Blame the liberals?

Posted: 10/11/2016 by zandtao in Democracy, Struggle

Everything Jonathan says in this article about liberals is true except for this lunatic conclusion:-

“Because real progressives are as frustrated and angry about the status quo as are the poor, vulnerable and disillusioned who turned to Trump. And they had no choice but to vote for Trump because there was no one aside from him in the presidential race articulating anything that approximated the truth.”

This is emotional childishness.

Real Progressives voted for Hillary, and worked for the existing engine of change – Bernie. How can you call yourself progressive when you support voting for racism and sexism and homophobia? You support voting with the KKK? Do you think these people will not increase antisemitism?

Jonathan, how many issues do you expect a neoliberal electoral democracy to put on the table at an election? The whole of capitalism, the whole of the system that supports the 1%?? Or just a small part of it? In this case human decorum that prevents the scourges of sexism, racism, homophobia and antisemitism.

How many progressive issues do you expect Trump to champion in office? When do you think he will stand against Wall Street? What will he ever do that works against the status quo?

Jonathan, seek the advice of experienced Jews in jfjfp.

Liberals (neoliberalism) support the Veil, this is an ignorant weakness. What did Assange do? Support Assange when he could get publicity. Will Trump say “thank you for the ammunition, please come to America – all is forgiven. Trumped-up sex charges will not hold traction.”? Yes wikileaks gained a platform and publicity, a platform that will disappear again now that it has lost its value.

Yes Jonathan, campaign against the Veil (neoliberalism) but not during an election, an election is a time for grass roots campaigners to take a public back seat unless they agree with tactical voting. Work with Occupy, Horizontalidad and others for truth, but at the right time – not when your voice supports fascism.

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