Cycle of Violence

Posted: 19/02/2018 by zandtao in Struggle, War

My heart goes out to all the people who suffer from violence, any form of violence, but especially state violence. How can any rational society sanction violence except as a last resort? Then when we examine the root causes of so much state intervention and see that it is for 1%-profits, we have to scream. And when your family is killed by state intervention violence, who do you hit back? There is no-one to hit back, and terrorism is born. Then when those same state interventionists declare a war on terror ie indiscriminate war, how do people hit back?

So much was heard about the Manchester Arena, but what about MOAB – after this podcast on the Manchester Arena? The mother of all bombs was dropped on Afghanistan last year, how many people died because of MOAB? Do we know? Where was the media outcries? Did Under the Skin have a podcast?

When acts of violence happen “randomly” we blame craziness.

Mass school shootings happen regularly in the US, everyone except the US knows that it is to do with the availability of weapons.

The UK government accepts that a high proportion of British revenue comes from the sale of guns. When I grew up people selling guns in war-torn areas were seen as the lowest of the low, now governments sell. And weapons end up in circulation.

Countries that create wars for profits such as NATO are now claiming that the people who commit these “random” acts are crazy. A state can sell arms and create war – this is legitimate and sane, but individuals are crazy.

Same old, same old, Russell. Forget your Essex roots, and promote non-violence.

You ask what can be done? The number of acts of Muslim terror are proportional to the amount of state interference violence, the number of troops and the number of drone attacks. There is an intuitive statistical correlation – real stats somewhere? Think about the numbers. Reduce the state violence and you will reduce the terror attacks. Mathematical logic. It is correlation just not linear.

If someone is grieving and they hit out at a family member we turn the other cheek. But when it is state violence we turn a blind eye to the state action, and blame the grievers for hitting out.

And there is a logic to the correlation if not the individual act. Every government who is committing this state interference is a democracy, vote for a government of peace and there will be less acts of terror – mathematical correlation.

Stop with the same old, same old, Russell. And why didn’t you have a Muslim person of peace on you podcast? Brad was a regular, Jonathan supposedly advocates peace but apparently has no connection to the incident, a Muslim person of peace would have had a relevant perspective.

I would not have written this blog 3 days after the Manchester Arena when Russell’s podcast happened. Two reasons:- first insensitive to families, second fear of British backlash – fear a bit, I live far away. But there’s plenty of the conditioned right living in Thailand.

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