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Posted: 17/09/2017 by zandtao in Meditation, Struggle
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All of these words describe me so I am a MAWP, but I have become complacent about my MAWPness. My studies have led me to bhavana meaning mental development through more meditation. And was focussed a lot on MAWP during my first increased sitting.

It started with an encounter where a climate denier gave a plausible scientific account. Now this MAWP has always been quietly arrogant, the sort of intellectual who enjoys superiority if you get angry. Well I did get angry, and will look into that later. This MAWP was too arrogant to see that this plausible denying account was targeted at people like him, people whose intellects were arrogant enough to believe that they could see through such pseudo-science. Such pseudo-science was designed just for MAWPs because a MAWP cannot say “I don’t know enough”. He was fooled by this denial strategy.

This MAWP has a reverence for science possibly because he was not an academic success. He could not accept that doctors were imprisoned by their wage-slavery and that mainstream doctors could not advise Gerson, Byrszinski, cannabis, macrobiotics or others as an alternative to cancer without losing their jobs. His being fooled led to typically intellectual contradictions where he could accept smoking and stopping if he got cancer, whereas he could not accept people choosing not to have chemo yet not seeking alternatives. He could accept the way his own intellectual ego was being fooled but could not accept others’ intellects being fooled because he was not fooled in that way.

I was a fool because I got angry. During the increased meditation I realised my anger was coming from my path. It was an egoic anger similar to the ego that has shown with the use of the word “awakening”. I am arrogant about my following the path, and was angry that this person let himself be fooled by the denier, be fooled into thinking doctors could not be imprisoned by the system, but could not listen to my wisdom. This is a bad anger, and I am ashamed. I have commented before about egos of people on the path including my own, but it is the first time I have been angry with others because of my own path. It is such an obvious self, why did I let it get a grip? If it has reached the level of anger, I have to be much more vigilant concerning my arrogance on the path – especially when dealing with people who are liberal intellectuals.

Bhavana also asked me to look at my own racism, and this was interesting. I have felt reactions to Trevor Noah, I liked him a lot before he started the Daily Show. And these reactions are of the form “Black Daily Show”. Now it definitely is the Liberal Daily Show – appealing to Liberals, but it is the fact that I had thoughts of it as the Black Daily Show and I did not completely dismiss those thoughts. Thoughts were of the form, where are all the white males who are fighting the system? So although that is somewhat better – in that it was about fighting the system, it was still concerning race. The issue of race has changed since I became aware of it, since I became anti-racist. Because I haven’t needed to address my racism in a white racist country for 25 years – except on the edge of South Africa, I have not updated. It is part of my privilege that makes me think more white men should be on. In truth I have no idea about the balance of activism, about the quality of understanding of activists, and I have a legitimate criticism of liberalism and PC. Put all of this together, and I have to be careful of being MAWP. At the same time because of the impact of liberalism, I have to be careful of who is a comrade, and whilst there are good people going on TN I cannot expect to see too many comrades there – it is still 1%-media no matter how much liberalism is put out.

I have noted the increased use of the words “white privilege” amongst black people on liberal media, maybe generally. I had seen such usage as an extreme black reaction but I now see privilege in me – mainly because I haven’t updated; can’t update because of my lifestyle?? With the increasing representation within liberal media, I have to address the competence issue. I supported positive discrimination or affirmative action but at the time noted that this led to people with less competence in positions. I accepted that. But this was 30 years ago. How much has this changed? If I am to see those same positions with the same glasses and question competence, then I am being racist or sexist or LBGTist. Back then there was a sense of MAWP being a patron of black people, but if seen in the same way now that is racism. I must be careful of this but I cannot know because of where I live etc.

It was a shock to see my arrogance about the path becoming so much of a self to create such anger, I need to be so much more aware of this. I like and will use the terminology MAWP especially when describing the supporters of Trump – now deplorables and MAWPs (and wives); there are now no good people supporting Trump or Brexit because of all the hurt the deplorables are causing.

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