Class War Lost!!

Posted: 10/12/2017 by zandtao in Freedom, Struggle
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Boy, have we lost the class war!!!

The 1% are having a field day in the US, look at the tax bill. That is such a big win. And barely a Liberal whimper, just the usual ongoing Liberal bleating.

When did they realise that promoting Liberalism would be so effective?

Post war death of the youth had led to a necessary leftwards move in the UK, becoming the hegemony would have to have great trickle down benefits in the US. But all my adult life I have just seen a worsening of the situation as wealth increasingly accrued to the bourgeois. When I left the UK at the beginning of 93 I lost a continuity with the UK struggle as travel became a way of life. In the UK from 93 the Labour party Blaired and there was the rise of liberalism in the UK, wiki describes it as moving the party to the centre but really it was the rise of liberalism in Labour – new Labour. Until the crash in 2008 and the move to austerity under the Tories.

There was no internet then so I was much less conscious of the US struggle – albeit recognising the hegemony. The presidencies oscillated through to Obama where there was the major rise of US Liberalism. In the US the crash produced the great hope of my lifetime – Occupy, but rather than cementing a change in the worsening situation it fueled a powerful right-wing backlash as the 1% became fearful of being the target of Occupy. Funding of right-wing organisations on the internet proved to be such a powerful move as we can now see globally the impact of this funding with the rise in right-wing organisations and their populist filth.

The key overt characteristic of the Liberal power under Blair and then Obama was the failure to deal with the jobs situation amongst the traditional working-class. Whilst the Republican and Tory homeowners (middle and upper-class voters) tend to ally themselves with the 1% because they think the 1% will have their back, a significant proportion of voters amongst the working-class moved away from the Liberals.

When these working-class people claim the Liberals have taken their jobs there is an element of truth, ostensibly there has been a move from manufacturing and cloth-cap jobs to Liberal employment. The nature of the workforce is changing because of automation where more profit is made in the first world by using machines than expensive human labour. The increase in employment of the Liberal bureaucracies became the target of this working-class anger rather than the source of the problem – the 1%, who throughout my lifetime have vastly increased their wealth. America’s economy has for a long time been based on cheap migrant labour so racism has always been a factor but with the loss of working-class jobs that has also produced a racist backlash.

In the US that focus turned on Obama but the problem with Obama was not the colour of his skin but the failure of his two administrations to address the issue of the loss of white working-class jobs. The failure lay with his promotion of Liberal values whilst ignoring the two issues Liberals always ignore – war and wage-slavery, the two essential platforms of the 1%. Whilst Liberals now bleat about the good times under Obama, the reality is that his time of continuing neoliberalism promoted war and did not address the issue of the changing nature of jobs. And we are paying for it now.

Trump’s populism promotes the racial angle because of his voter-base but his rolling-back of Obama liberal policies is not because of personal racial animosity (that he does have) but because of their limiting the profits of the 1%. Everything he does promotes that interest but the Liberals bleat away. So there is the tortuous public display of Trump’s deplorable behaviour that appeals to his fanbase – the deplorables. And the MAWPs buy into the 1%-lies, lies funded on the internet.

When Trump came to power there seemed a hope that the 1% would not back him because of the instability he causes; they were wary. But the confusion Trump causes enables the 1% to move in and grab. Defunding of liberal agencies and watchdog committees, the tax bill and moves against net neutrality and deregulating Wall Street are in the pipeline.

Meanwhile there is the Trump-orchestrated bleating that is deafening in its silence about the real issue – the increase in 1%-accumulation caused by Trump’s supposed anti-Liberal policies.

A deafening silence about the 1%. Especially just 6 years after Occupy such a deafening silence.

There is no power in Liberalism just the chimeras of intellectual ideals. When the 1% wanted to wipe out Occupy it just happened overnight – no power. Where is the power? In collectivism. But Liberals are not collective animals, they stand up for individual rights or human rights – again ideals. They do not understand or believe in the power of the mass movement – the only threat to the 1%. So in my lifetime with the rise in liberalism there has been a decrease in the only power that has a chance of working against the 1%.

Why am I writing about losing the class war now? There were issues that triggered this understanding. The main one was the tax bill, and the manner in which it was passed – before the vote did we know what was in it? The second is the increase in the acceptance of immorality as characterised by Roy Moore’s upcoming election. And for me the control of free-thinking at universities through Turning Point was frightening. It is clear to me that there has been a coalescing of right-wing forces using Trump as a figure-head since the beginning of his presidency. What began as a voting alliance has now turned into a united right-wing platform. The 1% has seen the confusion caused by Trump, it has not affected their profits especially now with the tax benefits so they can go with it. In the past it was accepted that stability was needed – Theresa May’s sound and stable mantra, but confusion is not affecting their profits so they have allied with Trump.

Why am I also talking about losing the war now? Amongst his supporters are the deplorables, Republicans voting against Liberals, and balance-voters – good people such as MAWPs and some of the “53% white women“, they have got to be thinking of change. Since his election good people have got to be having regrets, however Liberal bleating is maintaining their voting position; there has to be doubts. And overcoming these doubts would be so easy now – the 1% giving jobs. After the gains the 1% have made I have no doubts in the final year of 4 there will be a notable increase in jobs – despite what Trump has said there has not been an increase so far.

So it comes down to brinkmanship, how far can things go before they will stop allying with Trump? Look at the NRA. To maintain their profits they will stop at nothing. The almost unique characteristic of US mass shootings don’t lead to a change in gun laws and control, so the death of Americans does not matter to them – only the death of their own; school shootings do not occur in private schools, they are not politically-motivated. 1%-money funded both sides of the war that grew out of promoting fascism in Germany. Such a war I think is beyond the brink. Civil war in America would be beyond the brink but shooting black people by police is not. Wars in the Middle East are fine by 1%-standards so alienating favoured Muslims by promoting the zionism of Israel through Jerusalem as US capital is also not beyond the brink. Further Middle East war is not beyond the brink; Iran?

Where do we go from here? The traditional understanding of “our idealism is better than yours” is a failure, it is just division. I think the answer lies with compassion and morality. This comes from the deep understanding that we are all one together underneath, and that oneness is compassion. But we are a long way from that compassion. At present the compassionate are divided by their ideologies, and compassion uses ideologies to divide. For example I am a committed socialist as a series of ideals but within socialism there are people who put the ideology first before compassion resulting in the 1917 Soviet revolution. What it produced was better than the Tsar but how much? Communism has at its root compassion but not how it is applied? Capitalism putting profits before people does not have compassion at its root, neither does accumulation to the 1%. With adequate funding it is always possible to find fault and focus on that fault.

Compassion is difficult at times. How do we consider compassion when science tells you that a baby cannot feel until 22 weeks yet US law now says sperm at conception has life. I have compassion for life. Farmers can be compassionate people but actions such as mercy-killing appear without compassion. The issue for me about abortion is the rich (right-wing) telling people what to do, they are not taking responsibility for their actions (as well as the young woman). If a young woman in difficult times cannot look after a child and wants to lose it, then the rich could pay. But forcing the woman to have the child and for it to then become a burden on a burdensome life lacks compassion. The decision-making has to be compassionate, ideology has no solution.

Nothing publicly that is happening now is compassionate. Trump shouts anti-liberal rants, he has power, Liberals bleat back; it is just confrontation – intentionally. Meanwhile 1% are raking it in, and we will pay later. None of this has compassion.


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