1% and The Political Spectrum

Posted: 10/03/2017 by zandtao in Democracy, ONE planet, Struggle

It is interesting to consider the political spectrum given the current state of politics. We might have the Far Left, Near Left – Liberals and Identity Politics, then one might begin with the right wing such as homeowners who think they are bourgeois. With similar views might be richer owners who also adopt right-wing views because traditionally it is believed that the right protect the economy – a belief that does not have any substance behind it. The views of these owners are not extreme. They might say that having a black neighbour would lower house prices, and they might fear a son or daughter bringing home a black intended, but these are not racists who would attack others – although they might well fear being attacked by black gangs. And then there is the extreme right, the National Front, the KKK, the English Defence League, white supremacists; it would not be beyond the bounds of possibility that these people would commit hate crimes. With this spectrum in play different people would talk about left and right relative to their own position eg as a non-violent far left person I would consider Liberals as right-wing, whereas right-wing intellectuals would consider Liberals as left-wing. This is a standard spectrum in which we consider politics is played out.

But there is an important question about this spectrum, where are the 1%? Their politics is concerned with exploitation and accumulation. They exploit the poor and low waged on left and right, and they take the properties and small businesses of the middle-left and middle-right, but for them there is no political analysis. They exploit and accumulate but in terms of the spectrum their approach is indiscriminate – they will take from anyone.

So if the 1% are not on the spectrum then it is easy to conclude that it is in all our interests on this political spectrum to end the exploitation by the 1% and prevent further accumulation on the part of the 1%.

We have been intentionally divided on the spectrum but by recognising that the 1% are not on the spectrum we can see that there is an identity of interest amongst the 99% on the spectrum.

Why don’t we all resolve sufficient of our differences to accept the Unity of the 99% and stop the 1% exploiting us?

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