Not Make Enemies

Posted: 15/05/2018 by zandtao in Struggle

In the last blog I discussed a 2001 interview with Eckhart Tolle as part of someone’s effort to promote conscious activism; the interviewer seemed very sound – sadly now dead. Much of the interview was in line with my pathtivism approach discussed in Ch 24:-

Conscious awareness is the priority, activism is often too full of ego thus preventing conscious activism. I noted that activism can make people aware of suffering and therefore improve conscious awareness.

One aspect raised is that activism should “not make enemies”. I would postulate that for many Eckhart is already an enemy because of his approach to egotism and compassion. I would describe Jordan Peterson as a right-wing intellectual, here is a quote from his wiki in which he attacks “PC-authoritarianism” as characterised by a “group known as “social justice warriors” who “weaponize compassion”.” I question whether such a position would include Eckhart as an SJW because of his promotion of compassion.

I had a very distasteful meeting recently. I heard of someone promoting permaculture, and invited myself over. For me permaculture is the agriculture of Gaia, Ch25, so I had hoped to find a kindred soul. We had made contact through facebook messenger, his a business facebook page, mine the personal. So with genuine intentions I arrived at a meeting with someone who was trolling me – trying to bait me. I didn’t get angry, was often confused by his position, and left the discussion shattered; I doubt I will see him again. It is only in retrospect I understood what went on, I have become too reclusive.

I had met an egotist with a closed mind who had no interest in what I had to say but was only interested in baiting me. It was he who mentioned Jordan Peterson, and I further note that a significant premise of Jordan’s discussion (if his wiki page is representative) is that communism was responsible for the deaths of 100 million people. Even when I was in the NCP there was only begrudging support for the Soviet Union simply because it was supposedly communist. They resisted Gorbachev because they saw perestroika and glasnost as destroying the union. They were right but if such human awareness is going to destroy something it deserved destruction even though what has replaced it is far worse. Communism was not responsible for the deaths in the Stalinist era, Stalinism was, as was the capitalist blockade. Without imperialist reaction to the Bolshevik revolution there might not have been all the deaths. Communism could be compassonate as at its core is the promotion of the interests of all the people. But Bolshevism has to accept responsibility for an oppressed people who were not ready for the revolution. Bolsheviks, putting ideals before people. But communism killing millions is not a fair assessment.

Whilst it is always good to have your views genuinely questioned, such hostility is uncomfortable – especially if there is no intention to engage in dialogue. There is no integrity in trolling. I should note as I have said previously PC-authoritarianism is unacceptable eg this. But what kind of situation are we in where people asking for compassion and social justice are decried. We do not want confrontation per se, attacking people who disagree is totally negative. Having the moral high ground is not enough we have to care for people.

Unfortunately blame rears its head. Under the prevailing system people are losing their limited wealth, their standard of living. At the same time investment through the Dark Money Network is trying to move that blame away from its source, even the egotist I mentioned above accepted the 1% as the source of the problem. Attacks on social justice are not based on humanity but based on there not being sufficient cake to go round because the 1% have taken it all. Social justice ought to be in all our interests but it is manipulated in order to turn the blame against the 1%. Of course this blame is not helped by Antifa violence and PC-intolerance, where ideals are put before people.

In the polarised climate of 2018 “not making enemies” is not as easy as it was in 2001 at the time of the interview. I suggest that conscious activism is however more urgent. The increased polarisation in western politics can only cause more suffering, and therefore conscious activists promoting compassion before ideals are far more of a requirement than they were in 2001 – or when I was active in the late 80s.

Rational arguments can now not be won because the 1% have determined that sufficient investment (as with the Koch brothers and climate change) can deny science – or any previously-accepted rational understanding. Conscious activism has to recognise this and determine alternative strategies. Mindful consuming is one eg BDS. Confrontational approaches based on greed cannot now work as mass movement has limited power. And people are scared of losing what they have, they are not voting with reason, they are voting for fear. Fanning that fear with Antifa violence cannot help.

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