Love and Wage-Slavery

Posted: 22/01/2018 by zandtao in Freedom, Struggle

I fear for love.

Love is deep, powerful and the greatest force for good on the planet. This is not love as procreation, sexual fulfilment but love – deep meaningful love. Once found love is never lost even if the relationship where the love was found fails. Love persists in and beyond the relationship, it is as if the relationship kickstarts a dormant loving.

Finding love is never easy; it was never easy for me maybe for others it is different. My search for love began when I was a child at university where “love” was not love but passion and infatuation. Soon after leaving uni I broke through my systemic conditioning and once following the path was free to experience love. From that point at 22 I wore my heart on my sleeve as I searched for love. Two factors at that time prevented me from finding love, the first was an unusual level of personal immaturity despite following the path, and the second was the barriers in women that I met. These were women who put up barriers to love either because they had been hurt in love or were afraid of being hurt in love. These barriers saddened me then, they sadden me now, and it saddens me that these barriers will be increased however well justified.

When I did find love it turned out to be catastrophic, and at the end of the relationship in which I loved I was drained. After a few years I managed to grow through my pain and eventually eschew the pain body, and it was only recently that I accepted how important that love was. The love that I sought to express through one person has eventually become a love I can share with all. A love that I now know is so important and that I fear for.

For many people love is sought in the workplace but this is not a good place to seek love because the workplace is the place of wage-slavery. The workplace is a place of servitude. It is a place where employers feel they own the employees – servitude – rather than a place where labour is purchased. Within the workplace employees also feel that the workplace is for servitude, and therefore are willing to accept impositions.

Following the revelations that Harvey Weinstein used this servitude for his own sexual gratification, harassing the wage-slaves in the process, #metoo has seen a rallying cry for women not to accept harassment, for men to change their attitudes to what is harassment, and for all to change the climate that enables this harassment.

But this changing climate is perceived as the silence that enables such exploitation. It is perceived as a problem of the collective psyche where people do not stand up to the powerful exploiting for fear of their own situation.

But the efforts are only token. The harassers are not perceived as criminals and are going unpunished, much hot air is being expended but other than discomfort there appears nothing that is happening is bringing change.

The source of the problem is the wage-slavery, the level of servitude that means the harassment comes with the territory, and the fear that complaining will lead to loss of work – we are slaves and we have no choice about being that way.

If we are not wage-slaves then in the workplace we are colleagues together, and there is no pent-up frustration that leads to hierarchical position wanting to exploit.

So where do we find love? The work-place is a place of servitude, choice is not free there. At the disco there is limited human contact, so where do we find love? In this world of wage-slavery we are not free to find love. Understand the servitude that we live in, work against that servitude together, and search for love despite the impositions wage-slavery puts on us.

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