Meditation not ayahuasca

Posted: 18/02/2018 by zandtao in Meditation

My formative years (early adulthood) was in a time greatly influenced by the hippies. For me the mid-70s was a tremendous time influenced by the efforts of these people to open up minds. I will be eternally grateful.

But I do not know what opening minds means in terms of drugs. For me the constitution of people is made up of aggregates (khandas) – rupa (body), vedana (feelings), sanna (memory and perceptions), sankhara (mental processes and proliferations) and citta (consciousness). How mind-blowing drugs affect this constitution I have no idea.

We exist in a world of conditioning, conditioning that is harmful, conditioning that prevents us from properly connecting with sunnata – with love. I have great sympathy for those who choose the way of drugs and ayahuasca to try to make that connection. And therefore it is with sadness I offer this warning, be careful.

One of the Buddha’s precepts is concerned with taking substances that maybe affect the mind. Before I was a Buddhist I was addicted to alcohol, this drug has nothing to offer – other than it is socially acceptable when not in excess. It took me a long time to readjust my mind and body to the after-effects of alcohol. But alcohol is not “mind-blowing”. What do mind-blowing drugs do?

I see a few people of the hippy time who I feel are disjointed, whose minds don’t feel holistic. It felt to me that in these few the drugs had severed the integrity of their minds, that is vague because I cannot say more.

I know nothing of ayahuasca other than Rupert Sheldrake, old experienced and seemingly having got it together, and Simon Amstell. I will not argue with those who advocate ayahuasca as I just don’t know. But it concerns me, and there is an alternative.

In the end there is nothing that drugs can offer that meditation can’t. Meditation is what nature has given us to find the path, use it. In my view it is better to gently unpick the conditioning through meditation rather than the potential risks of ayahuasca. It is harder work, not so romantic as a trip into the jungle with shamen, but meditation is safe and with discipline effective.

So I warn people to choose meditation over ayahuasca, but beyond this I cannot say as I haven’t touched ayahuasca. But remember the objective is the path, and not a wild jungle experience.

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