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I have been binge-watching TV over the New Year as the beach is crowded and there are drunks on the road. Valor is one of these binges, there are many messages that make my blood curdle, but it is interesting trying to see the plot turns. I was hoping it was another American Odyssey where I enjoyed Anna Friel as Odelle Ballard.

If you watch TV with any amount of credulity, then you are just going to add to your own already-burdening conditioning. Valor is typical establishment pulp. The heroes are the members of the armed forces, in this case mainly two helicopter pilots and the colonel. There was one phrase which summed up the conditioning presented in this pulp. When discussing an attempted rape one of the heroes said something to the effect that the system gets many things wrong but our colonel will sort it out; as yet I don’t know if he did but his actions so far have been commendable (finished s01e10). The programme did not say that the system is meant to get it wrong, in our world justice is not intended although occasionally fought for and won by genuine heroes

The issue for army recruiters now is that it does not have to be mass recruiting, they only need a few to be soldiers because of the huge investment in resources. Only a few helicopter pilots are needed etc. But they want good people committed to the good old US of A. Valor is a poster show for those people because the two helicopter pilots are presented as good caring people, one coming from a “broken” background who the army helped straighten out (something it does do to some extent). Hence Valor is good establishment pulp – recruiting thinking right-wingers for the services.

There is advice that goes round the left, if you don’t want to be conditioned don’t turn on the TV – news whatever. This is sound advice, I recommend anyone to follow it. Yet at the same time it is worth knowing what they are doing. They only now need a few dedicated soldiers, so we have programmes like Valor.

The theme throughout concerns the two heroes, even better that one hero is a woman in the forces. This is part of the recruiting propaganda. What happens around them is the storyline that interests me – the plot turns. The populist right-wing attacks the Deep State and attacks mainstream media (MSM), how do they do this in Valor?

The series begins as a rescue mission with the two heroes defending a prisoner from attack by a CIA man – killing the CIA guy. The prisoner was supposed to be Somali, turns out to be American, and the plot develops around him. (Spoiler) He was CIA, became an ISIS lieutenant, then goes underground and so on – twists and turns. The two heroes cover up the initial killing, and then go through crises of confidence as to whether they killed a man trying to kill a traitor.

Valor does not address the major issues. One of the heroes had PTSD after serving in Afghanistan, as a sideline the plot shows him developping the PTSD following an incident in which he tried to save an Afghan boy from an explosive device the hero had rigged up. Good heroism.

We need those soldiers to fight wars so programmes like Valor don’t question why the US has been in Afghanistan for 14/15 years, why they invaded Afghanistan that long ago to find bin Laden, why they didn’t leave Afghanistan after bin Laden was killed, and why America’s 1% has dropped the MOAB on Afghanistan last year. Throughout Valor it is accepted that US helicopters have the right to be carrying out operations in Somalia, why do they have this right? So the major questions are not asked, but the recruits they want don’t ask those questions. I am slightly too old anyway, but they wouldn’t want me .

There is an interesting MSM sub-plot. There is a captured soldier. I have just realised that throughout Valor this soldier is described as a POW – Prisoner-of-War. How can he be a POW when the US is not at war with Somalia? Of course the recruits they want would accept this POW status, is it accepted that he is POW because of the War on Terror?

The sub-plot is that this soldier is a Muslim. When MSM heard this there was a smear attack on the soldier that he was radical Islam. Of course the heroes rallied around him. There was an appalling media consultant woman in this sub-plot who tried to get the wife to play down that this army hero wasn’t an active Muslim. In the end the wife didn’t – good old army integrity again.

I enjoy some of these yarns because the writers have interesting story lines – at least to me. But when I watch them I know it is MSM, not the MSM that the populist right-wing refers to as that is confusion but the MSM that promotes the interests of the 1%. With Valor they are recruiting heroes, thinking caring heroes. You cannot present war as black-and-white – as in the old black-and-white movies, so a different enemy is needed – the Deep State. But what these programmes do not present is that the Deep State, as with government, as with the military are all controlled by the 1%. They are fighting wars-for-profits which benefit the 1%. At present these wars-for-profits are mainly against Muslim countries, although the War against Terror cannot officially define the enemy as Muslims – so it is only radical Muslims these programmes focus on. They do not of course focus on the damage that is done to all Muslims in these countries in the search for these radical Muslims.

Soldiers are presented on all sides as heroes, in a way they are. But in reality they are also puppets, puppets with some integrity, some caring puppets, but puppets nonetheless. But then as a teacher I was a puppet, a caring puppet, a puppet who tried and failed to make changes but nevertheless a puppet. In this world of wage-slavery when are we not puppets? When do we control what we actually do?

We choose to work or not, is this a choice? Once this choice has been made, we compromise, at many stages we are forced to compromise our own integrity just to keep our jobs. The good part about Valor is this decision-making, once compromised what decisions do they make within the storyline?

Sadly the real decision of going to war in the first place is beyond these day-to-day heroes.

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