Terminology Warning

Posted: 15/09/2017 by zandtao in Insight

The use of the word awakened was a mistake, there was too much ego.

Ego tricks us (me) so easily in its efforts to survive. There was a simple concept I was trying to illustrate, and that was waking up from conditioning. I specifically never use the term enlightenment, and defined the word awakened as the simple idea of waking up from conditioning. To me, and my ego, that sounded reasonable.

Yet I was aware that the word was used differently by very many people, that should have been enough to warn me off. But I got stubborn holding to my definition. But many who use the word bring the process of awakening from conditioning into disrepute, that should have been enough to stop me using the term but my ego got stubborn.

I have been recently concerned about people who have experiences associated with moving beyond conditioning. It is my view these experiences should be celebrated, and as such there is a danger of ego. I risked that because these experiences were so important and pointers to a better way of life beyond conditioning.

I was aware of ego dangers but still fell in.

I am going to change terminology to a much more neutral description. After I hit bottom I started following the path, my second spiritual childhood began then. After my second childhood I matured as a writer. I thought of the two childhoods as an awakening with sporadic experiences, but I now just want to describe this as following the path.

Celebrating these experiences, I follow the path.

What happens to adults, they get older and die. What happens to mature adults, they get older and die. But how is their maturity affected? This leads to the real question, how does their spiritual maturity develop?

How does a mature person develop spiritually? How does a person following the path develop?

Books:- Treatise, Wai Zandtao Scifi, Matriellez Education.

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