Helping the Conditioned

Posted: 04/12/2017 by zandtao in Freedom, ONE planet

When looking to helping the conditioned there are two aspects, first making people aware of their conditioning and second explaining the tools Gaia has given them for dealing with conditioning. Much of my rant was because in all the weeks of discussion neither of these came up because the people weren’t interested – one out of complacency and one who has given up.

There is no doubt that I should not allow myself to get frustrated with people but there is so much to be gained by being free from conditioning and in these weeks of frustration we never got near any of it. A conditioned mind is like a prison, I have no right to say that as I have never been in prison, but when the mind is empty it is free, it is open, it can look outwards, but when it is conditioned it is trapped into responding with knee-jerk reactions such as calling liar on verifiable facts because those facts are uncomfortable.

This first port of call in removing conditioning is looking inwards. If we say there is brainwashing this is not looking inwards, it is an observation. Looking inwards is concerned with grasping the notion of brainwashing, unravelling and letting go of the brainwashing. Without looking in there is still brainwashing, saying there is brainwashing is just a litany – it has no meaning until the mind is applied to unravel and let go. Once that happens there is the elation that is freedom of mind as mind loses all it is impediments, its imprisoning. and opens up to the wonder that comes with being free and open to emptiness.

The removal of conditioning never stops because the conditioning process is always happening unless we become adept at stopping conditioning. Allowing myself to become frustrated was a conditioned response. Being free from conditioning allows the mind to touch the joy that is emptiness.

Being free from conditioning allows the mind to experience compassion, compassion that is at the basis of all caring. It is this compassion that brings with it the understanding of unity, the understanding that we are all together as one, and to see the ludicrousness of our politics that just continues to divide, divide through greed, divide through ideals, divide through the lack of inner journey, divide through apathy and complacency, divide through conditioning.

If this compassion has a downside it is the perpetual duty to help the conditioned when the situation arises. It is not possible for me to stop, and I end up frustrated when the help is rejected. Hence the rant. I know there must be frustration, I accept that. Writing is better. It can be explained, I can pretend there is reading, listening and understanding. I can pretend the conditioned are being helped, are becoming aware of the conditioning that they help themselves.

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