Fear Delusion and Responsibility

Posted: 10/03/2018 by zandtao in Insight, Struggle, War

In this blog I attacked the white middle-classes that I grew up in, and whilst they need a jolt my criticism was not accurate. I accused them of contributing to the war devastation of the 1% because of their greed and delusion. I think the accusation of greed is unfair.

OK the white English middle-classes have more than their fair share when compared to the poor in Bangladesh, this is an unreasonable comparison. And to be honest the money that most middle-class people have accumulated is not the issue. Whilst they might well be greedy and seeking more, the money they have does pale in comparison to the 1%. Just one of the 1% has the wealth of 100000 or maybe a million of the middle classes I am critical of. No matter what the egos of these middle-class might tell them the interests of these people lie with the class that is not 1% – 99% or proletariat.

It is much fairer not to describe these people as being particularly greedy but more that they are afraid of losing their bit. It is this fear that dominates their approach. Their fear of losing their bit formulates their political approach. They accept the devastation the 1%-economy creates globally for their two up-and-down, sanctuary from the poor, sanctuary from starving and sanctuary from racial disharmony. Their racism is institutional or cultural. The system provides them with a set of myths that threaten their homes and way of life, big black guys raping daughters, hordes of Muslims riding camels through their backyards, swirling scimitars and stealing garden gnomes. For most of these people they have not been hurt by the results of racial tension, bullying at school, mugging etc, but the fear for their home translates to fear of blacks – racism etc.

This fear fires acceptance of the delusions that enables the stability of the current system, enables the continued accumulation by the 1%. Their fear connects change with loss of their way of life so whatever change is mooted on whatever moral grounds it is rejected, they accept delusional arguments for stability rather than change.

A major consequence of this fear and delusion is what is done in their name. It is governments of western democracies (NATO) that are spreading war and terror globally. Whilst I consider Blair an evil man – and guilty of war crimes, he only did the same as every other British leader; he got the British people sufficiently in line to support the Americans in the Gulf. The middle-classes didn’t particularly want to support the Americans but they went along with it because it was the system and stability that mattered the most to them. The deaths were not as important. Their fear and delusion allowed them to give responsibility for their actions in a democracy to a government that was not acting for them.

The whole basis of their way of life is tied in with this abdication of responsibility. They would never do such things but the Americans can, soldiers can, mercenaries can. Their fear is disenfranchising, their vote has no component of compassion, their view is limited to keeping their way of life at almost any cost. As a result they hand over their moral integrity, their human responsibility to governments whose actions enable 1%-accumulation primarily through war-for-profits.

Greed is a small factor in sourcing the problem. Whilst many middle-classes would choose greater wealth and would be prepared to work for greater wealth. It is more a question of losing what they have that drives them into accepting the delusions stability offers them. For the promise of stability they give away their moral integrity and human responsibility to leaders who enable 1%-accumulation. Middle-classes are not free from greed but that is not the primary mover like I said here.

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