

I further knock the brain thing because of reason. Western science too much identifies reason and mind, I think mind has little to do with reason. We have western stuff – right side and left side, the crass simplicity of Jill Bolte Taylor etc.

I pre-empt a little for Arico. If a machine can measure in the end it can be miniaturised and implanted. In my view it will happen. At the moment phones are being used to get cash in Japan. Implant bank details, place your hand on a chip reader, and you can get your money. Presently what is recorded on ID cards is going through the human rights ringer, and there appears to be some control of the 1%. Given time when they have the subcutaneous technology to store all data – money, tax, crime, family, etc., it will be done. And there will be a kill switch. If it can be measured it will be measured and NSA ed, and not just metadata.

How can Nature with True people fight it – ask Arico.

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