US hegemony and Neoliberalism

Posted: 27/01/2018 by zandtao in ONE planet, Struggle, War

It is always worth listening/reading Black Agenda Report for the clarity. Here, Margaret Kimberley, is talking about the African branch of the US hegemony, AFRICOM:-

I have nothing to add to what she is saying. As a black person she is critical of the Democratic black caucus throughout; that is for her to say. I have no wish to single out the black caucus, I am concerned as to how little we hear of US/NATO expansionism in the west as a whole. That is a characteristic of neoliberalism, ignore the real issues of war and wage-slavery, and whine away about this or that at the cheese-and-wine soiree. In the UK we have to know that our NHS is n decline whilst military spending is increasing – under US hegemonic instruction.

Just a quick mention – BAR clarity again.

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