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This is the first time I have ever “done research”- does that mean I am a writer? Perhaps it is foolish to say this but I was watching Elysium. I had already started Arico (16,000 words) and it is going to take a rewrite, but there is absolutely no way that these chips will be avoided – whatever the technology. They are patient – look at their approach. We have lost control of our money. I was in the UK earning for a year. There was a bill and I was used to going somewhere with the bill and paying it. This particular utility said I must pay direct debit or I would be charged extra – administrative costs. What costs? Under direct debit they still had to send me a letter telling me how much I had paid – the difference – control – they had it, I didn’t. ID cards are being sold to us as beneficial, containing health data etc., this is their patience. They will wear down the liberals fighting this, some incident will be construed and security says we will have to carry them – 9/11 type incident. Convenience will turn them into chips that people will want. I am not going to have a killswitch, maybe something similar – an illness requiring medical treatment?

I woke up thinking about these things – interesting.

Of course the research is interesting in itself. I have long accepted meditation as Nature’s tool of survival, transposing that survival to include chips is no big stretch.

It just struck me that if I know meditation is survival then they would.

A quote “Functional magnetic resonance imaging scans (fMRI scans) of Tibetan monks and Hindu yogis have shown that during deep meditation the parts of the brain that gives us a sense of location in time and space are less active.”

Zandtao – 3 tenets – mind energy and body are a continuum, look at the chakras and glands so meditation will have some physical resonance. A strand, I am going to use some kind of strand implant, will show some real-time MRI equivalent that can flag meditation as a danger. The question I woke up thinking about is this, if you are consciously meditating then you can create a mindmap for the strand – strictly mindmap is wrong as it is a physical mapping of the brain but science doesn’t know the difference. It will never admit it cannot measure ALL meditation because science is arrogant and science will never change its paradigm to accept meditation as empirical method. If you are not conscious how will meditation occur that cannot be flagged, how do you create a mindscan when you don’t know it needs to be created.

People can measure meditation. Two people in monasteries for a long time, there was a difference in strength straight after, daily life soon took that strength. But I cannot see that strength in meditators – no benchmark

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Meditation shot

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No more Mandtao blogs, Mandtao links have been updated.

My meditation is shot full of holes. Thankfully it is not dead but it is writhing in agony. The onslaught began last July with the first of the two monthly flus, each flu understandably and acceptably, for me, zapping the meditation. For me flu was a hazard that was worked through and then meditation started again.

The flus were an indication of bigger problems – hormones, see tag glands. I have accepted that the hormones have changed my body and diet, but I have not altered the meditation with the change in body regulation. As such my meditation is shot full of holes, and I am not in harmony with the environment, I fell prey to the insulting Yank – and I still haven’t completely rid him from my mind despite having taken lessons from the interaction (written in my private blog). I suspect my vulnerability to Alex in December was also because of this shot meditation.

My body clock is haywire – mega-haywire. At one stage since July I resolved to make my day 10pm-6am, last night was 6am to 1pm (2 hours were a power cut problem). I tried melatonin because the body (pineal gland) delivers melatonin between 11pm and 2am, but two days ago in meditation I couldn’t focus the mind, decided it was the melatonin, and felt better for having stopped it. I haven’t rejected it out of hand as the body needs melatonin and with my sleep pattern I’m not getting any, but a pill a day is too much.

But throughout all of this meditation is erratic. With the wierd sleep pattern I cannot determine when I get up. I can force myself up for teaching but with breakfast time, leaving the house at 10.15 means getting up at the latest 8.30. So if I go to bed and sleep at 12.30 that’s OK, but that hasn’t been happening. If I force myself to go to bed even if tired, somehow I refresh and am lying there unable to sleep. Sleeping will occur often sporadic, but at 8.30 I am not refreshed, and the thought of meditation is not practical. If I discipline myself the meditation is fighting sleep and not meditating – although sitting for an hour is helpful whatever mess is going on in my head.

Previous meditation had its weaknesses although I was at peace. I wanted a 2-meditation day but it rarely happened. Meditation 1 usually happened for an hour, and then the mind and the day kick in. Routine stuff happens – usually good as I was at peace, but come the evening time for meditation 2 – well it just didn’t happen. I was not in control and the mind was chattering away; some blogging stuff or tv would start. Sometimes Med 2 happened and I would control some of the chatter but it was a discipline meditation and peace didn’t follow.

It is of course not acceptable to allow the mind in so easily but I was at peace. Maybe this hormone issue and the need to control the mind are happening from the same source – to break away from a peace that had become stagnant? I have always measured my meditation with the monastery routines but that is shallow. I need to measure meditation by its success. This has great dangers. I must not measure by the achievement of a state of mind because such an objective is restrictive, yet I have always measured it by the level of peace and harmony – the consequences of meditation.

I am not in a monastery for many reasons but primarily because a forced routine is not the Path. So why am I choosing the monastic 2Med model? Sitting an hour is good discipline, discipline has to be a part of what I do. There is another weakness I previously had with meditation, I found it difficult to meditate after eating. I have now to accept that all these routine restrictions have to stop. Meditation is about state of mind. If my mind is messed up I must meditate. I have to start accepting meditation at all hours, ignore the previous routine restrictions and meditate when necessary.

So I have to learn to assess when I need to meditate? And that needs thought. This is very difficult but is maybe a good practice – the need to assess continually.

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Two Chakra Triangles

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Mandtao 16/11/13

This is an adaptation of chakra meditations that I have picked up – somewhere!

Lower Triangle

Ths connects the root chakra, the tan tien and the kidney – adrenals. You start by breathing in red through the root chakra at the base of the spine and moving the red energy to the front of the tan tien area – the spleen chakra (3 inches below the belly button). Then you breathe in orange through the tantien and move the red-orange energy to the kidney and adrenal region above the small of the back – ming men in Chinese. From ming men you move the energy back to the root chakra where you start the cycle again. You build an energy loop that will stengthen the kidneys and adrenal system.

Upper Triangle

You start by breathing in lavendar through the crown chakra (pineal gland), move the energy a short distance to the pituitary gland where you breathe in light blue. Then you move the energy through to the hypothalamus where you then move the energy back to the crown chakra. You build an energy loop that will build up the connections between the two glands and the hypothalamus, and because of their roles in the endocrine system this upper triangle should improve the hormonal control for the whole body.

See inset of upper triangle here:-

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Connecting – chakras, glands etc,

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Mandtao 16/11/13

This is a summary table of my study connecting the chakras and the glands with some description of the glands and their hormones. This is meant to be practical eg pancreas and liver are connected so yellow juice (described in the Zandtao Health Plan) helps the pancreas and therefore digestion and insulin. Nostril breathing has been most effective as it balances the chakras, and chakra colour meditation can help particular chakras an therefore the gland and hormones. Chilel balances energy so helps all chakras. Meditation on the balance of compassion and insight helps “on top” with balance. Physically herbal massage helps the energy flow and gave me good sleep, and saunas get rid of toxins.

crown lavendar pineal and hypothalamus melatonin and serotnin – sleep cherries
The pineal gland is a small organ that is situated at the center of the brain. Shaped like a pine cone, and reddish-gray in color, this tiny gland is made up of glial cells (cells found in the nervous system) and pinealocytes. It is the pineal gland which connects the endocrine and nervous systems, and which helps convert signals from the nervous system into endocrine signals. It secretes melatonin, that regulates sleep cycle and hormonal changes during adolescence.

brow light blue pituitary connects to hypothalamus and stimulates other glands
Pituitary Gland
One of the main organs is the pituitary gland and is also known as master gland. It is called the ‘master gland’ as it produces hormones, which control the functioning of the other organs in the body. The pituitary gland is located on the lower side of the brain, and is the size of a pea. The pituitary gland consists of two parts – the anterior lobe and the posterior lobe. The anterior lobe controls the hormones secreted by the adrenal, reproductive and thyroid glands. It also produces certain hormones like:
Growth hormone, that aids in the proper growth and development of the body tissues like connective tissue, muscular tissue, epithelial tissue, and bone tissue etc. Moreover, growth hormone also helps in the even distribution of nutrients and minerals throughout the body.
Prolactin, a hormone that triggers milk production in lactating mothers.
Thyrotropin, a thyroid stimulating hormone.
Corticotropin, adrenal stimulating hormone.
The posterior lobe secretes two hormones; antidiuretic hormone, which regulates water content in the body and oxytocin, the hormone which activates the contraction of muscles in the uterus during childbirth. The pituitary gland releases some hormones which help in proper ovulation, and controls the menstrual cycle in women. It also secretes endorphins, the hormones that act as an analgesic, besides stimulating the reproductive organs to produce sex hormones.

The hypothalamus is situated above the pituitary gland, in the brain and connects the endocrine system with the nervous system. The hypothalamus produces certain chemicals that help in stimulating or controlling secretion of hormones in the pituitary gland. Since emotional and seasonal changes also trigger the secretion of pituitary hormones, the hypothalamus transmits information like change in temperature, light, feelings, etc. sensed by the brain to the pituitary gland.

throat blue thyroid Controls weight seaweed
The thyroid is a butterfly shaped gland, situated in the front part of the lower neck. The thyroid produces two hormones, triiodothyronine and thyroxine, which control chemical reactions in the body, like burning food to produce energy, stimulate metabolism of fats, proteins and vitamins, increasing the body’s sensitivity and generating heat etc. Thyroid hormones contribute towards bone growth and proper development of the brain and nervous system in children. Parathyroids are tiny glands attached to the thyroid. They produce parathyroid hormone, which, with the assistance of calcitonin, a hormone that is secreted by the thyroid, controls the level of calcium in the blood.
heart green thymus Immune system
Immune system – The functions of the thymus were not well understood until the early 1960s, when its role in the development of the body’s system of immunity was discovered. Beginning during fetal development, the thymus processes many of the body’s lymphocytes, which migrate throughout the body via the bloodstream, seeding lymph nodes and other lymphatic tissue. The main cells undergoing this processing are the T cells, a heterogeneous groups of cells essential in protecting the body against invasions by foreign organisms [BZ – not Buzzle].
liver solar plexus – yellow pancreas Insulin and glucagon
The pancreas is a digestive as well as an endocrine system organ. The pancreas has a leaf-like structure and is located, on the right side, below the stomach. It is attached to the duodenum (small intestine), through the pancreatic duct. This gland secretes glucagon, insulin and somatostatin that help in maintaining a steady level of sugar (or glucose) in the blood. They also maintain energy stores and regularly supply energy to the body. Pancreatic juice, which is composed of digestive enzymes, is also released by this glandular organ for the digestion and absorption of nutrients in the small intestine.
gonads spleen chakra – orange testosterone
The gonads mainly secrete sex hormones – androgen of which the most necessary is testosterone, the male sex hormones; and progesterone and estrogen, the female sex hormones. The male gonads, called the testes, are located in the scrotum. The male sex hormones influence changes related to physical and sexual development, and the male secondary sex characteristics like growth of pubic and facial hair, change in voice, etc. Testosterone also assists in sperm production. The female gonads, or ovaries, secrete the female sex hormones, estrogen and progesterone, which help in stimulating the production of eggs. Moreover, they are also responsible for the physical changes that occur during puberty, besides regulating the menstrual cycle.
kidneys root chakra – red adrenals epinephrine (adrenaline) and cortisol
Adrenal glands are situated on top of the kidneys. They are triangular in shape and have two parts; adrenal cortex and adrenal medulla. The outer part of the adrenal gland, adrenal cortex, secretes a hormone called corticosteroids which controls the level of salt and water in the body, the rate of metabolism, immune system, sexual development and function, and the response of the body to stress. Adrenal medulla, which is the inner part of the adrenal gland, releases a hormone called epinephrine, also known as adrenaline, in layman’s language. When the body is stressed, epinephrine increases the heart rate, dilates the blood vessels and air passage and helps the body gain more oxygen. It is also used to treat allergic reactions caused due to a foreign protein.
Descriptions found at Buzzle

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In a message from Dottie “As we’ve talked about before, sometimes, healing is peeling back layers. I wonder if the deeper we go with our healing, if the layers are more intricate, and perhaps the solutions are not as apparent.”

This is a question worth considering, and I think it is worth considering in the context of who we are as human beings, if you use Zandtao this is the 3 tenets:-

Improving the mind

Harmonising our energy

Taking care of our bodies

What does the term deeper mean in this context? Whatever method you choose for healing (Zandtao Healing Plan being one), we go through various stages of healing, as Dottie says uncovering layers of problems. The Zandtao Healing Plan focuses on these as the main stages to heal the body:-

Natural Eating
Acid-Alkali balance
Bacteria balance

But in the last stage of lifestyle we encounter conceptual difficulties. Is meditation for improved lifestyle healing the body? There is an aptitude of mind that tends to separate. With the Zandtao there are the 3 tenets, but are these tenets dealing with separate parts of a human? Are there boundaries between body energy and mind? Or is it a continuum of sorts? And the word holistic comes to mind. Healing needs to be holistic but the tendency is to view holistic healing as healing the whole being through healing separate parts, but again we have the question “are the parts separate?”

There is a spiritual concept of denseness, the physical body being the most dense and the mental and spiritual bodies being the most light; the continuum I discussed above could be denseness. Some people talk of vibrations, and there being a continuum of vibrations. There might well be other descriptions that this word continuum might be appropriate for, I have no inclinations any way. But what I do contend is that there is unity, and on a personal level that unity means there is not a separation of mind, energy and body but a continuum.

And it is with glands I am maybe crossing the “border” between body, energy and emotions. In terms of hormones one obvious such crossover is sexual desire. For men it is a physical impossibility to maintain the same level of sexual activity as they were when they were 20. The amount of testosterone produced in the body reduces with age, this is a physical fact. What is the relationship between testosterone levels and sexual desire? And desire is not physical even though it might be stimulated physically.

Here I am suggesting that, Dottie, by going “deeper” we might be crossing a border between body and feelings. In other words healing hormones might not just be a physical issue, what is intricate might not just be resolved by food alone. It is my intention to study the glands further but there are descriptions that connect the pineal gland with the Third Eye. Now whatever one’s view on that is, these people do not see the pineal gland in purely physical terms.

We all know that meditation and energy work improve our health, this could be an indication that our glands are improved through meditation and energy work. I would of course attest to that as I sought acupuncture help in dealing with the hormone problem.

Finally there is a tendency in mb circles to seek to solve all through food and improving diet. I have never subscribed to this view, and feel that the hormone issue is evidence for this, but of course it could be argued that the continuum (of energy and mind)could be affected by food.

For me, Dottie, going deeper – being more intricate – is about recognising the connections of energy and meditation with physical health. In terms of my current approach to the hormone issue I have started my diet – well I haven’t yet as I haven’t eaten today yet just drank water. Once the diet has been finished I intend improving my acceptance of hormonal change in meditation and concentrating on Chi Gung – which I have almost completely stopped.

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More on Mindfulness

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Clearly I have to consider my own role in this “mindful ignorance”. To briefly recap I became angry because instead of listening I thought someone was using mindfulness techniques to remain calm when what was being discussed referred to Thailand. And in the mind of the Thai person I was equated with one of the expat perma-complainers.

Based on the above assessment I was disturbing this Thai person, how do I now assess this Thai disturbance? I was trying to develop a process of enquiry into what I had observed as Thai racism. Why? Because it was the truth, and people should know the truth. What should this person do with the truth? I have a vague notion of “pass-it-on” when appropriate. But this person appeared not to want to see the truth otherwise why invoke the mindful ignorance technique. I had thought this person wanted to learn as this was often said, but maybe they do not want to learn about Thailand and its racism. That clearly seems to be threatening. Based on this awareness that has to be the end of enquiry into Thailand racism with the person concerned, I have no desire to disturb them.

But that leads to a clear observation about education here. The dream that is Thailand’s racism is very strong, there are clear examples of it in schools and the above example of “someone who has a certain element of enquiry but becomes disturbed when the example of Thailand’s racism is threatened” adds to the recognition of the power of this dream. Let me also be clear about this racism. It exists, it is a problem for non-Thais, but overall it need not affect being here unless you let it. And in truth when I see the behaviour of many of the western expats I could understand if that racism exhibited itself far more forcefully.

But there are things more important than social racism here. For the person concerned there is the question of their own mindfulness. For mindfulness to have any meaning with regards to the Buddha’s teaching then it is not a therapy technique to be used to support chauvinism and to enforce a personal dream that includes chauvinism. L P Munindo used the description “100% judgement-free awareness” (to me in person). Let us examine that. TOTAL awareness. That means awareness of the inner and our relationship to the outer. And no judgement – no self just awareness. In this case that leads to letting go of enquiry because I now observe disturbance.

For the person concerned there is a genuine need to come to terms with the meaning of mindfulness. But that is their journey. Their process of enquiry used to include listening to me, now that has changed and I must change with it; it is necessary for me to assess that change. To begin with I need to step back from discussing enquiry unless I see enquiry on their part again.

But the real issue is what is a meaningful understanding of mindfulness? In meditation I decided it was mindfulness from the inside out, and then it improved to mindfulness from the insight out. 100% judgement-free awareness comes from an inner journey that brings with it insight, and therefore free from judgement, and awareness follows naturally. In this mindfulness there is a gatekeeper function, and this function helps us deal with emotion.

Yesterday I got angry. There is a scrounger on the beach, and it is time he moved on. Because he is affable some people give him time, and I was speaking with one such yesterday. “He has not done me any harm,” was his approach. And then he mistakenly compared my position concerning the scrounger with a dogfight – the dogs had just been fighting. I got angry quickly, and said I can see his position but that of compassion is the highest. To explain the scrounger is quite affable but takes advantage of many people including the local Thais who feed him. I feel he is taking advantage of other people’s compassion, and compassion is in such short supply I don’t like it. Reflecting I was amazed at what I said when I angered – compassion is the highest. Well it is, but I said it in anger – amazing. My friend tried to ameliorate calling it a playground squabble between me and the scrounger, that didn’t help. We eventually agreed he should be more careful with his words. My gatekeeper worked well as I didn’t retain the anger nor internalise it. I see that as mindfulness and as it is not an argument – compassion is the highest – that I have reflected on it came from insight. All this now makes me feel good – I should let that go – possible arrogance.

But it illustrates – at least for me – mindfulness from the insight out, and how that mindfulness can function well as a gatekeeper. But this is not mindful ignorance, this accepts emotions, expresses and deals with them, and does not ignore any form of awareness. So what happens if we try to build mindfulness without insight? That is the issue of the mindful ignorance, and it is quite scary. What if mindfulness is sought without meditation? I believe but I am not sure that that is something that some monks teach – maybe even this guy – Phra Pramote.

What about populist mindfulness? I remember Brad having a pop at mindfulness, at the time I wasn’t enamoured by that – some people translate one of the 8-fold Path as Right Mindfulness. No, I’m not going to investigate the populism, there is too much of it. Mindfulness and meditation are words that are often interchanged – messy.

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Online there was a discussion about sankhara – I call sankhara mental formations, it is one of the 5 khandas. The discussion concerned whether there were sankhara without self.
….more on Buddhadasa page

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A Zandtao Cancer Programme?

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Over the last couple of years I have been increasingly susceptible to flus. Nothing too bad – five times, but what hit home was that I had a flu at the end of July and three weeks later I had the flu again. I recognised that my susceptibility to these flus revolved around a cold chest – a seriously cold chest. Wow look what I found when searching for a link – a blog “Exercise Cold and Damp” on 12/10/08 – fascinating. I have tried to resolve this cold chest issue before. I have made amendments to my diet – increasing warm foods, cayenne pepper etc. – discussed here. But the chest was still cold. My “guru”, Paul Pitchford “Healing through Whole Foods”, says these chest things take time but with herbal treatments it was not happening. I needed a practitioner intervention – acupuncture treatment. The issue has not been resolved yet but I think it is on the way.

So why am I writing this now and not waiting? Quite simple. Meditation. Meditation told me I needed to revise my approach. I have previously said that if I had cancer I would go Gerson, but meditation told me that was not enough. The approach to cancer you want is a “Zandtao in your terms”. I am not saying everyone should follow Zandtao but my approach to the whole person is the three tenets as discussed in the Zandtao Treatise; that is what I am proposing for life, so it should be the same for healing from cancer. Cancer could be termed a holistic disease. I have previously called it a lifestyle disease, and yet although a cure is lifestyle I have often said Gerson. But Gerson is not enough. Using the description “Zandtao in your terms” I mean a lifestyle approach that incorporates meditation (mind), chi and healing the body.

Let’s examine the three tenets:-

Improving the mind

Harmonising our energy

Taking care of our bodies

Let’s start with our bodies, here is where Gerson comes in. I believe the Gerson therapy is the best way of cleaning the toxins, and therefore tumours, from the body. But that is not enough for our bodies, our bodies need rehabilitating. In the cropped clip Charlotte Gerson talks of rehabilitation in general, and I don’t doubt their competence. But because of the Zandtao approach being committed to energy, in this programme a significant part of that rehabilitation needs to be acupuncture. Now acupuncture helps clear the channels but what if your energy intake is not peak, then you need energy techniques such as Chi Gung to “gather energy”. And none of this works if your mind is in a mess, maybe still dealing with the doctor’s cancer death sentence? So you need meditation – the 3 tenets.

For a healing routine a clinical schedule could be

Juice 1 -> Gerson 1
Chi Gung
Juice 2 -> Gerson 2
Chi Gung
Walk Added
Juice 3 -> Gerson 3
Chi Gung
Juice 4 -> Gerson 4
Chi Gung

I stress I am not an expert so to apply this sort of routine requires a team of committed experts, people who understand such a holistic approach. These would include Gerson therapists, acupuncturists, Chi Gung teachers and meditation teachers.

My food diet is primarily macrobiotic, and it is interestng to note that macrobiotics once offered itself as a cure for cancer. I believe some doubt has been cast on its ability to cure cancer, but Denny Waxman worked with patients and their cancer was cured – see Denny Waxman. It appears that he worked on a combination of food and energy. What is practised now as macrobiotics has beceome much more of a food diet; but in its esoteric depths macrobiotics speaks of meditation, energy and food – Denny Waxman is such an example.

A friend advised me to watch this film, “Cancer is curable now”. I was a bit dismissive – I wrote something like I have looked at a number of cancer movies over my retirement years. But I began watching it, and then stopped because the movie was moving to where my meditation had taken me. So that is where I am now; I stopped the movie and wrote this blog ….

…. in light of what I have just written I am going to continue watching the movie.

My concerns that this blog might be viewed as plagiarism based on the movie were unfounded. I completely agreed with the first half of the movie that can be found at this torrent.

However the remainder of the movie I am unwilling to comment on as it involved techniques that I am unsure of. You can view the whole movie “Cancer is curable now” via this torrent..

The movie led to three amendments to the above programme. Firstly exercise needs to be included, the minimum of a 20-minute walk daily – as discussed in the Zandtao Treatise. Sunshine is essential as is evident in the Natural emphasis of the Treatise, but I forgot to write it. I am not a Gerson expert although I recommend their therapy for the body. I have replaced the word juice by Gerson, it is their therapy that should be their decision as part of the “Zandtao programme team” (grandiose eh?).

This programme need not be limited to cancer. In the movie-crop Charlotte Gerson talks of all degenerative diseases, the approach of this programme is the same. It follows from a deep respect of Nature, that we are ONE, and that in our bodies Nature provides the healing.

Corollary:- This programme is unlikely to happen as I have no resources, but if I am going to discuss cancer (degenerative diseases) I ought to offer an approach – not just being critical of “death by chemo”.

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Although I wasn’t asked to consider this one, for completeness I have to – I am assuming it’s lizards. Here is the clip:-

I wanted to consider this because in the 3rd clip (second considered in the previous blog) I was impressed with his down-to-earth clarity. Well here goes!

…. Sorry, I gave up. What’s the point? If he’s right about bloodlines, lizards and shapeshifters does it alter the politics? Does it alter what we need to do? Be moral, meditate and enquire.

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David Icke

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I was encouraged to listen to David Icke, I have discussed
him before – here at Oxford and last month here. Here is the first talk of 3 taken from David Icke at the Brixton Academy in 2008:-

It’s half an hour into the talk and it is quite simplistic, that is maybe his forte. He says “don’t believe him”, but then presents a lecture of conclusions. The format belies his belief proposal, he presents the material as ideas and facts to be believed. This first talk starts with a straight-forward rant about our being conned, no issue there – nothing new except for a sportscaster saying it. But he is clear.

But then he says religions destroy spirituality. This raises a flag in me. OK religious institutions suppress spirituality, but the original people who sought out these religions were spiritual people. “Religion is the opiate of
the masses” is what Marx said, and I would say the same to him. It is not the religion but the religious institutions. And why do I draw such a distinction? Because there is so much Truth in religions if you want to look and find it.

And maybe more? I don’t believe David Icke is a moral man with discipline. I have said this before and one of the reasons I am taking time to watch this Brixton stuff is to check this. Religions focus on morality – I prefer the use of the term sila, moral integrity. Without sila we limit our own Paths. Nature is completely moral, we must fit in with Nature so we need to be moral. If we have righteous anger, are promiscuous, carry out any form of immoral behaviour we distance ourselves from our Paths, from the oneness of infinite consciousness that David Icke talks about. When the founders of all the world’s religions discovered that morality was at its base we should listen. But we should NOT listen to the institutions who turn that morality into conformity. The highest form of morality is revolutionary because it is the highest power of Truth.

Without a moral and disciplined life what happens? What do all the lost souls at the Brixton Acadaemy do? They listen, they recognise some (or all) of what Icke says, and they go home with the blinkers off and become angry. They have a right to be angry, what is being done to us is awful. But learning this partial truth, the truth of the manipulations by the corporatocracy, isn’t enough, we have to learn how to live with that truth. Living peacefully with that truth is the real Truth. Living at peace with the all the knowledge of war disease etc all being created just for the profits of the few, this is the Truth. The knowledge is not enough, how we live with it is needed. I am looking to see how Icke teaches us how to live with that knowledge. Knowing Brixton I can imagine hundreds of disillusioned people leaving the Academy going home getting drunk or doped, screw themselves silly, and say they’ve had a good day. The next day they get up their illusions have been altered and they have no idea what to do with those shattered illusions. Peace, how to live with the knowledge.

I have now started the second clip (part 3), I suspect part 2 is lizards and my friend didn’t want me to be thrown by them – maybe I’ll watch it:-

More and more I dislike his didactic style – here are the facts “take it or leave it”. Here is my journey, you do the same; he doesn’t say that but he does it. And I don’t find what he says integrated. There is too much ego. I have gone on and on about the importance of anatta, and in particular how the image of the higher self is an extension of the survival instinct. Here is an image from this clip:-

Is this the way we all experience the connection with oneness? Suppose it isn’t. Are the impressionable young people at the Academy going to say “I haven’t got it” and give up? What is the energy, what are the frequencies? How do we get in touch with them? If this is going to be helpful then people need answers to these questions, or they need a description of what to do. Download every David Icke and rant at the press like he did – mentioned here. In Britain those kids will be arrested for disturbing the peace or whatever charge the system is using for “being different”.

He also talks about growing upsurge of people following him, from the small groups he used to put chairs up for to the crowds at Brixton Academy and Wembley, acceptance at Oxford etc. But what were the 60s about? OK they weren’t talking of illuminati, but they were about rejecting conformity, not accepting the man. What was he doing then? Learning to be a sportscaster. He is two months younger than me, but for me the 60s was about change and questioning. Maybe that is a big difference for me, I ask questions CONSTANTLY. I don’t want the man’s dream, I don’t want David’s dream, Alex Jones’ dream, I don’t want any dream. I don’t want any self although I am making miserable progress in being no-self. I want to question so that I hold no dream, no ideatestructure (including that of I). This way of “mine” is not a set of beliefs but an approach – a methodology. Be moral, sit on your bum every day, and continually ask questions. David says “ask the questions of the system”, here are the answers – believe me even though I tell you never to believe me.

I’m going to continue to attack him with a proviso here and another one at the end. I am not talking about David Icke – I am talking about the David Icke of his clips (not even his books I have never read them; who the real David Icke is I don’t know I’ve never met him. He (my perception of who I think he is) is better than the bombast Alex Jones but basically he is the same. David has an ego. He stands up in adversity and shouts out ideas. The ideas that made him famous, the standing up to be ridiculed, these have fashioned a shell that tells him what to do, and that restrictive pattern has created a closed approach. He is stuck in his awakening, and does not appear to asking questions of himself. He bashes out David Icke dogma, he has rhetoric dementia (thank you Doris Lessing). And here is the other proviso, so much of what he is saying can help you understand society if you do ask the questions. His political analysis is pretty much on the button as far as I understand it. But the trouble is, I see ego, and where he talks about stuff I haven’t experienced for myself I cannot trust it because of that ego. Let’s take the obvious – lizards. No I don’t believe in believing but if Tan Ajaan (who as far as I know is the closest to anatta I have come across) said there were lizards I’d be tempted to believe. David says lizards, and I ask ego?

Just because he is different doesn’t make him right even though different is mostly right when you consider the dream being forced on us. Because he is just giving dogma I think he is dangerous because to be different requires great strength, a strength that can only come from harmony with Nature and personal discipline – be moral, sit on your stool and ask questions.

He is dangerous in another way, in a way that I can see why he has become popular. He has got an excellent grasp of some stuff, taking responsibility, not blaming others etc. And he talks about changing the holographic image from inside – spot on. This is exactly it, the Path. But what about his more extreme positions? Trendies from Brixton will think he is so clear about the other stuff – personal responsibility etc he must be right about the more extreme. So they want to look for lizards, tell people, get laughed at, become frightened and don’t change. Young adult trendies go to their parents and say we must all take responsibility for our actions, stop blaming others. Parents might be scared for you, but they can’t ridicule you – because it’s in-your-face truth. This is his danger, he has really got some stuff – and others? And the more extreme stuff doesn’t matter. He talked about the fear of the lizards, what about attributing that to the fear of ego and instinct for survival? Does that change what people have to do? No, it brings the focus more clearly home to where the action should be happening. Personal responsibility becomes stronger when you don’t ask whether there are lizards?

Throughout I have not been happy about his use of left and right brain, I have never been happy with that description of the brain anywhere. My mind is amorphous, sometimes it is one-pointed in the heart, sometimes it is one of 4 of the 5 khandas. Now my brain doesn’t move, but my mind does – wherever I focus it. I don’t know enough about the research into left and right brain, but I do know that science is not clear about mind and brain – it picks and chooses definition depending on which prof has the chair. David associates closed thinking with the left side, and the way he describes the left-side-only thinking is self. He talks about survival as left-side – this is instinct, self. But when there is no self there is insight, by David’s approach infinite consciousness already knows the answer so no need to question. This is all or nothing, and I don’t know of people who are all. We are on our Paths but we are not anatta – completely enlightened. So there is still self trying to survive, trying to hold us back from learning. We can help by developing a mind that always is asking questions so that we can access the insight the answers that infinite consciousness knows. Here is an RSA clip about the way science is seeing left-and-right brains:-

Just because it is science doesn’t make it correct, just because David is different and addresses many real questions very well doesn’t mean that everything he says is true (ego withstanding ….).

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