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Glands on Mandtao

Posted: 14/11/2013 by zandtao in Health
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Sleep and hormones continues to be an issue. It is now 5.10, I went to bed at 12.40am, and it was like I didn’t want to sleep as I wanted to force myself to think about hormones. The hormones-chakras interface is something that needs to be considered. The fact that meditation techniques, meditation and chakra meditation, helped solve the physical hormone problem is an indicator. If I am not understanding the relationship between hormones and the body, I am not understanding. The schemas connecting chakras and glands are significant, but I feel as if I need to know more. This has now become Mandtao as it is about “what is man?”

I include the rest of the post here as it includes diet changes:-

So to start the Mandtao blog again here is the hormone-chakra graphic for reference:-

Back to diet I have just discovered the Perfect 10 diet focussing on the Perfect 10 hormones . These next two graphics show those hormones:-

In chapter 3 he talks of “The 10 hormones that control health & weight”, I need to get familiar with the relationships between the hormones he describes. I am not sure about his diet though, he appears to have meat. I will not eat factory meat but maybe I can get free range stuff.

From Ch5 the “key principles of the Perfect 10 diet, “[p139] “The Perfect 10 Diet is all about nutritional balance—40 percent carbohydrates, 40 percent fat, and 20 percent protein.” Not sure, must try to work out where I actually am in relation to this.

Immediate reactions – calcium supplementation and refined meat? Should do daily exercise but am not chilel-ing.

The more I read The Perfect 10 the more in line with it I am. Change bread. No more fluffy brown bread, rye breads. He’s against fruit juices – check the ones I get. Some sugar but OK – think natural. Butter – but careful Reduce Oishi. Occasional fish – sea fish and cook myself. Organic chickens. Salad dressings.

Perfect 10 Foods:-

Changes – think about duck occasionally. Fish once a week – use salmon, no more bplaa duk. Reduce carrots – insulin issue. Oatmeal. Olive oil on salads.

Food Recommendations:-

Change bread. No more fluffy brown bread, rye breads. Think about duck occasionally. Fish once a week – use salmon, no more bplaa duk. Reduce carrots – insulin issue, more leafy greens. Oatmeal. Olive oil on salads.

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Not everything is in order but I have turned the corner. Yesterday’s realisation was important, and once I had internalised that realisation things changed. Sauna is now part of my healing – I needed the sauna because of my cold body, a body that was cold because although I was doing good exercise with swimming I was not sweating. That was an obvious part but only a part of the problem. Last night I slept from 11-7.00, bitty sleep but sleep – balance at the right time (slightly late as I was out).

During the sauna I developed a chakra sauna (a version of the chakra meditation I often use). Taking each chakra in turn I breathed in the healthy air of the steam “box”, and breathed out detox. It felt a bit good, I say a bit as I don’t enjoy the saunas and feel uncomfortable; I will have to adjust as sauna is now part of my healing. Now today is the last day of my detox diet, and despite the earlier discomforts it was well worth doing. From the discomfort I know there is a need to detox every 6 months, but that should be helped by the detox process that occurs during the regular sauna – now part of my healing.

I have to prepare for sleep, it is evident that sleep can’t just happen at the moment. Answer – meditation and sauna. I put the two together here because when I sauna I don’t think there is a need to meditate as I detox. I need to meditate early evening so that I don’t take the effects of the day to sleep with me, and as part of the meditation I will be detoxing the pineal gland and others.

Hormones are regulators, and of the body the pineal gland is maybe king! And my body needed regulating. Just over 6 years ago I began a healing diet. Whilst I was not in desparate straights as many are because of our toxic lifesyles, I was well on the way to cancer with GERD. As my system has detoxed and healed, the organs have healed but what has happened overall? The body needed regulating. I suspect for many healing that regulating happens without a big problem like I had. But there were two other factors in my own regularising – stopping work and changing climate. I was very stressed at work. I got angry one time when someone said I should handle the stress, and my answer in retrospect is that I more or less did – as far as I could go. I was an educator forced to teach in the corporate paradigm schools (for more understanding of this see Matriellez link below). I had to be stressed, if contemporary teaching does not stress you you are part of the compromise instead of part of the solution. Working in education means an ongoing battle for education against indoctrination, and if that isn’t stress I don’t know what is. And if there isn’t the stress there the actuarial stats for teachers add weight, so many of my colleagues died without having a retirement (only a year or two). Without this stress of work my body had to regularise, was the reason these teachers died because the hormone system was not able to regularise in retirement after the stress? How did my hormone imbalance show – cold body? The hormones showed that way to reflect the temperature change they were forced to endure all year round from Manchester to Jangwat Trat. I am so convinced about this hormonal function I have decided there needs to be a hormone-regulating process included as a stage in the Zandtao Healing Plan.

Finally I come to an issue that I don’t properly understand as yet. This hormonal imbalance reflects a spiritual imbalance as well. During this period of hormone healing I have been thinking about the need to have more compassion and creativity. My creativity usually shows itself in scifi writing (see Wai Zandtao scifi link below), and it is more than 3 years since I have written. Compassion I don’t understand, am I compassionate enough? Insight for me forms a trinity with these two, and insight has occurred throughout. Working out the balance of compassion, creativity and insight can now happen now that I have handled the healing.

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Discussing detox

Posted: 24/10/2013 by zandtao in Health
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I’m just recovering from perhaps my worst detox experience. It is the end of my second day of the fruit part of the detox. It started OK but not well this morning. I felt a small headache above the bridge of my nose, and I was tired. I slept, woke slept again, and the headache worsened. I began to get a cold sweat, and my body was cold. I slept, and then the headache was worse. Then my stomach became uncomfortable, I almost vomited. I couldn’t sit still, because of the discomfort so I got up and walked in the garden for about half an hour. Eventually I could sit down, I sat and thankfully dropped off.

This could have been a description of a bad migraine that I had all those years – a migraine without the headaches that finally made me blackout. But it wasn’t, it was a description of detox. Yet it is more than that. What am I detoxing at the moment? Hormones. What for me has seemed to be a new problem is a problem that I have had all my life – migraines. I want to be clear here. What I described in the first paragraph are symptoms associated with the migraine, with the worst migraines it was the pain spreading all over my head that was the mainstay of the migraine but with these associated symptoms. I don’t think I experienced these associated symptoms with my early migraines – I recall seeking acupuncture treatment for them when I was 28. But what I am certain of with these above symptoms is that they were definitely present in my later life when I had migraines – but not every time.

There is no way that this is a real migraine, I couldn’t have written this blogentry if it had been. It was detox. Now I have often thought that the migraines were a stress relief, therefore an experience similar to detox; this is some form of confirmation.

Fascinating. I’m going to sleep on it, and hopefully get to understand more.

Day 3 was better but not good – just detox. Day 4 I woke up with what was a potential migraine – starting on the right side of the head. I was very dehydrated, and drank maybe 2 litres and the headache eventually disappeared. I had another low day but OK. Day 5 improved, but still not active; day 6 was active – didn’t know I was on a detox but not lively. That’s where I’m at now – end of day 6. I haven’t felt vital today – can remember feeling so during detox, but I suspect I have to get used to a change in vital level because that is a hormonal change.

Despite all my previous hormonal concerns – thyroid, testosterone and oestrogen, my thoughts are turning more and more to the pineal gland. The thyroid still itches a little. It is hard to judge my general level as I am still on detox but I am not concerned about testosterone levels, I suspect they are sufficient to cope with the oestrogen if I am careful. My thoughts are turning more and more to the disrupted sleep, and therefore melatonin levels. Melatonin is the general revitalising hormone – immune system and more, and is secreted at night via the pineal gland – in the hours of darkness. This darkness is key as it is not 8 hours sleep I need but 8 hours of sleep in darkness. Sleep has always been an issue. When young it was ruined by drink, then by stress until I retired. Then I didn’t care about routine – didn’t have to get up, and slept when I wanted; I thought it didn’t matter. Maybe – since I have lived in the new house in the country I have wanted to get up with the chickens and enjoy the countryside; for a month I did this and then my hours have changed gradually worsening until sometimes up to half my sleeping hours are in daylight. This is not good. If I force myself to bed early often I can’t sleep, give up and do something – mostly wasteful, then waking in the morning I am not ready and sleep again to get the hours – but not the melatonin. Unfortunately medtation does not appear to be helping with this.

I have unbalanced my pineal gland, and it is hard to decide what to do. Food-wise I have started berry concentrate when I go to bed – indiciators say berries help pineal gland, this has had no impact on sleep – either way – although I haven’t tried it long. These berry concentrates are a Thai thing, and I am dubious about them so will need to enlist help to find out. They are marketed to be taken as quick shots of “energy?”. They also have different shots – chicken essence and other essences (mushroom?). Sounds strange, but as yet I am unsure whether I should fault them out.

I have already discussed the notion that hormones are borderline other states (less dense) such as mind and energy. I am beginning to think that my health route is non-physical, I don’t know where that is going to take me. I mean it, I am going to look at what some do for the Third Eye. Whatever that is might help the pineal gland. I don’t like it because of the wierdness associated with those areas, but most people think I am wierd.

So detox so far is reasonably fine after day 2. Why was it bad? I am still not entirely sure. For certain I was in the middle of dealing with an accumulated problem concerning hormones. It had reached the turn of the endocrine system to heal, and that had many many years of build-up. As well it is a while since I have detoxed, it could be 3 years. Between these 2 I am satisfied that they give explanation for the bad day 2 – and the rest. My diet has worsened slightly, but in truth my health hasn’t – until the hormone problem developed. But I don’t feel the necessity to halt that “backsliding” – it is minor, and my general good eating copes. Maybe I am being complacent, but at the moment I don’t think so. However what is certain is that I need to detox more often, whilst I am teaching that will be both holidays – now and beginning of May – just pre-rainy season. Just to note, if I haven’t got a grip on the hormones I will use May as another course of acupuncture as well as the detox diet.

I feel different today. I haven’t finished the detox but don’t feel bad about it. Unfortunately my weight is too high, I thought the diet would have reduced it. So the weight is thyroid – the hormone problem. Maybe I don’t have to be pro-active with the hormones. I started my “mb” diet 6 years ago, maybe year 7 is hormone year as the diet naturally heals the glands. I will focus on seaweed for the thyroid, the berry concentrate for the pineal until I feel it is wasteful, and investigate Third Eye techniques to see if that is a “Hail Mary” approach. But maybe I should just trust my body and ride out the trouble. That last will require discipline, I feel my hormonal balance has disturbed my ability to be disciplined, for some they might perceive in me an improvement because of this. It feels different and I must live with it.

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In a message from Dottie “As we’ve talked about before, sometimes, healing is peeling back layers. I wonder if the deeper we go with our healing, if the layers are more intricate, and perhaps the solutions are not as apparent.”

This is a question worth considering, and I think it is worth considering in the context of who we are as human beings, if you use Zandtao this is the 3 tenets:-

Improving the mind

Harmonising our energy

Taking care of our bodies

What does the term deeper mean in this context? Whatever method you choose for healing (Zandtao Healing Plan being one), we go through various stages of healing, as Dottie says uncovering layers of problems. The Zandtao Healing Plan focuses on these as the main stages to heal the body:-

Natural Eating
Acid-Alkali balance
Bacteria balance

But in the last stage of lifestyle we encounter conceptual difficulties. Is meditation for improved lifestyle healing the body? There is an aptitude of mind that tends to separate. With the Zandtao there are the 3 tenets, but are these tenets dealing with separate parts of a human? Are there boundaries between body energy and mind? Or is it a continuum of sorts? And the word holistic comes to mind. Healing needs to be holistic but the tendency is to view holistic healing as healing the whole being through healing separate parts, but again we have the question “are the parts separate?”

There is a spiritual concept of denseness, the physical body being the most dense and the mental and spiritual bodies being the most light; the continuum I discussed above could be denseness. Some people talk of vibrations, and there being a continuum of vibrations. There might well be other descriptions that this word continuum might be appropriate for, I have no inclinations any way. But what I do contend is that there is unity, and on a personal level that unity means there is not a separation of mind, energy and body but a continuum.

And it is with glands I am maybe crossing the “border” between body, energy and emotions. In terms of hormones one obvious such crossover is sexual desire. For men it is a physical impossibility to maintain the same level of sexual activity as they were when they were 20. The amount of testosterone produced in the body reduces with age, this is a physical fact. What is the relationship between testosterone levels and sexual desire? And desire is not physical even though it might be stimulated physically.

Here I am suggesting that, Dottie, by going “deeper” we might be crossing a border between body and feelings. In other words healing hormones might not just be a physical issue, what is intricate might not just be resolved by food alone. It is my intention to study the glands further but there are descriptions that connect the pineal gland with the Third Eye. Now whatever one’s view on that is, these people do not see the pineal gland in purely physical terms.

We all know that meditation and energy work improve our health, this could be an indication that our glands are improved through meditation and energy work. I would of course attest to that as I sought acupuncture help in dealing with the hormone problem.

Finally there is a tendency in mb circles to seek to solve all through food and improving diet. I have never subscribed to this view, and feel that the hormone issue is evidence for this, but of course it could be argued that the continuum (of energy and mind)could be affected by food.

For me, Dottie, going deeper – being more intricate – is about recognising the connections of energy and meditation with physical health. In terms of my current approach to the hormone issue I have started my diet – well I haven’t yet as I haven’t eaten today yet just drank water. Once the diet has been finished I intend improving my acceptance of hormonal change in meditation and concentrating on Chi Gung – which I have almost completely stopped.

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I woke up this morning feeling good about my glands. Yesterday I was completely disturbed, the previous night had been disrupted, and in a sense I felt out of control. The grass was being cut so it was noisy and I rushed off to the beach, and then had a herbal massage. I went to sleep before midnight – a rarity, and woke up with the chickens – as I would like to.

Today is the last acupuncture treatment, and tomorrow I start the diet. I feel as if I am somewhere near the last hurdle – but in truth dealing with glands will always be with me. I compare this with probiotics. At a certain stage I felt that I had those yooi under control, but they slipped back out of balance on occasions – see tag cloud probiotics. When I look back at this blog the battle with the yooi is ongoing, rather than just one skirmish and then over. It will be the same with the glands – see tag cloud glands.

Feeling good about the glands today, I wanted to write about them and put them in perspective. Apart from the young Danish ranter I have never heard them discussed in mb circles – or the plant-based diet circles. On reflection this seems rather strange as quite clearly all people age and go through menopause or andropause. Perhaps there is an assumption that these healthy diets just deal with any glandular problems, and that assumption is not that unreasonable. Let’s consider mb. The mb I don’t deal with is balancing the yin-yang, and this hormone balance problem is about excess yin. So maybe mb could be excused, except that it appears that the mb church does not recognise it as an issue. One way of healing the lymphatic system is by a plant-based diet so you might argue that it is covered there. But in truth I don’t accept either explanation. With regards to me hormones are swept under the table and not talked about.

This last part is worth considering. The droop. This is what men get up in arms about – the droop. Maybe some talk about it, maybe some worry about it, and perhaps they talk about it with doctors? When you look online about andropause, reading between the lines the issue is the droop – the balance between testosterone and oestrogen and the health consequences of that. The reduction in the production of testosterone with ageing might be a strong trigger but it is my contention that the glands are a much wider problem that needs addressing. Look at my own case. There has been a long history of flus and “cold and damp” – see tag cloud flu. This coldness Chinese medicine (TCM) recognises as excess yin in men, and that is what I have had treated with acupuncture. The disrupted sleep patterns that might well be considered as “normal retirement” and “ageing” might be rectified through hormone balance. Yet again when the establishment pill-dropping and slashing cannot handle the problem, it says the problem does not exist – I think of my migraines that I had for years with no solution except knockout drops.

So this brings me to the point of this blog, healing the glands is an additional stage in the Zandtao Healing plan. For those who start healing early in life this hormone issue might well not apply, a healthy lifestyle would probably handle the hormones. But for those who come to diet later in life I suspect hormones will be an underlying condition. By the time we take on a diet our health has deteriorated usually leading to a recognised disease – in my case GERD. But once we get through the main stages of healing:-

natural eating

then this underlying condition has a chance to come out. Once we recognise the imbalance then we can start healing.

In my case because the imbalance was marked I needed acupuncture – strong treatment. But there are other methods of dealing with it:-

Massage – especially herbal.
Detox diet
Continued Zandtao Healing Plan esp exercise

When I look at this there is nothing new, apart from the acupuncture and the sauna my lifestyle would have created the hormonal balance. But remember my 7 years are not up yet – August 2014 will be 7 years from when the diet started.

I have also picked up some stop-gap measures:-

Zinc improves the immune system
Nibbling pumpkin seeds for prostate – benefits here
Cherries for serotonin
Seaweed for the thyroid
Hoi for ageing

For men don’t get sucked into the hormones = droop scenario, and ignore the possibility that glands have a wider impact on your health. Recognise that hormone imbalance might be an underlying condition that comes to the forefront as part of the 7-year healing process and be prepared to handle it. Above are some of the techniques for doing so.

This is not a small issue. The disease aspect for me was flu but that is not the real issue. This year the first flu was mid-July, and off-and-on I have been dealing with it since. Unless I had discussed this with others my life would have appeared the same but it was not. My quality of life has been down because I have not been meditating, and Chi Gung has been a struggle; mind and energy are not working well. Transpose that to those who don’t try with their health. Hormones are not making them ill so they are not an issue, this is an acceptance of a lowering of quality of life – continuous sleeping and disrupted nights. THAT is significant. Be glandularly conscious.

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Gates invests in vegan meat

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I read this article about Bill Gates at Organic Authroity, and alarm bells started ringing.

This is very difficult. To begin with we want to hear of business investment in organic produce, but cynically (realistically?) my first reaction was “What is Bill Gates up to?” I particularly have a problem with the business foundations in education – Bill Gates is no exception, for their PR read wikipedia “Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation”. With regards to food my concern is that they have been pioneering GM products in Africa under the guise of fighting poverty, here is their PR on that. I found discussion revolving around AID as donation between Bill Gates and Dambiso Moyo. It reminds me of a book “Aid, Rhetoric and Reality” by Teresa Hayter and Catharine Watson, and an underlying theme for me concerning this supposed AID is that it is business investment for their own aims of profiteering.

Here Natural News discusses the devastating impact of vaccination in Africa – remember the sale of vaccine is a business whatever the arguments about vaccination are. Here is an article from the Guardian about the inappropriate investment in GM through Monsanto and Cargill, and this opinion from the Seattle Times is similar. Some will argue that I am nit-picking about aid and investment, and that every little helps in Africa. The point is this. Africa needs self-sufficiency, and it needs to turn its economic startegies in that direction rather than continuing the financial cycle that sees more money leave Africa than going in, and that is still the case even with all the Foundation investements in so-called poverty relief. This is not a new approach, and has been the practice throughout the neo-colonial eraand Africa’s poverty continues. Leave us alone is the response of responsible Africans such as Dambiso Moyo, but that won’t happen becaus eof the neo-colonial need for resources, markets and cheap labour.

And finally there is the dubious question as to whether vegan meat is actually a healthy option. Over time I have come to a strategy concerning soy products. My main concern with food (I follow a plant-based diet) is the processing, preserving and additions that occur to our foods, a healthy rule of thumb being if it’s not fresh there is a risk. In this category I include processed soy. I use fermented soy products but avoid the use of processed soy – “vegan meat”, I have read of reactions to soy discussed here and here. Whilst I am of the view that this processed soy in whatever guise is better than meat where the animals have been pumped full of chemicals, I do not accept that such foods are healthy. For me investment in such is not beneficial to the poor. In these Gates Notes he discusses an approach concerning these meat substitutes. I was horrifed to see Michael Pollan’s name there, but when you look at his answers they are not very supportive of the Gates’ project.

In my mind I even questioned “Organic Authority”, are they a Gates’ front? I don’t know but I think not. Will promoting Bill Gates and his investement in vegan meat come back to haunt them?

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Chris Wark

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Chris Wark, inspiration for raw foods and cancer ….more on Health page

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Recently on Facebook – macrobiotic questions, a question was raised concerning figures that peoples’ health was improving. I commented to the effect that the figures were doctored, and someone wrote that the figures were true and that it is the interpretation that presents lies. To me this is far from the truth. When I read in the media about all the social security scroungers from their own country and from abroad, I see a partial truth. There are people receiving money from the state. It then angers me when acquaintances post on facebook some kind of stereotype connected to this indoctrination. How much money do all of these so-called scroungers get paid? 50 bankers’ bonuses? Whether we like it on a personal level the fact is these people (scroungers as they are called) do not damage the economy but our financial elite have millions stashed away in tax havens whilst their puppet governments are forcing ordinary people into austerity programmes. Where are the figures that justify such a programme? The real problem that the statisticians create is not in the figures they get from experiments that are then intentionally misinterpreted, the problem is that we don’t have the figures we need in the first place. How does that happen?

To understand the science of figures we need to understand that science has to be financed – research grants. Despite the meaning of science as knowledge, it is not the search for knowledge that now directs but those that finance the experiments. Research money is offered for those who will prove the conclusions that are wanted by the sponsors. This means that we don’t get the raw data to be interpreted because that data is not found. Once money is on offer scientists design their experiments to provide the conclusions that are wanted by the research sponsors. And if perchance such experiments provide data the sponsors don’t want the data is interpreted in light of the sponsor’s desires or the experiment is shelved as a “failure” leaving the scientists out of a job. Yes, out of a job. It is necessary to see how universities function. I was a part-time member of staff at a Polytechnic, and a job came up. I was advised that the criteria for interview was how much research money I could bring in. None. At the same time I was teaching some Electrical engineers – not well as I made too many mistakes in lectures, but there was a positive result from this. These students paid attention in the lectures looking for the mistakes. In their exams at the end of the year their results were significantly higher than in previous years, so much so that there was an investigation as to whether I had collaborated with the students. Students’ folders were collected to check my notes, as well my exam-marking was checked. There was nothing, despite my mistakes the students and I had worked successfully together. Was a job forthcoming? No way – probably didn’t deserve it – level too high for me, there was no research money in teaching the students successfully to pass their exams. If a researcher loses sponsorship for the institute then their job is on the line; it is simple. It is essential to be clear that science is not neutral, it is not interpretation that is the problem with data, it is the systemic paradigm of research funding that creates a bank of data appropriate only for the wishes of the funders.

Given the power of BigFood I do not expect to see scientific evidence that promotes a plant-based diet. Whilst at TED and elsewhere there are plenty of people offering opinions concerning the positive effects of diet, energy work and meditation there is little actual evidence because who funds the truth? And what little there is is far outweighed by the funded evidence in favour of BigFood. I was therefore pleasantly surprised to see this TED talk by Dr Christina Warinner:-

To begin with the data is presented in dry academic fashion, and clearly belies any truth in the paleolithic diet myth that “man” was fashioned by nature to eat meat. But the situation is nowhere near as simple as that, as any good science will always indicate. The conclusion I would want to draw is that our foods should be back to nature, eat what comes out of the ground as Nature intended. But what is very clear is that even the organic veg I would like to eat has been cross-bred by science. Whilst the organic carrots that we eat might not have any pesticides they are still not as Nature originally intended. I accept that the use of man’s mind has improved the carrot for consumption, so the problem is not man’s intervention alone.

Christina drew 3 lessons:-

1) No one “correct” diet, diversity is the key, and then she said “”depending on where you live”. My conclusion, eat local. Species diversity.

2) Evolved to eat fresh foods, in season when they are ripe.

3) Evolved to eat whole foods, “food is not just the sum of calories and vitamins”.

One bottle of soda contains the same amount of sugar as 8.5 feet of sugar cane, could paleo man ever have eaten that?

She discussed methods of food preservation including artificial preservatives, as methods that limit bacteria. But this limits some bacteria we need – good bacteria. She suggested this was something we are only just beginning to investigate. Who is that we? Good fermentation has been practised a long time, and has been recognised by nutrition as probiotics being needed. Every tradition has these foods, sauerkraut, kimchee, kombucha tea, kvas, kefir and so many more. What science does not know is the effect of artificial preservatives on the good bacteria, for me there is no doubt – if it is artificial it is not healthy … but proof? Mind you my argument about BigFood deflecting science does not apply here. Naturally fermented foods do not need preservatives, why isn’t there more research being done into those foods? Our diets could improve just by eating more pickles – images of Liz Smith’s concoctions in Vicar of Dibley.

The plant-based diet I follow is supported by the science of this presentation. Plant-based food as whole foods not processed, bought at the local market preferably organic. I avoid veg from the big supermarkets because I don’t know how they have been treated to transport the veg. I can do this more easily – in the country with a community who are used to village markets, but western urban changes have included farmers’ markets. Paleo man was not eating Brontosaurus burgers a la Fred Flintstone, but he might well have caught a rabbit. B12. Vegetarians have problems in their diets because of the lack of B12 which can only be guaranteed from animal or fish sources. Rabbit would not be daily diet but maybe a delicacy caught on Sundays? Mb says eat fish once a week – that fits.

I think there is more to consider on cross-fertilisation, but science can contribute positively to our health. The question is what has changed with science that it now usually supports the corporations. Ah yes, the corporate paradigm.

Healing Plan

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I lost an acquaintance a couple of days ago. He is frustrating because he is one of the worst procrastinators I have seen. He has a cancer problem, I believe that he has previously had an operation on his colon. Fortunately for him he has learned that diet is the cause but he does little about it. Knowing diet is the issue he still drinks and smokes. Because he is western he also relies on “experts” rather than getting on with it himself – procrastination again. Rather than changing he appears to prefer to wait around to discuss with an expert, and this expert has got to be the best – my limited expertise is not enough. As a result he is waiting to start healing himself, but of course the cancer doesn’t wait. When we met he lost his temper with me as I wasn’t accepting his procrastination. It made me sad, he had latched onto a partial answer but wasn’t doing it.

It made me check the Zandtao Healing Plan, and I have updated it’s presentation.

Vegan Bill Clinton

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Bill Clinton on almost vegan:-

First mentioned two years ago here

Added 7/9/12

Here is a clip of Michelle Pfeiffer, she apparently went vegan following Bill Clinton – the more the merrier.

This refers to a documentary “The Last Heart Attack”, here is the documentary.