Reason and Decency

Posted: 16/05/2018 by zandtao in Insight

A friend recently lamented the loss of reason and decency “The most depressing thing politically for me is the retreat from reason and decency in current events”. This friend has always felt there are closer links between reason and action than I do.

To me there has been a retreat but not from reason and decency, that I never considered was there in politics, but a retreat from paying lipservice to these values. I am no defender of Clintons or Blair but they would pay lipservice to values.

I consider my people “nice white people”, and I have never considered that reason and decency to be characteristics of their voting patterns. Far from it their votes are based on fear delusion and lifestyle. They are frightened of change because they see change affecting their lifestyle, and believe traditional parties will provide economic stability. How they rationalise their voting when it comes to Trump and Brexit I have no idea.

Let me be clear, within their families and communities these “nice white people” are decent. As I have pointed out their voting is not reasonable, but other than politics I feel you could appeal to their reason. How do we encourage these people to change their voting patterns? These “nice white people” have always been in bed with war but they are now publicly in bed with deplorables – I understand that Clinton tactic that badly backfired. I don’t understand why the “nice white people” in the community I grew up in are not ashamed to be associated with deplorables. As I am not afraid of change I don’t understand why they are so afraid, but I do know they are.

I don’t understand how these “nice white people” accept moving away from paying lipservice. Maybe it is because they are older and still feel the fear of the Cold War, something I certainly grew up with. Maybe “Reds under the bed” is still attached to Corbyn and social activists. Maybe they see the deplorables as a passing phase.

I recently met an alt-right, and his mindset completely turned me. He was lacking in humility, compassion or any desire for human spirit. Whilst my community’s voting patterns are despicable, these are not people who lack compassion provided their lifestyle is not under threat. This alt-right guy threatened that. But ego-driven financial upstarts have always been accepted as a necessary evil by my community – I guess they somehow feel the system controls them. But this borderline-deplorable doesn’t in any way represent the people I grew up with. They would help each other, I don’t see this alt-right being helpful. Maybe he helps alt-rights.

Nice white people have a loose and varied relationship with religion, and this religion does provide some level of decency within the community – if you ignore their voting patterns.

As described in Ch 24 I do not see existing political activism having a future. The reason of right view cannot combat power. There might be a possibility of appealing to compassion and decency to change voting patterns, however their media will never accept that Corbyn is decent because he is lefty – a modern-day red under the bed.

Changing political activism from appealing to greed is not likely to happen, and if it does it will take time. My “nice white community” would always say they are compassionate – although that compassion does not extend to welcoming non-white neighbours.

The sentiments of my friend’s description of retreat I would agree with. How much worse the world will be without politicians having to pay lipservice to values I don’t know, but for me the world has changed for the worse in the last two years. Non-white communities in the West are suffering more harassment because decency is not publicly required – it used to be required publicly by PC-authoritarianism but censorship does not bring personal development as can now be seen.

But the real suffering in the world recently has been in the Middle East, I have no idea whether their suffering has worsened in the last two years. I fear it has.

I would support any calls for reason and decency to become mainstream even if it is hypocritical lipservice – I would support small mercies.

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