Posted: 26/03/2017 by zandtao in Struggle

I have been unhappy with the recent obfuscation of political terminology, and activism is a word that significantly comes under that obfuscation.

There is a recent history that is so important in understanding the current division in politics. And that is Occupy. Occupy grew out of global movements of horizontalism (horizontalidad), and became prominent in the West with Occupy Wall Street. At OWS the terminology of 1% and 99% became fashionable, and people were uniting under a common banner. I remember personal anger at the time when a libertarian posted Occupy Thailand. It felt like he had appropriated OWS but instead I should have sought Unity. Occupy did bring the 99% together adversarially against Wall Street (to me Wall Street means finance corporations and the MIC). They developed an approach which negated previous means of diffusing mass movement approaches – see Occupy tag.

Significantly the 1% did not want the left and right to unite against them. Since Occupy, Liberals have been exploited as the tactic to divide the 99%. Liberals demand identity politics and have created a PC-police enforcing adherence. This has enabled a division to be created in which the mass movement left-wing approach has been submerged within a legitimate attack on this liberal separatism. Disadvantaged white people have been manipulated into supporting a right-wing populist whose very essence is an anathema to all that is compassionate and moral. And within 6 years of Occupy we have a huge and bitter division of the 99%, not just in the US nor just in the UK but everywhere that is neoliberal.

What is needed is collective action working together against the 1% and their manipulations. Activism means a call for and participating in action, it is not a discussion of political analysis alone. Yet that is what has happened over the internet. Typical of this is Activist Post. Look at the names of the people on the rreading list, but where do I read calls for action on Activist Post?

Unlike liberals I expect there to be conspiracy theory, the Deep State does act in the interest of the 1% and works against the interest of the 99%; here is Samantha Bee’s misguided discussion of Deep State. It is only recently that I have realised that many of the people informing of what I considered to be left-wing positions are actually members of the intellectual right.

But there are two big differences – nationalism and activism. Activism in my view requires activity – and not simply analysis. Analysis alone divides – creating divisions. Analysis whose purpose is to clarify appropriate activity is beneficial, analysis alone just creates frustration. So I ask Activist Post, where are your calls for action? Your first read George Orwell went to war for his activity, Naomi Klein was prominent in Occupy, and is regularly promoting activity. Analysis alone has no power, and can be misdirected as can be seen with Trump.

So where is the power in Activist Post? Where the calls for action? Are Activist Post on the Dakota pipeline? What about mindful consuming such as boycotting GMO, BDS – boycotting Israeli products, using the power of our wages and money to affect the actions of the 1%-corporations? Exposing conspiracies is legitimate but where does it take us without action? To the next conspiracy to expose …. and so on. Conspiratorial action will always happen whilst the 1% have control, and whilst they control the Deep State and the electoral process through neoliberalism. The only vain hope we have is to unite people behind a programme of activity that will take power away from the 1% and their puppets and back into the hands of the people. And this cannot be done by ideas alone. The internet is not real, it is a collection of information and ideas. If we vent on the internet we have done nothing real. Reality occurs when we carry out actions that affect the 1%, consumer spending that supports ONE Planet. Activist Post, where is your activity?

The greatest sadness of the internet is that people have been deluded into thinking the internet is real, that their participation on the net has a real impact, and meanwhile the power of the 1% has increased and the exploitation of the 99% has worsened.

Activist Post – be active – not simply analytic.

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