I am anti-racist not a PC cop-out

Posted: 30/03/2017 by zandtao in ONE planet

In the Unity Platform I have tried to make clear how important it is that we work together against the 1%. One particular tactic the 1% have been using lately is to put the Liberals and Left together, and classify the MSM, for example, as left-wing. I tediously point out that the Liberals and genuine Left have very little in common.

Because I put forward this anti-PC-police post, I received a reply from a friend that assumed I was allied to views that are held by racists. His post went like this (the documentary was Trevor Phillips on pc):-

“I watched the documentary, 45 minutes long, and i was in agreement with much of it. When you look at those students in serious discussion about nonsense and those low class right wingers, whom i also did not like, forced to exercise their right to freedom of speech in a field then yes PC. has gone mad and for many years already, i say.
When i last passed through speakers corner in Hyde Park it was dominated by muslims with words and posters full of hatred directed to us their hosts, White western Christians..
The atmosphere was cloying with threat. How can this be permitted?”

I sent a long reply presenting a view of the warmongering NATO alliance that is supported by our neoliberalist system.

People now see Liberals as anti-racist when in fact all they are are groups of people analising misuse of words.This obfuscation is the issue that these stupid Liberals have created. Because I condemn their short-sighted alienating approach with their nit-picking language myopia, someone can consider that I would support such statements about the Muslims at Hyde Park Corner.

Apart from the fact that Hyde Park Corner has never been recognised as a place for balanced opinion, in the scheme of things what does it matter if extreme Muslims are sounding off. And then a further assumption that I would be allied to someone who describes a cosmopolitan country like the UK as “White western Christian” and to consider that “White western Christians” would be “hosts”. This is because I attacked stupid liberals for their myopia.

Where is the big picture? Britain being part of an alliance that invades Muslim countries for oil and others. And in terms of racism against blacks a British empire that has invaded and exploited the resources of African countries (amongst others), built up their wealth because of this exploitation, and then complains when black people follow that wealth often at the request of the British government (Afro-Caribbean recruitment).

The point about these PC-police is that they are totally negative. They focus on language and ignore the war crimes because that is what the neoliberals want. They become a target because white people are legitimately angry at losing their jobs and see these liberals being concerned (apparently only) for the jobs of their PC “causes”. A democratic government needs to be concerned for all people, and if they have been then they need to consider strategies for advising people of this. How can these laughable people possibly be considered representative of an anti-racist position? OK, they were students – not worldly, but really??

Anti-racism has to recognise that non-white peoples are suffering (often being killed) as a consequence of NATO policies, these PC-police are not active in this anti-racism. Instead they focus on language and affected attitudes that alienate people who should be confronted with their own racism not for the use of language but for their failure to prevent their governments from participating in wars for profits.

Europe is now experiencing blowback. There is an immigration crisis, and there are no doubts in my mind that European countries need to accept these people as immigrants because of their NATO support. So should the US but they are far away so don’t feel the brunt. And there is blowback violence with the bombings. In no way do I support this violence, but I do understand people who are angry at the NATO bombings trying to say to the British people who deep down are compassionate “Why do you allow your governments to do this?”

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