Karen Carpenter

Posted: 08/05/2016 by zandtao in Media, Struggle, Zen

What a tragedy!

Recently I have taken to listening to the Carpenters in the car. When I was young and really into music I couldn’t listen to them, they were mainstream. Whilst not into heavy rock I had my own interests that changed with the years. As a teenager I remember posters of black soul bands especially women – that wouldn’t surprise anyone who knows my personal history. At university I got into more folksy stuff but this changed back when I started teaching and listening to some soul music again. Until now I have never listened to the Carpenters but because of the amount of time I listened to music when young I know many of the songs.

None of the above matters much, it’s facebook drivel. Except for the fact that I now think Karen Carpenter’s voice is perhaps the most creative musical instrument I have ever heard. Like many people of my era there was a mental block towards this straight-laced couple, and because of that I never heard her quality – and the quality of Richard’s arrangements.

This era brought about many rock tragedies, Jimi Hendrix, Grace Slick, Janis Joplin, Sandy Denny and I guess many more. And through all that I never even knew that Karen had died so tragically.

Yesterday I watched this you-tube movie with tears in my eyes. I have never personally come into contact with anorexia, it must have been awful for her and her family:-


I don’t know that I can listen to her voice without a tear in my eye again, you cannot write tragedies like this – such quality.

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  1. zandtao says:

    For me Jane Fonda has always been a physical idol – sadly there was a time when that was all I saw. I recently discussed a TED talk of hers on the Third Act – http://wp.me/p1IDCR-pJ, Since reading about Karen I have discovered Jane had issues with bulimia – amazing. She discusses this in an article that discusses her move to feminism – http://www.janefonda.com/by-jane-fonda-written-for-lenny-my-convoluted-journey-to-feminism/

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