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Posted: 05/01/2018 by zandtao in Democracy

Caring is an emotion, compassion is intelligent or wise. When I am asking for compassion to be the benchmark of electoral decision-making it is not simply caring that is required. There is no doubt that liberals care in some way, and it would in their terms be reasonable to say that the compassion benchmark means vote liberal, but I am not supportive if that liberalism lacks wisdom. It is unintelligent liberalism that has been used to divide us in recent years. It was the recognition that much liberalism was satisfied with caring yet being unintelligent that became the mechanism that the 1% have used to divide us. Race, gender LBGQT are contrasted against white privilege, working people are divided and Trump gets in; this is unintelligent liberalism. Compassion is the benchmark but we have to be clear that this benchmark of wisdom is not the same as that of being an unthinking do-gooder.

I met a Dutch racist and he described situations with regards to Muslims that to me sounded like blind liberalism. I am unsure about the truth of what he says because of his racism, but it is worthwhile to consider what he says in order to clarify what I mean by wise compassion as opposed to divisive, liberal do-gooding.

But before I discuss anything to do with Islam, refugees and racism, I have to place it all in context. All European peoples sat back and through the NATO alliance have allowed 1% wars-for-profit to decimate Middle-Eastern countries, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen and drone-bombing of Pakistan. The money, Americans and Europeans earned, were taken as taxes and used to bomb these countries, and their countries gained wealth accordingly. This Dutch racist is not innocent, he was quiet whilst the Dutch did this. What could he have done? A life of struggle against his government is the only answer, he did not do that.

Here are the myths the Dutchman presented to me, I have no idea how true they are:-

• In Holland they have a welfare system which gives Dutch people a certain amount of money each month, plus a settling-in allowance that apparently refugees buy cars with.

• His attacks were primarily laid at Moroccans who he claims takes these grants, own cars and sell drugs. He claimed the Somali people were similar. I don’t understand any Moroccan refugee status.

• Because they are Muslim the Dutch have to accept a month, in which Muslims are fasting – Ramadan and then celebrating the end of the fast – Eid, as a month in which Muslims don’t work.

• He said that there was an adequate education system that enabled second-language students learn Dutch if they chose. He said there was a combined programme of attending an integrating school (for language) and normal school, but these Muslims chose not to learn.

I want to be clear, these sound like typical racist stereotypes. But if they are true they also sound like typical Liberal stupidity and are very sound strategies for dividing the working-class.

It is stupid government practice to give non-indigenous more money than indigenous, this can only cement division. Refugees unless there are legitimate reasons must go to a new country and find labour to provide for their families. As immigrants it is incumbent on them to learn the language sufficiently to be employable. When I think of the situation for refugees in the UK schools I was in, there was no adequate provision. This Dutchman whose Thai child did learn sufficient Dutch argued there was provision in Holland; I am not sure. Lack of language is not an excuse, lack of language provision is.

I have heard this Ramadan argument before. I have no idea what efforts are made to legitimately accommodate this religious practice but I could imagine liberalism would go totally misplaced. From an Islamic point of view I understand that Ramadan is fasting to cement communion with Allah. Despite fasting Muslims in their own countries are expected to fulfil normal working practice without complaint as part of their devotion. They fast from dawn to dusk, but like Xmas religion has been taken over by commercialism and within their own countries there are celebrations at dusk during Ramadan. But this dusk celebration is cultural rather than religious and is frowned on by many devoted Muslims. It is not a religious requirement that time off be given for Ramadan. At one time in the desert in Oman it was a hot day during Ramadan. I met this man who was on his last legs, refusing water and barely capable of doing his job. But he did the best he could. No favour was asked, an element of human tolerance is of course reasonable, but no favour should be obligatory.

In Oman they gave me Xmas Day off, if the school had been open I suppose I would have had to work Eid – quid pro quo. I had to work Saturday and Sunday, I had Thursday and Friday off. There was no question, if I did not accept this then I didn’t work there. In Thailand I am not sure but I don’t think Muslims work Friday but maybe they do. Using Muslims on Sunday save companies double-time!

These are religious issues that need to be addressed by government, it should not be at the discretion of the employer. I am certain that in the UK the issue is fudged and as a result causes much division. There was no division in Oman, I worked Saturday and Sunday or I didn’t work. I didn’t get a handout if I didn’t work.

This problem of liberalism is far from new. Being out of the UK I thought this problem had dropped away but in fact it has been cemented as a tool of division especially under Blair. Race became a big staffing issue in my Brixton school. It had been a girls’ school and when I arrived it was run by what I called the fur-coat brigade, there was a need to turn the staff male and multi-racial – more than half the students were black. The issue came to a head when a black chair of governors was appointed. Soon after there was a black appointee as deputy-head. In her job practice she demonstrated that the appointment was because she was on appropriate race committees. She was targeted for her incompetence. As an individual she might have merited such attacks, but the reality was that there had been many careerist appointees in the school whose competence should have been questioned, but none of who were targeted because they were not black. Intelligent compassion appoints based on merit, and if policies of positive discrimination or affirmative action are to be applied than they have to be followed up with appropriate professional training to ensure that the job can be done. Unfortunately the issue was just divisive, as there was no training and competency was an issue.

What is important is that the situation concerning race be clear. Liberals are not clear. Ultimately if they have their jobs, their homes and a good education for their kids it doesn’t matter. Liberals are not usually employers, but they apply regulations for government. As a consequence they might well be in a position of confrontation with employers. What they will not do is confront Muslims as they would be afraid of being seen as racist. So what is a clear practice in Muslim countries becomes an issue with a prevaricating Liberal regulatory system.

Issues concerning women’s clothing are ludicrous and again could be resolved with intelligent governance. Personally I think calls for removing the headscarf are racist. French lunacy over the burkini is horrendous. In some families they wear facial covering, I am unsure about this, but it could again be sorted out by clear intelligent governance.

With all of the above issues, behind is the huge problem of white racism amongst some whites – too many whites. Racism is a relentless division in western societies. Even if there were intelligent compassion concerning government regulation, racists would seek to cause trouble. But if intelligent compassion was the benchmark, these racists would be seen as the troublemakers they are. Because of prevaricating liberalism these nasty deplorables have got a foot in, and the rising populism on the right is making it far harder for these woolly-headed fools to cope. And the increasing bleating is obvious.

In our societies people take where they can, if they don’t they don’t survive. This is the way of the 1%-system and its conditioning. If a refugee comes to a country and can survive without working, it is reasonable to expect they will. If indigenous people can get away without working, they also will. The 1% make huge profits and spend their lives on yachts, in men’s clubs or in the golf club. Government has no control over the 1% who refuse to pay taxes, but they should make it clear to refugees and other immigrants that they are required to work, and should apply considered intelligent compassionate non-racist regulations as conditions for work. Work regulations should not be racist but fair, and seen to be fair by all people if they choose to see. Intelligent compassion, intelligent regulation.

In Holland my Dutch friend said there were less and less opportunities for work. His 1% are taking huger profits through automation, are giving less and less job opportunities, and the refugees are becoming more and more a target. 1% wins again because the Liberals are happy with their jobs, are just do-gooders and do not apply intelligent compassion in governance.

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