Libertarian Delusion

Posted: 02/02/2018 by zandtao in Democracy, Freedom, Struggle
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I am too often critical of libertarians but I have to be because they are intelligent and give credibility to the naked greed of the 1% which is currently masquerading as the Trump presidency. There has to be freedom, but it must be freedom as in compassion – freedom from suffering for all. For some libertarians “for all” is forgotten, the fierce individualism “shines” through, and freedom from government interference is all that matters.

Under Trump the 1% has reduced government but very specifically – in areas that don’t affect 1% profits. Many libertarians quite rightly are concerned about the state of the planet, they know it is necessary to protect the planet, but regulations and government departments that do this protection are not being funded – under the reduction of government platform, and the consequences for the planet could be drastic. And to protect coal and fossil fuels there is now a 30% tax on imported renewable energy solar panels. There is a consistency in this protectionism with MAGA but it is damaging to the planet. [If I knew more I suspect there would be examples where removal of protections have benefitted the 1% – presumably that would also be MAGA]. And, of course, protectionism is not consistent with libertarian principles.

It is time that all libertarians remove any credibility their intellectualism gives the Trump administration, and question their political allegiance. Libertarians, Trump is using his deplorable base and your intellectual credibility to push through policies to benefit 1%-accumulation to the detriment of the planet and humanity.

This is not freedom.

But if libertarians did question, what would happen to their funding?

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