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Posted: 18/05/2018 by zandtao in ONE planet

The last words of the were “follow the path of Gaia”, I want to begin exploring more what that means. Throughout the Treatise there have been ideas of Unity and ONE planet, and the idea is integral to what the Treatise is about, but perhaps I need more meat on the bones.

I am wondering whether there needs to be a greater shift than what I have described in pathtivism Ch 24:-

Let’s consider the Russell Means use of the word “European”. I have discussed this before here, but I want to examine it again – I haven’t reread what I wrote. We have “Europeans” who are divided in proletariat and bourgeoisie. What divides people in these two classes – ownership of the means of production. Money.

In Ch 24 I argued that we must move away from the focus on money, Marxism could be described as greed for the proletariat vs greed for the bourgeoisie. Of course in today’s era the 1% have definitely dominated the class struggle, and their accumulation is probably far more than Marx ever imagined. As a European I want to struggle against the lynchpins of capitalism – war and wage-slavery, so I remain within the conditioning that I grew up with when I am involved in this class struggle. Through pathtivism I propounded moving away from this conditioning, and I am now suggesting we go further. It is not class struggle but struggle for Gaia. The class struggle only has integrity when it is fought within the paradigm of struggle for Gaia. Or as Naomi would describe it when being led by the indigenous – Love for Gaia.

When I worked in the mass movement trade unions were involved peripherally in wider struggles, in my time I liked to think there was an improved international focus. But when push comes to shove the trade unions were only interested in improved wages. In the NUT there were all kinds of education issues such as class size, workload, etc., but the only one all members were mobilised on was increased salaries as a result classroom issues continued. Whatever “Europeans” might say it was about money. Whatever “nice white people” say about caring what matters is their lifestyle – house, car education etc.

Here is a clip of indigenous people talking. Although as yet I don’t understand the “blood quantum” the issue is land. Because the issue is land and what the 1% can use to make profits, I see the demise of indigenous people. Some call this “the progress of civilisation”; I don’t see any progress, I just see the 1% taking for the sake of it. Whilst I support their rights to the land I see it as inevitable they will lose it, whatever delusions, legal or otherwise, the 1% will present us with they will take the land they want. Indigenous peoples will be assimilated when their lands have gone.

But what about their wisdom? This is the wisdom of Gaia, idappaccayata as Buddhadasa would say, this wisdom is so important. If we don’t try to practice this wisdom then we will suffer the consequences. I don’t see Gaia dying but I do see that Gaia could change so that humanity doesn’t survive; Gaia, life, could survive but humans don’t have to. We already see this change in climate, and because of investment this is now being denied. Therefore it will worsen.

Underlying all activism needs to be respect for Gaia. The 1% are expanding their accumulation at the expense of Gaia, we are being exploited at the same time. If we then demand more money without taking it from the 1% where does it come from? Each other or Gaia. Somehow for the sake of Gaia we have to end accumulation.

Focussing on greed alone only hurts Gaia, and is dangerous for all. The class struggle is sound because it is concerned with existing finance and production, but the 1% are continually expanding and the class struggle does not fight that. It needs to, I would argue that is the priority – prevention of expansion. Ending accumulation. Supporting ourselves – supporting Gaia; compassion, compassion for Gaia.

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