Wisdom in voice

Posted: 18/02/2018 by zandtao in Insight

In this talk Russell meets with Sophie Scott to discuss voice and laughter. Both have been very important in my professional teaching life. Whilst maintaining the emphasis on the need for conveying how the students do the maths technique, perhaps gaining some insight into problem-solving, I consciously used humour as a means of maintaining interest to varying degrees of success – low success.

The voice can also be monotonous, and I used the voice to engender interest in the subject matter – however limited. Even now when I am banging on, I can feel that the subject material is not of interest. Mostly I give up, but sometimes I look to humour.

I have talked on platforms other than the classroom, and was able to deliver a prepared talk. So somehow with other factors my voice has the ability to convey.

I rarely have conversations that are not meaningful, that are not concerned with change, that are not attempting to be ennobling. This is brick-walling since most of the people I know are not interested – people coming to rural Thailand to have a final fling with a pretty-ish and die happy; despite the myth this never happens. Many just talk of drink and girls – I don’t know them, others I know but are not really interested. This is a good environment for enabling a writer.

Voice and laughter are tools of communication, and communication has a main purpose – passing on wisdom about the path. That sounds a laugh when you consider the mundane (non-wise) way the voice is mostly used, at best to convey information mostly just gossip – often negatively so.

But I still maintain that the main purpose of communication is to convey wisdom about the path. And here’s the rub, we know when someone is wise. This is so important, we know wisdom when it is spoken. There is a faculty within us – insight, which we can use to discern wisdom. There is a phrase – “that has the ring of truth”, many professional people develop a nose for truth. I call this insight as well. When you are with a partner there are times when you know lies. These faculties of insight – sensing wisdom and truth – are never 100%, so are discounted by science for that reason – not being empirically observable 100% of the time, yet especially as we get older we know such faculties exist in others even if science doesn’t.

Sadly there aren’t methodologies for developing such awareness because education is dominated by a scientific method that rejects this approach to wisdom. We can possibly improve our own awarenesses by examining the accuracy of our insights, but insight is a faculty impaired by emotion etc. so it is not scientifically measurable.

But what insight can do is know when someone is speaking wisely, know when someone is telling the truth. Some might also call this insight intuition, but for me insight is a word with greater strength.

So how does insight know when someone is speaking wisely. I might attend a talk by Eckhart Tolle or Thich Nhat Hanh, and claim wisdom but that might well be cheating as they are wise people and the assumption that they speak wisely would require no insight. But we hear wisdom elsewhere, and equally there could be times when we expect wisdom and it is not there.

There are many spiritual charlatans and there are many seekers who are exploited – sadly some such charlatans who prey on followers sexually. Insight is the faculty to be used to discern such cheats but unfortunately people opening themselves up to the path are often vulnerable as upheavals can often signal stepping onto the path.

I suspect there is a character of voice that is wise, and that upon hearing this character we associate wisdom. The recognition of wisdom is not simply based on the statement made – otherwise we could just read books and hope that the words don’t pass us by. A voice can have wise character, if you are a person looking for wisdom then this character can be heard.

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