Ego – The Rise of the 21st century Anarchists

Posted: 13/04/2017 by zandtao in ONE planet, Struggle

I am not sure why I hadn’t seen it before but there is a very clear pattern to the global political manipulations – and that is ANARCHY. When we look at US politics this is clear because what we have in the president is anarchy.

To create anarchy is very easy if you are prepared to finance it. Let’s consider the fictitious Brett O’Keefe in Homeland S6. His populism was financed by a rogue deep state but was not difficult to do – internet, cable and a trolling boiler room. And yet in the fiction he became a powerful “independent” media. Sol Berenson’s analysis was also interesting, (40 second clip blocked by Fox) Homeland s06e11 starts at 16 minutes. CIA tactics – disinformation, street demonstrations leading to an elected government that couldn’t take office.

Throughout my life this sort of analysis has been associated with left-wing analysts advising a collective mass movement. This analysis was based on the understanding that the bourgeoisie’s only fear was a rising proletariat (as represented by the elected in Homeland), and that the collective had to be aware of machinations against it – the CIA tactics against the collective.

In the US the democratic process has always been well controlled. I am not a big fan of the hypocrisy of Obama but his term of office shows the way it has been controlled recently. Obama could not put forward any policies because the Republicans controlled the senate. “No gun laws” was the obvious example, the other was to remove Guantanamo. The advice of such left-wing analysis(above) was to demonstrate this establishment control, and through collective struggle enact change.

In Homeland it was the Deep State which was manipulating the political situation (in the movie a rogue deep state with rogue CIA director, a general and Israel in the background – a marked change from the pro-Israeli positions early in the life of Homeland). It was a Deep State of rogue individuals – a common “escape clause” when the system goes wrong; in this Homeland was true to its origins. And it is consistent with the new 1% paradigm, the promotion of anarchists.

As an aside the understanding of Deep State has been changed by this 1%-paradigm. In Homeland the Deep State is treated as an organisation per se but it is my understanding that left-wing analysis has always recognised the Deep State as the 1% in government. As part of the 1%-anonymity paradigm the Deep State is now being characterised as Obama, democratic, anything but 1%.

In my view (no evidence) Occupy scared the 1%, for the first time the political spotlight was put on them. The activists of the Occupy movement in its origins of Horizontalidad, in the Arab Spring, and Occupy movements globally pointed at the 1%, and sought to unite the 99%. This was a public attack that could not be allowed to grow, the 1% needed to deflect attention away from themselves.

And they have done this by promoting anarchism on the internet. It is cheap and easy to promote such anarchism, financing hardworking committed individuals with webcams, webspace and newsletters – even bots and boiler rooms. There is no need for the 1% to control these anarchists because their very approach carries out what the 1% wants – a diffusing of the power of the 99%. And the pc-police with their tactics of censorship and state control have walked into this anarchy-promoting political paradigm.

What is a fundamental characteristic of an anarchist? The lack of willingness to work within a collective, they are anti-collectives, anti-government, anti-state. Although they claim to be pro-99%, ordinary people, what they do is attack all collective organisations including those who do some work for the benefit of these ordinary people. Instead of the 99% working together, these anarchist egos call themselves activists, pull followers together, and are scattered fractions across the internet with a characteristic of mutual separation. Here is a workable Unity Platform typical of the sort of approach that could effectively work against the 1% but has no chance of getting off the ground because of these anarchist egos.

Look at the anarchy that has been created. In the US Trump is 100% a loose cannon. His anarchic egotistical approach to a nationalist agenda gets quickly knocked on the head with Syria. But that does not mean there is an end to the anarchy. His policies will continue to be all over the place. But look at the “independent” media having a field day discussing Syria, the attack was on 6th April; by today the 13th April the internet is awash with individuals putting forward theories as to the causes of the attack – false flags, deeper so-called analysis – warning to China about North Korea. The internet is simply easily-funded anarchist media – chaos.

Look at Brexit in the UK. The withdrawal from the EU has thrown British government into an anarchic state, it has no direction. EU laws are up in the air, and behind the scenes lobbies are working to control those laws – to the benefit of corporate tyranny (1%) against the interests of ordinary people (99%). In this anarchic state it is difficult for collective organisations to function and fight the powers of the 1%, and this is the achieved objective of the anarchic funding.

Is there a commonality amongst the internet egos? At first inspection it appears they are all over the place and that there is no commonality. There are egos on the left, egos on the right, but with no apparent commonality until you identify these egos as anarchist, and then there is a common thread – a move against collective action – action typified by Occupy. It is this characteristic of anarchy that is shown by the chaotic world we live in. And only one group benefits from such anarchy the 1%. Who can resist the power of their money but a united 99%? Lobbying increases, behind the scenes laws are manipulated to benefit the 1%. Tar sands, coal anti-environment have all followed from the anarchy that is Trump, and the only people who benefit are the 1%. And when you see the 1% benefitting you know there is a strategy it is just a question of identifying it – funding anarchy. The 1% now controls the internet with its funding. There is no need for concerted activity amongst the internet egos because their very separate anarchism is what creates the 1%-strategy and the climate for their manipulation.

And what follows from anarchy but agreed fascism – to control the anarchy. Infringements of liberty, a more controlled workforce, and greater profits for the 1%. How do we fight this? Collectivise, promote compassion and morality. Unity.

Finance – It is clear to me that “independent” media is being financed – we know mainstream media is corporate (1%). My own insignificant blogs and my website is funded by my pension – a pension gained by a life of compromise in teaching.

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  1. zandtao says:

    When working with the mass movement it was always hard to get action. It takes time for collective understanding to determine a strategy. This is why the anarchy strategy is working well for the 1%. Trump is unpredictable so collective action against him cannot mobilise – even if the mass movement were to coalesce over any strategy. This is all very dangerous.

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  3. zandtao says:

    Documentary maker, Adam Curtis, talks about control by confusion in this clip:-

    Same approach as promoting anarchy.

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