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What can I expect from my health?

Posted: 09/07/2012 by zandtao in Big Food, Big Pharma, Health

I have been waiting to write this blog a long time. It came to me, as many blogs do, in meditation a while back and I wrote a note down. But I hadn’t written the blog yet, and the reason is my health. Let me explain this health issue first before I explain the more important part of the blog.

In Chinese health terms it is called “cold and damp”. When I started reading Paul Pitchford’s “Healing with Whole Foods”, I came across this and thought “cold and damp” might apply to me. But at that time I was not drinking a healthy amount of water so the condition did not show fully. It would show when I got the flu, then I would feel cold and have a lot of phlegm. In fact when I was teaching I used to be concerned about the number of flus I got. There were plenty of excuses for flu and virus, the kids always had them, the job was stressful, so I didn’t think too much about it; but I would usually have a “flu”every half-term – mostly just one day but sometimes more. I was even concerned that my immune system was weakened.

In fact I now realise it was, it was weakened by “cold and damp” amidst my bad state of health brought about poor eating and drinking. There was one of those coincidences that has helped me with this “cold and damp” problem. I spoke with a friend who knew of a Chinese herbs shop in the next city, and she was going there the next day. These herbs have been a Godsend, but because the problem is deeply embedded and chronic (30 years) it is taking a while to work through. The herbs have left me tired – that is why it has taken a while to get to writing the blog. Incidentally when I visited the Chinese herbs shop the woman asked me about water, and when I explained that I had just started drinking the proper amount of water she seemed to understand – another confirmation.

So what can I expect from my health now I am retired? Despite my current setback I am generally of good health for my age, people recognise that I have old folks’ remedies and do ask me. I carry football injuries – a locked knee and a damaged achilles tendon, but I swim a good distance comfortably and I am able to run now – with treatment from my massage Grannie. Within limits (given my age) my body does not constrain my physical activity and I am quite active. That is why I am so surprised by this cold and damp, and the impact of the herbs making me tired.

The healing process is like an unfolding. Starting with detox I got rid of toxins that I can best describe as weighing my body down. I then went through the various stages described in the Zandtao Healing Plan reaching where I am at now through the addition of 2 litres of warm water to my diet. As I unfold I lose the “weight” the particular condition imposes on me. Just prior to the water and raw foods diet change I felt complacent, and then I have been knocked back. This is what leads me to asking “What can I expect from my health?” To be honest I am waiting until I have got rid of the past – my life of stress that produced disease and the stages of detox the different “unfoldings” produce. Whilst it is good to know the body is healing itself, I often ask myself “how much more healing is there to do?”. And at some stage the body must start a process of dying – as age takes its natural toll.

One of my justifications for spending time on my diet is that I want to be fully able for as long as possible. This reaction to the herbs has worried me. It has taken a long time for me to get down to this blog – because of the herbs and my condition. Meditation has suffered as has some exercise. People argue that you should discipline yourself to do these things even when you don’t feel like it, I am not so sure. Without health all of your life suffers, and at my age it is especially essential to concentrate on health. Fortunately I have the time and the resources to do that – the money not to buy the cheapest foods, access to internet for advice, and some Thais who can teach me about their Traditional Thai medicine and culture.

Ultimately all this is about my Path. Am I following my Path? In the last 10 days I haven’t been because I have been tired – weighed down by the reaction to the herbs. I don’t like this, if I am not following my Path I am not happy. Over the last couple of days in meditation I have been focusing on Path, what is it? Am I on it? Without my health I cannot be on it, health is so important.

This brings me to others, something I am always concerned about with health. I have friends dieing of cancer, suffering from diabetes, and just generally weighed down by disease. Most people don’t connect this with what they eat – especially this disease in ageing they just put down to part of being old. When I think about my last years of working I think of my lifestyle. I got up went to work, worked hard and I think quite well, then came home slumped and watched TV. When I compare this with the vitality of my youth – one of my more crass drink rationalisations was that I needed to drink to dissipate my natural vitality, it is a sorry picture. But I accepted it. In some ways it was easy to accept, the lack of energy meant that I didn’t always have to be doing something – that was what my youth vitality meant. But at the same time I didn’t have the energy to do what I wanted – although none would have noticed at work. But I was prepared to recognise that as we get older we cannot do what we did when young. Understandably most people accept the food and water situation bringing with it disease – as dished out by BigFood and BigPharma. How can we believe that fellow human beings can do this to us? But we live in a world where wars are fought for profits so it is no great leap to accept that processed foods are toxic because they increase profits. That is just the suffering that is our lot to come to terms with, accept it, do what we can and be happy with what we can do.

I don’t have an answer to “what can I expect from my health?” I still don’t know if there will be more to unfold. This “water and raw” change has been significant, more so because I thought I was on top of things and it was quite a shock to realise I had slipped into such arrogance. I accept I don’t have an answer but I must always do the best I can – the Fourth Agreement. Others – please learn about your health.


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(Warning:- I am not trained medically nor nutritionally. If any of what I say strikes a chord investigate for yourself. It is your body, you are your doctor. Please feel free to contact me)

Drinking water continues to affect my health, but it is just water detoxifying. Or much better to describe it as the body rehydrating. Since Thursday I have been ill, today I am getting back to health although not completely there yet. I told people I had flu because flu is what everyone “gets”, and no-one worries – you just get over it. But disease is not about “getting”, disease is about the state of your health. It is personal, not an invasion of alien microbes. That is the system view to sell you drugs to destroy the microbes. Disease is because your personal health process is not functioning well.

What is this personal health process? Good input of food and drink during your life will be used by the body to maintain a good output – good health. This is the simple health process that we all go through but most people including our doctors don’t recognise. Most doctors don’t recognise it because their training establishments are controlled by the 1%. BigPharma and BigFood do not want people to recognise the health process I have described for two reasons. Firstly BigFood don’t want people to know that they can remain healthy by eating natural foods from the ground, and that processed foods from the can will cause disease. Secondly BigPharma don’t want people to know that the costly drugs they have are not the best source of health but taking time with your intake is.

How is my personal health process dysfunctioning now? My problem is chronic dehydration, I have never drunk water. I don’t know how unusual I am for never having drunk water, but it has been a serious deficiency. My major health bugbear has been migraines. I have often read that water can help with migraines but the headaches were often so severe I never believed they could be cured by something as simple as drinking water. I sought acupuncture, fortunately I never liked the BigPharma knockout drops and preferred to lose a night sleeping rather than take knockout pills. I looked at allergies, alcohol, chocolate, cheese etc, all of which are not good for you – unless it is pure chocolate, but maybe the problem all along has been water. By the time I realised I was dehydrated the headaches had gone, my food intake was good and my drinks were good – except for not drinking water.

So how is this chronic dehydration problem showing as symptoms? Well the “flu” showed itself as extreme cold chest and uncomfortable cold sweats. Outside it was 32, inside I had the ceiling fan low, put on a thick t-shirt and buried my chest under my down sleeping bag. Then I was coughing lots of phlegm, but that was it – no other symptoms. Cold is stagnation, the phlegm coming out is water removing the stagnation; this is all about water flowing in my body. On Thursday I felt it was connected to kidneys, and it is. The kidneys help the water to circulate and along with the liver help detoxify, the kidneys have not been used to the correct amount of water in the body and therefore are having to work differently. They needed a rest so whilst I was “resting” with the cold and expelling the phlegm the body was helping the kidneys.

What has been happening without the water? This is difficult to answer. But what if I draw parallels with the way water functions in Nature? Water seeps everywhere into nooks and crannies, and carries away flotsam and jetsam. In the body the system produces all kinds of stuff naturally, and these products once they have been used need to be cleaned out and washed away. This is what the water does. Now obviously I was taking some liquid – I was alive and healthy (especially considering I was eating so well), so my system was mostly cleaning itself. But not all. And I take the evidence as the mucus. My mucus problem seems to be increasing, as I feel myself trying to expel it. Rather than the water circulating in the body removing the mucus the “river” has stagnated, and the mucus has remained attached to the river bed. It has hardened there. Therefore there is potential for growth attracting germs or worse cancer.

With the water the body is now trying to remove these stagnations, hence the increase in mucus. But as it digs out the mucus it will also drag out what has been attached to the mucus – bacteria etc. In the long term this can only be good, in the short term there is some discomfort. There is increased sweating and urination, but that will balance out. The kidneys will do more work, but that is what they are there for.

We are mostly water, water flows in and out of our system. We therefore need to replenish it. It seems crazy to me that replenishing this water is not a key platform of any diet, and I am particulalrly surprised that in mb I was encouraged to think that I could get enough water from other drinks and foods in the diet. This morning, even though I haven’t recovered from this “flu”, my body felt good – it felt glowing.

We are what we drink.

Going Raw – the next day:-

Not only recently did I learn of the importance of water, I also began to consume more raw food eating heated staple and raw veg and salads. I have always been concerned about chest cold and I consider that this raw might well have increased the cold. One thing I have been remiss in my diet is the lack of local spices, I have minimally used these basically because the Thais overuse them – for me with many Thai dishes all I taste is chilli. Over the last couple of days I have seen three or four different emails advocating spices, here is one:-

Because I am in Thailand I should eat more local so I think it is dangerous to give carte-blanche approval of spices but for me my eating should include more spices. I bought a load of chillies for the first time, and will increase their use. I even made vegan somtam, and although I made a lot I put 5 chillies in it. It was OK, and I will put more in next time. I hope the chillies, cayenne pepper, and the black pepper will release the cold in my chest.


A friend found a source of Chinese herbs, and got me some for a cold chest and excess mucus. They have affected me. It is releasing some of the cold on the chest and the mucus is less. It has also reduced the appetite, and reduced thirst. I have decided not to push the water issue to the full 2 litres as yet, I think the cold chest was a response to this. Once the herbs have done their stuff, I will go back to the proper intake of water.