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On my Russell Brand binge I am listening to Anne Phillips – Under the Skin, but I’m afraid it didn’t get me. Because she is an academic her observations were interesting, but it just came across as that. I was left asking “how will it change?”

Where was the challenge? She was safe, safe again – that’s how I described “sausages” – Adam Harris.

There was a section in which she described different classes of women as suffering more under capitalism – low paid workers suffering; she did not say black women suffering. What different classes? The different classes the 1% want academics to describe so that the better-paid wage-slaves don’t identify with the low-paid wage-slaves – dividing the class. I think she even used the word elite to describe some of these better-paid women – again a nice obfuscation so that elite and 1% are not perceived as the same. It reminded me of the sentence in Glen Ford’s article “Similarly afro-pessimism only surfaced after enough black faces got comfy spots in the academy” – discussed here.

Anne makes some nice academic points through her powers of observation, and from her being well read. It is worth listening for that alone, but she has not picked up me as a follower – not that that matters. When I look at wiki she has done much in promoting gender studies, undoubtedly this is beneficial. Bell, is what she is doing revolutionary? I don’t know but it didn’t feel like it.

The talk just screamed liberalism, pleasant, considered, sympathetic liberalism. Or as bell would say, it screamed reformist feminism to me; I don’t know what bell thinks about her. And here is a common liberal position that completely negates any possible real understanding, she said there was no true essence. This is the sort of academic position that in my mind is ludicrous but in academic terms is not consistent. How can she ignore all the empirical testimony that there is a true essence? How can she say so many people are basically lying? For me she joins this crowd – science-based medicine; PAI – the paradigm of academic ignorance.

I am not saying Anne should follow me in the class struggle, but I am asking her to consider where she stands in bell hooks’ analysis – I am absolutely certain she knows the name and that she knows revolutionary feminism. I have looked a little at bell hooks here.

At the same time as I was listening to Anne Phillips, this appeared from Films for Action. Throughout this blogpost, and my blog in general, I use 1%-system, I could use bell’s terminology “imperialist white-supremacist capitalist patriarchy”.

Love is the most important thing, as a human being I have the right to argue in favour of love even if it has gender implications. Love is more important than money, it is more important than social status, the lack of priority for love in a capitalist society, in which economics is the direction, the accumulation by the 1% the priority, and the enslavement of all others to these objectives the methodology, needs to be changed. Liberalism demands a fairer share of the cake for all without asking for a bigger cake; this has inherent conflict and complies with capitalist ethos. Sadly Marxism is an economic analysis, it is an academic analysis that prioritises class but does not discuss love. Love is a priority over class yet at the same time there ought to be no conflict because love and class working together just means compassion.

Love is lacking in our relationships because the social direction is profit. In terms of relationships love is seen by the economics of society more as the consumer unit that follows from love becoming institutionalised as the “family”. But love needs to be the first priority. This becomes important when we consider children and career. Love and home is not prioritised in capitalism. When listening to Anne Phillips this priority became a concern when it came to discussions of family and career. She was concerned with career inequalities – totally valid, but appeared to tailor-make the family to facilitate this career. Love at home needs to be the priority for society, men and women, rather than an examination of the burden of child-rearing and division of labour. Historically the division of labour is important because women have been exploited; if women did work, historically they were expected to be mothers and run the home as well. But to view the running of the home as a potential obstacle to career is a different exploitation, it is exploitation by the 1%-system (capitalism). Change the emphasis in society. Work is there for the benefit of the species as exemplified by prioritising the home for love within the family, the love between the woman and man, and between children and parents.

I make a specific point concerning the maternal bond, a bond that many women speak of but not something I can understand more than by observation. Sadly in discussing this I am making similar arguments to the right wing, and whilst where they take it is not where I go it concerns me that I am saying similar. Anne describes a specific woman-time, pregnancy, childbirth and breast-feeding. But following this there seemed to be a cut-off point in which parenting became child-rearing and therefore equal division of labour. It seems to me that the maternal love that is built up during pregnancy, child-birth and breast-feeding needs to be considered for the sake of the children. That love will not go away if the mother starts work but somehow that love is a priority for the children.

53% of white women voted for Trump, a sexist exploiter of women. Why? Is it because they are sheep who follow their men? NO. Is it because they want their pussies tickled by famous exploiting men? NO.

Is it because they see their homes threatened with the changing of society? Is it that they see the traditional role of women as mothers as the home-creator threatened by reformist liberals who demand intellectual ideals before what these traditional women see as human compassion? More so, I think, but of course I don’t know. I am prejudiced against people who put ideals first, they are a human disaster, but that makes me a radical compassionate socialist and not a chauvinist. The intellect is a major threat to compassion, and love must be first; sadly at the moment it is a distant second.

As a human being I have a right to call for love and compassion to be first before profits and 1%-accumulation. If such a priority were accepted by society, I would have no right in discussing how women deal with the priority as it affects them. Unfortunately because of the 1%-system there is a limbo in which I am asking society including women to prioritise love and compassion. For me that is putting class first. I have not read where bell puts love and compassion, but her revolutionary feminism removes the 1%-system that perpetuates 1%-accumulation. With patriarchy there cannot be love.

Russell has clearly stated that he was caught out-of-his-depth on occasions in discussions in the past, and that he went back to academia so that he would not get caught out. In academia you get the opportunity to read quality writers and you can read academics, I draw a distinction in principle but not who in practice. The quality writers, often referred to because they are originators, educate because their creativity has connected with consciousness, presence, the muse or whatever. But in academic circles there are well-read people who throw references at you to obfuscate intentionally – it is a tactic of arrogance; throwing references is academic method. Ignore this tactic, ask them to explain in lay language; if they can’t it shows the flaw in their position – they don’t understand. If they can, maybe the reference is worthwhile, but don’t be defeated by academic BULLSHIT. I started this binge with people who were beyond academia – even though Rupert Sheldrake is in academia; maybe Russell had moved on by then.

He fawns at the word professor, I just hear system-player – although I am sure not in all cases. And to be fair everyone has to earn.

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