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New Narrative?

Posted: 18/02/2018 by zandtao in Corbyn, Democracy, Struggle

It seems to have taken a long time to deal with Simon Amstell, and here is George Monbiot – a name I have seen often but I know nothing of him.

I liked his talk but I have to ask “why is his narrative new?” Is it just political rebranding?

All my life what mattered was grass roots campaigning. It didn’t matter whether it was grassroots campaigning in the Labour party or grassroots campaigning for the trade union. It was grassroots campaigning. And that meant campaigning in the grassroots for the grassroots – campaigning by and for the people, not the Labour party or trade union. That is real democracy.

Who are the enemies of grassroots democracy?

Politically as a system neoliberalism is the enemy of grassroots democracy. But what types of enemy are these neoliberals?

1) The 1%
2) The bipartisan system of neoliberalism
3) The right-wing party
4) The opportunists within the party of the people.

The rise of the right-wing has occurred because we have failed to promote the grassroots movement. Slowly through my adult life the power of the grassroots movement has got less and less, and now people are calling for a new narrative. But this is also divisive.

Monbiot is calling for communities, those communities are the grassroots. There has always been organising in grassroots but that organising has failed because the left has failed because there has been the rise of liberals who have “taken over” the left – the rise of opportunism. Does Monbiot attack liberals? He can’t, they are Guardian readers.

The genuine left has always organised through the grassroots, in trade unions and begrudgingly in the Labour party. Why begrudgingly? Because the Labour party has increasingly been taken over by opportunists, people who are using the Labour party to gain political power – Blair, Guardian readers, Clintons.

When George describes Bernie he talks about the latest form of grassroots campaigning, that is all. No new narrative – just a “return?” to grassroots campaigning. I question return because I haven’t lived in the UK since 1992 – never lived in the US, I missed New Labour, I missed the continuing rise of opportunism, I missed the rise of Liberal power and Guardian Readers, I missed the failure in grassroots campaigning. I missed the rise of George Monbiot?

As for Corbyn I think he is fighting back for the grassroots – same as Bernie. George, you defended Bernie but did not defend Corbyn. I don’t know enough about the grassroots in the UK now, but the Labour party has had years of Blairites, Liberals and Guardian readers dividing the class. They are still doing it. Class Unity is the grassroots call, do you make it, George?

The issue has and always will be class, redefine class so that class unity is contemporary. But it is still class, not a new narrative. Look at the 4 enemies and how they fit in with class. The 1% is bourgeoisie – clear. The bipartisan electoral system has always been used to divide the proletariat – 1%-system. Working within the grassroots movement, people have always said “look at this or that puppet opportunist climbing on my back and taking my money”. King UK user – Blair, Marx couldn’t find a clearer example of opportunism, Blair is the past master. The 1% love him, that’s how he hung around for so long, he was a tool, an opportunist puppet. And he promoted liberalism, now we have people demanding a new narrative when all we want is a return to grassroots campaigning – my apologies to all the comrades who have spent their lives campaigning within the grassroots, comrades who would not allow class analysis to die.

The people who have let the grassroots down are Blair’s liberals and the Guardian readers who have not understood class and not understood the meaning of grassroots campaigning, and the people who have failed to educate them.

Because of this failure to support grassroots campaigning amongst the proletariat, there has been a rise in the right and their parties. When Liberal intellectuals call for a new narrative, what is happening is a further cut into the underbelly of the grassroots? Every Guardian reader, who does not stand up and say “I am a member of the class and proud of it”, is helping the 1%, their Liberal arrogance whether for identity politics or some intellectual distraction is enabling the accumulation by the 1%.

There is no new narrative, just a need for new education, a new understanding of what the class now stands for. The 1%-system is consumerism. The grassroots working together for mindful consuming based on class interest is one strategy, withdrawing labour used to be a strategy now we can withdraw purchasing power as a class strategy. Look at how much Israel is frightened of the Boycott campaign. Make the Boycott campaign a pillar of your Guardian columns, George, and see how long you keep your job.

The class will always be divided on race gender and sexuality but they are united by class. Where is the class rallying call that unites all races, genders and sexual preferences together as people who are demanding an end to exploitation by the 1%? Instead Liberals, Guardian Readers whine about this or that issue. They climb the wall about Trump instead of fighting back against the latest 1%-puppet, Trump. Apart from the 1%, it is Liberal intellectualism that wants the separation, that wants to say we are different to the guy who cleans the toilets. Well you are being used, exploited – any other word.

Where are the calls for the end of war, end of wage-slavery, those are the class interests, not fighting for the scraps that trickle down? Class Unity.

There is no new narrative – just class and their enemies.

I learned one thing George. There is a term for all the people who are causing confusion on the internet dividing my class – the Dark Money Network. But remember, George, even though the mainstream media, MSM, are not funded by the Dark Money Network, they don’t have to be because MSM is already 1%.

The only people who are not 1%, Dark Money or MSM, are the grassroots and their organisers who have maintained their integrity and discipline throughout. I thank them, and call for greater class solidarity.

George, we all must earn a living. Have you compromised with the above? I really don’t know.

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Posted: 11/02/2018 by zandtao in BigTech, Struggle, War

It is sick the way they are creating confusion.

There is Yuval. He is wise enough to understand the world is fabricated by stories, he uses vipassana to see through the stories, but because of his lack of right view he makes a catastrophic error. His failure to see that there is beyond the intellect – beyond the arrogance of home deus – he concludes there is nothing. He concludes organisms are algorithms.

This is all that AI wants – BigTech, an academic to latch onto for their robotic incursion. Call it humanism, say that God is outmoded as this bearded being above the clouds, but dismiss the pure essence that is humanity, creativity, insight, the muse. Who is searching for this essence? Who is looking for love?

I grew up with stories, these were stories built on fear in middle-class suburbia where all were frightened of war. These stories wanted stability because people were frightened. Now there is no fear of war in the West. Whilst the West is permanently at war that war is exported, there are only a few who are soldiers because war is fought with technology. War does not hurt the West, so the West feels no pain and is not afraid.

But deep down everyone is afraid of blowback. No matter how many intellectual constructs are put forward, deep down the West knows it is guilty of waging war with impunity. Until …. Refugees. For maybe a decade war was fought with impunity, now the implications are returning to source. And more stories are constructed. There is a return of great nations, MAGA, Brexit, ….

But all around is confusion. Stories conflict. Truth does not matter, so long as the story we are comfortable works. Liberal stories are reinforced by mainstream “reasonableness”, the mainstream mocks the ignorance of the right, and Liberals feel validated. Of course these Liberals do not condemn war because their societies are based on war.

At the same time populism drives people to their own media where they are also validated. In this case the populist ego talks of pride, chauvinism, heroism and superiority. It talks of stories of ways of life, of bygone eras, of fictions, of myths, ….

These confronting factions are starting to create a living hell of confusion. Voices in the wilderness cry for unity whatever, but for most it is unity behind their flag whether it is Liberalism or Populism.

And this confusion is a forewarning of dystopia, Trumpocalypse. More and more stories are fantasies of apocalypse, it is as if we are being prepared for it – in the same way as I grew up expecting a Cold War. Did I want the Cold War to happen? NO. Was I prepared for it to happen? YES, in some way. Ian Fleming had prepared me.

Where is the story of compassion? Where is the story that in essence people are compassionate? In havens. In places where people are forced to hide so that they can be compassionate. More and more this is apocalypse, people hiding away whilst the dominant stories drive us to apocalypse.

Why don’t we make our stories positive? Why aren’t our main stories about finding compassion? Because there are no profits for the 1% in compassion. It is so simple to see through these stories if we choose, the message is hardly hidden.

If there is a 1%-apocalypse history will only say “why were we so stupid to accept these stories?”

But remember none of these stories matter deep down to you if you choose. If you participate in the stories you become attached, and they hurt. What if you don’t participate? What if you look at the stories and say, they mean nothing. Go beyond the stories and find happiness. The stories bring sadness, participating in the stories entraps you, move away – move beyond, there is still peace. Essence is beyond stories, essence is the home of peace. Find that home.

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Revisiting Confusion

Posted: 23/12/2017 by zandtao in Finance, Freedom, Insight, Science, Struggle
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In this post I discussed the role of confusion, I would now describe it as the new internal strategy of divide-and-rule colonialism. If we are confused we cannot unite against the 1%, it is that simple.

There is no confusion in Unity against 1% but we have been turned against this Unity. There has always been one-issue campaigning such as anti-racism, feminism, and pro-LBGQT, but this was usually done under a leftist umbrella that was vaguely socialist. But liberals have lost their socialist base and see their campaigns as more important than fighting the 1%, more important than fighting wars-for-profits, more important than fighting wage-slavery. As a result Liberals bought into the neo-liberalism of Obama, laying the grounds for disgruntled white working-class privilege that swung the balance in favour of Trump. I think there are sufficient indicators to say that it is not just a racist backlash against Obama, if these people had jobs they might well not have swung to Trump’s fascist populism.

Once the 1% got beyond Trump’s unpalatable populism, they found that they could gain from his rhetoric leading up to this horrendous tax bill. This article describes measures to promote support for this bill even when it has been passed. I suspect worse in the New Year as the GOP misuses their control until mid-term changes will perhaps alleviate their misuses of power. If such an analysis is correct then it is unlikely that Trump will get to a second term unless the 1% concertedly provide the jobs Trump has promised. In which case there will be further problems. What is worse for me is that the Democrats remain totally neoliberal, so if mid-terms go as predicted money will be put into democrats for Hillary. And she has become such a divisive figure. There needs to be a Bernie-backlash to turn back all the Trump “legislation”, the 1% will not allow that.

Trump has a “deplorable” support base who are becoming more entrenched against the liberal whining in the media. Whilst 1%-MSM fan the deplorable-liberal divide, both entrenched camps don’t get out of their comfort zones of Breitbart and righteous liberalism respectively. No Unity there.

But so far I have not considered the confusion. Fake News has become a popular slogan, and it is a major platform for confusion. It cements the new deplorable-liberal divide as Trump and Breitbart continue to define MSM as Fake News, and liberals accept 1%-MSM as mostly truth. But the strategy of Fake News does far more than cement this divide, the strategy creates a confusion where few know where to stand. Most people stood by an ideology but Fake News has undermined ideological standpoints by creating doubt. And this doubt has been fanned into hate – PCpolice-hate, feminist-hate, Liberal-hate, anti-SJW, Marxist-hate, collectivist-hate.

Concern about political bias in news is of course not new, but there has never been such a concerted strategy to cause such confusion. The BBC is well known on the Genuine Left for its bias as typified by its banning of Liar Liar by Captain Ska; plausible banning but biased. The BBC falls in line with MSM when discussing Occupy or the 1%, but on liberal issues they tend to be OK. “War-for-Profit does not exist and people are not exploited as wage-slaves” BBC The BBC offers liberals a place of employment, and is regularly attacked by anti-liberal sentiment such as the right wing and racists – to whom they give time because they are unbiassed. How long did they take to come to terms with Corbyn? But if you knew what they were about they were reliable. With Fake News everything is questioned. Previously the right accepted the BBC bias that was in their favour, and played the game. Trump has ended that game with the confusion he has caused. The right want the BBC to move to the right, to end the generally-accepted degree of supposed unbiassed BBC reporting, and just support right-wing bias. I am sure the establishment are as dismayed by this confusion as anyone else. Confusion is destroying an accepted fabric of society. Personally I don’t mind the confusion as the liberals will have to question what their whining achieves, and at the same time right-wing intellectuals who have some compassion will have to question why they are in bed with deplorables. But with the prevailing ignorance and lack of understanding of the right-wing and the power of its funders, there are major risks with this confusion. Prevailing social fear reacts to anarchy with military oppression, if the ensuing mass confusion turns to violence then there might well be increased daily military presence. What will happen to right-wing libertarian freedom then? Where will be your revered choice at any price?

As usual in education there is the unquestioning mainstream acceptance of liberal righteousness. Here:-

is a student methodology for examining Fake News. As described in the third and fourth steps news is not fake if it is accepted by consensus. But why not take the opportunity to question the fakeness of education – the degree of conditioning, why not examine our histories to see their bias? However in the current climate I would be a fool to advocate this because 1%-funding of views would just lead to a lurch further right. It is claimed that young users can see fake news in facebook, but do they really? Or can they just see the fake news that liberals see, and ignore the fake biassed infrastructure that I have been aware of all my adult life?

But Fake News is only the tip of the confusion strategy. Sceptics are legitimately questioning science, questioning is a legitimate part of scientific method. But instead of that questioning adding to the scientific process, it has been turned into a destabilising mechanism by finance. With Koch investment, climate deniers have gained a limited amount of credence. Trump supporters have been deluded into thinking Trump’s 1%-position over the Paris Climate Accord is in some way legitimate.

This 1%-undermining of science is a serious problem because instead of science being seen as a bank of knowledge there is now confusion as to any form of scientific verification. Science is now FAKE SCIENCE. But what is worse is that because scientific verity has been undermined ignorant pipsqueaks who have seen a youtube clip think they are equipped to discuss science. Whatever indoctrination occurs at university the level of academic knowledge that makes up a degree does compare somewhat favourably with a youtube clip.

Unfortunately science has already been hijacked by the 1%. Medicine was hijacked by Rockefeller and Carnegie towards the end of the nineteenth century (culminating with the Flexner Report) so that natural medicine was eschewed in favour of profit-oriented patented medicine as part of any medical degree. As a consequence of the confusion vaccines have been questioned, and right-wing intellectuals offering people the choice over vaccines is very dangerous to global health. Science should be questioned and resolved in-house amongst qualified scientists applying scientific method rather than entering the populist arena of profit. Scientific method is sound and needs to be respected. People need to return to accepting sound scientific judgement.

Unfortunately science has equally allowed itself to be hijacked by finance. Scientists wanting jobs are directing their research towards what will be funded, and as most funding comes from the 1% through technology for defence or gadget-profiteering, BigFood, BigPharma there is little genuine science-for-science’s sake. Knowledge per se has no value in the 1%-system.

Quantitative method has been extended to qualitative method especially in social science. Case study methodology is being promoted and whilst there are checks and balances desire for funding status or simply job-retention can leave issues of integrity behind. A case study draws inferences from what a few people say, is it science to draw inferences from what Trump says, from what Breitbart says? Is it science to accept a funded professorial watchlist such as Turning Point?

And then we have the absurdity of science-based medicine’s rejection of acupuncture because the research is too compelling and potentially unsound because it is non-western.

Confusion is now being blamed on the Russians by the right-wing. Obviously I have no personal knowledge of so-called Russian meddling, I am not sure what they will gain. I suspect it is just a tactic for the 1% to remove Trump when they choose. There is a rule of thumb in social analysis. Look at who it benefits. Confusion is benefitting the 1% and their main current stooge Trump. Confusion is lurching the world to the right, and again the 1% benefits – more war, more wage-slavery.

To end this confusion good people have to stand together with their only common value – compassion. End ideologies, just stand for compassion. Why do compassionate people hate liberals? Because they perceive ideology before compassion. Let’s end this divisive support for ideals that divide – be compassionate. If we are compassionate we are not compromised by ideals that put us in the same camp as deplorables. If we are compassionate we do not fight wars-for-profit, if we are compassionate we do not view fellow humans as wage-slaves.

End confusion, be compassionate.

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