Accidental Anarchist

Posted: 22/01/2018 by zandtao in Corbyn, Democracy, Freedom, Struggle

This man is interesting, Carne Ross – TED talk.

But part of what he talks about is flawed. He calls himself the accidental anarchist, and it is worth listening as to how he reached that conclusion.

I have no issues with his conclusion. He supports cooperative collectives such as Mondragon and Porte Alegre (World Bank report – I have not read this). In the end he defines himself as the accidental anarchist because he supports such workers’ collectives, and he believes that government cannot work.

Firstly he feels it cannot work because of his first-hand empirical observations, and discusses complexity theory to justify how life is just too complicated for governance to work. Now I dispute this, not because of his empirical observations, but quite simply because at the moment government is working. Carne is making a fundamental error in his analysis, an error that I understand because he chose to work in government out of a sense of belief. But the fundamental error is that government is intended to be run for the benefit of the people, this is simply not true. Historically in the UK government has always been for the powerful. Government began as monarchy, and then under Cromwell became a government for the rich elite. British government has never been democratic. Carne’s empirical observation of the business backdoor is useful to know, however it is not a description of a failing government but a successful government. Now in the UK the government is working for the 1%, and Carne has described this; this first-hand empirical observation is useful to know. But it is not a description of a failing government because the government was never intended to be for the people. Iraq was his crisis of conscience but the Iraq wars were always wars for profits. He observed failing democracy but he did not observe failing government because government is not for the people but for the 1%.

I do not however support an electoral democracy where the voted party will supposedly act beneficially for the people. There are too many forces working against that. People have to take their power back through ownership of the means of production – workers’ cooperatives. And it is possible that there will need to be an umbrella government organisation driven from below by these cooperatives, Carne accepts this.

In the interim it is necessary to dismantle the state that is controlled by the 1%. This can be done by voting for forces who are working positively in this direction, such as Corbyn. If Corbyn were to be working to enable workers’ cooperatives then that would be most beneficial for the people of the UK. However he might be into socialist government, and despite good intentions that is probably disenfranchising.

But I still hope for Corbyn, and would want all to support him including Russell Brand who might well have a cult following and has asked people not to vote. Russell had an excellent interview with Carne Ross that I watched first – but it is longer.

But anarchy has risks. First of all there are forces of anarchy at work now, primarily in the US but also in the UK, and these forces are right-wing. Their purpose is to create confusion, and with in the state of confusion the 1% are able to exploit more. Here Chomsky, an anarchist himself, describes how these forces with Trump as distraction are controlling government and enabling 1% exploitation through deregulation of the beneficial such as environmental protection. The article talks about deep state but it is 1%, why not use 1% or bourgeoisie. Because the forces that are causing the confusion are the 1%, and they don’t want to be exposed; deep state is a diversion the 1% are in control. Libertarians in the US are a particular problem because they seek freedom, freedom from government, freedom from regulation, but because they have no control of the 1% they are simply creating the conditions for the 1% to increase exploitation. An interim government would be needed to hold back the forces of the 1% who currently control the market and are privatising the military under their control. A properly-directed government, a democratic government, not just electorally-democratic but genuinely-democratic, is needed to fight off the 1%, it is the manipulations of the 1% that create the complexities that Carne studied.

So whilst I support Carne and his workers’ cooperatives some of his developmental reasoning had flaws. Our governments are not for the people.

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