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Let’s begin with Run from the Cure. This guy is talking about hemp oil as a cure for cancer. I have doubts about this, but the film offers testimony – of course they are crackpots??? How many crackpots does it take for the observations to become science? My problem with it is not the usual problem. I perceive cancer primarily as a degenerative disease based on lifestyle, so when I hear testimony based on macrobiotic lifestyle (as compared to the hell Farrah Fawcett went through) I tend to go for it – healthy eating has certainly helped me. Maybe there are quick cures but …. Listen to these people, and then start to ask why haven’t the cancer societies sponsored research into hemp?

Partly that was answered in the clip. Legally the moviemaker was prohibited from distributing his “hemp oil” as it contained THC, and THC is apparently the psycho-active substance that people smoke marijuana for. The “hemp oil” was made from marijuana so the clip-maker had his plants taken by the police, but the “hemp oil” was in a syringe and often enough rubbed on the “disease” so no psycho-activity could take place – it seems to me. Morphine is used as a controlled substance, why couldn’t this “hemp oil” be used similarly?

So that is a taster on the issue. In this very short clip there is just science. Basically cannabinoids are supposed to destroy cancer cells. Simple as that. They are supposed to destroy cancer cells. Watch the clip (from Forbidden Knowledge TV):-

Is this science or pseudo-science? I can’t answer that, I don’t trust science anyway – they are in the pay of the 1%. But when you add to it the info given by Rick Simpson in “Run fron the Cure“, there is a lot to be answered.

Here is more info from the documentary “What if cannabis cured cancer?”:-

And here is the documentary:-

Title What if cannabis cured cancer
Starting historically this movie looks at the healing properties of cannabis and gives evidence that it can help with cancer. Decide for yourself.
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
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Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
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Myles, thanks a lot. I still don’t think Thrive Exposed was that sound analytically but what you are talking about is sound. “A small group control the world because the most superior resource on earth (Hemp) is illegal.” I am certain the 1% are blocking use of hemp, blocking the use of cannabis as a possible cure for cancer, but it does surprise me that hemp is grown in the UK as the 1% have the UK under wraps.

Hemp, Cannabis – Starting Point

Posted: 08/04/2012 by zandtao in Big Food, Big Pharma, Health
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I have a lot of learning to do and a lot of unlearning. As there is unlearning it is useful to describe starting points (this blog contains no facts or understanding about hemp and cannabis):-

1) Hemp

Hemp, cannabis, potato – potahto, pot, ganja, marijuana, weed blow etc. It’s all the same. But I have heard of clothes made from hemp.

2) Medical Marijuana

If it works use it, the question is the evidence. And sadly that evidence is skewed when it comes to the cancer industry – see Healing Cancer from the Inside Out, Health Page, Gerson and Burzynski. Because of the 1% control of science, the fact that medical marijuana is not allowed to me does not mean it is not effective. But as cannabis is banned should they be argueing for its use? Isn’t morphine an opiate? Morphine is legal, opium isn’t. When I was a teenager there was talk of cannabis, but people were sniffing glue. Now teenagers take all kinds of prescription drugs recreationally, there is not a clear line. When such a line is not clear I begin to consider the motivations of the 1%.

3) Marijuana recreationally

Having been an alcoholic I am biassed when it comes to this. Alcoholicism is seriously debilitating, and because it is socially acceptable even more so. I am now clean so I don’t believe in any form of recreational drugs. I had limited experience of cannabis when younger, I never smoked so couldn’t inhale it properly. Most of the time I took it I had been drinking and the two don’t mix. The next day I was wasted but not hung over – I could work much better the day after cannabis. I believe it is legal to buy cannabis in Amsterdam, and that there are limited problems. I believe that cannabis is a starter for hard drugs such as cocaine, heroine, or whatever they are taking now.

Those are my starting points, it is time I did some learning.