Posted: 10/11/2016 by zandtao in Democracy, Freedom, Insight

When you meet the American ego it is obnoxious. When you watch Michael Moore in Trumpland you see that he has some grudging respect for them. It is like the realisation I had in South Africa, the majority of Trump supporters are like the whites in South Africa, they are like my father, they only care about what they can get for their family. Somehow they think Trump can get it for them.

For me Trump means “business as usual” but that is only in the strict meaning of the word. Business as usual not life as usual. Corporations will have a field day as the shackles of regulation and common courtesy will be taken off. If there is a Trump long-term people will die from environmental disaster such as Erin Brockovich.

Life is where things will change. In Thailand there are no regulations to protect the Farang, you take it or leave it. If you have money it is OK, if you don’t you take risks. Because Thai people are usually good to get on with, Thailand works as a place to retire – even with a military government. But in the US such lack of protection does not work. The bulk of the Trump election mobs are the worst shades of humanity, these racist sexist KKK morons will now be considered acceptable. The manosphere will rule.

But the bulk of Trump supporters are not this mob, they are ordinary white people looking after their families. What gets in the way? Short term – government and taxes. They do not feel they are against the corporations in general, business is OK for them. There are some business excesses of these corporations but mostly business is business is OK. They have not made the jump to understand that small business interests and corporate interests are not the same. They do not see that corporations have stifled them, they blame government rather than corporations or their demise. These people would deride me when I say socialists and small businesses have the same interests.

They see Wall Street as the enemy yet somehow they do not see that Wall Street and the Corporations are the same. They see Wall Street as Hillary – she probably was, Michael Moore – and the enemy to their small businesses. Hillary did not address any of these interests so she lost their votes – in Trumpland. On reflection Bernie stood more of a chance with their votes because he stood against Wall Street especially as voting for such a debased human as Trump with no sila will have hurt this type of Christian. But Trump appeared to stand for what they wanted, a government that will let them bring home the bacon.

But these people are deluded because America is corporate – not small business. Deregulation that will help big business will mean that the big fish will swallow up the small fish. Reduced taxes will hit the compassionate state sector and the standard of state education, healthcare etc will fall. This will hurt the poor and the small business. America is now for the unprincipled bully and poor people need to look out.

Why would foreign policy change? Trump is jingoist and business interests will control that jingoism to maintain the current foreign policy, drones make a profit, no US citizens get hurt, and America stays “great”. Jingoism does not require action, maybe it would require a response. But who would choose to go up against a fool like Trump – not even Putin.

The only thing that will change is US sila as the worst sorts of white humanity will be given their head. Whilst the small family tends to have good moral interactions with friends and neighbours they are ignorant of racism and sexism. The wife accepts the control that she maintains in return she does not promote feminism, black people and latins are unknown and the other – and fair game. These people have found it harder to make ends meet, and are hoping that Trump will enable that. Trump managed to detach himself from Corporate America in the campaigning but his corporatism will show in presidency – and his voters will miss out, ends will not be met. Tax reductions will buy them off for a short while. Any money saved in government expense will add to the profits of the bully boys – and not to these hard-working people. They have been duped.

They have been played, much like foolish Klaus. Why did regulations come in? Because Corporations can pay to implement them, and it helped break small businesses making them easy pickings. The regulations the Corporations want Trump will keep, the ones they don’t want will go – the ones that will help the poor. Regulations like that don’t come in because of pressure from the poor. Unleaded petrol came in when corporations could profit – not because it helped the poor, helping the poor was the sales pitch. Government is in the pocket of corporations, Trump will be as well. If he doesn’t fall in line they will squeeze him – or kill him; Trump is so obnoxious people will be lining up to kill him.

The American ego is just so stupid.

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  1. zandtao says:

    It is quite amusing to read the Economist to see how they are afraid of this loose cannon. “And climate change will worsen. The picture of Trump world is far darker for those outside the rich world than within it. Yet within, it is dark enough.”

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