Maintaining the Veil

Posted: 23/09/2016 by zandtao in Corbyn, Democracy, Struggle

Forces within the Labour party are gathering in the next step of maintaining the Veil – the delusion of bipartisan politics exemplified by Tory and Labour in the UK. These forces have already damaged the Labour party because they manipulated the Labour party into a leadership struggle rather than take advantage of Tory weakness post-Brexit vote.

This leadership vote has been divisive even though most recognise that Corbyn was going to win from the word go. They introduced very divisive tactics such as the NEC refusal to accept voters many consider legitimate. It is now seen as a foregone conclusion that Corbyn will win the vote but the Veil-maintaining manipulation continues. Rather than seeking unity behind the democratically-elected leader, Corbyn, these forces are now militating behind a claim of “unelectability” – Saving Labour and Labour Tomorrow. Labour used to be a broad church as opposed to the balanced polarities (of left and right) conveyed by mainstream media of the Veil, and this breadth democratically needs to allow diverse groups – so long as they are “united” behind Labour interests. Because of the breadth of Labour this unity is difficult to maintain – consider the split of the right wing of the party when the Gang of Four created the SDP, a party that has effectively disappeared from the political stage even when merged with the Liberals. Having another right wing faction such as Labour Tomorrow or Saving Labour is a legitimate part of democratic inclusivity but it does make life difficult.

When considering the nature of such groups it is always useful to analyse the funding. In this Guardian article, New anti-Corbyn group is funded by former Tony Blair spin doctor,
the true nature of this group becomes obvious. The title of the article, shows that it is clearly a Blair group – a Bilderberg group. Backers include “Benjamin Wegg-Prosser, the former special adviser who now runs a consultancy firm chaired by Peter Mandelson. It [zandtao gifzbullet Labour Tomorrow] also took donations of £80,000 during September from Martin Taylor, a hedge fund manager, and Lord Myners, Gordon Brown’s former adviser.” Is there a mass movement credential here? Do any of these people have an interest in accepting mass movement direction? There are other Veiled stalwarts mentioned in the article but you have enough information here to believe me or not.

Momentum is a key link to what I assess as the mass movement – I cannot be sure of that democratic assessment without being on the ground. To read about Momentum is very encouraging but unfortunately all the Trot organisations I came into contact with in the 80s had good rhetoric. The problem was that their tactics were divisive. The Labour party has now become so controlled by the establishment that it is necessary to take a more radical stance and hope that the movement comes with you. This is why I support Momentum. The communist strategy (discussed within here ) of placing party unity first and policy second is not appropriate when the opportunists are so dominant; supporting unity per se was effectively using comrades’ energy to support right-wing opportunism – Bilderberg. Momentum leadership is aware of the forces militating against Corbyn (see article).

Contained within this same article is the real battle. The in-situ opportunists are trying to retain control, and are unwilling to subject themselves to democratic mass movement selection. Despite the mandate that Labour party members want Corbyn, these Wainwrights are still fighting Corbyn. Corbyn is angling for shadow cabinet positions to be voted for (by the mass movement) but the NEC is blocking this. My assessment based on their recent practice is that the NEC is definitely controlled by the Wainwrights, and the voting for new NEC members was decided by the NEC and not the mass movement (as discussed in the article). The struggle will have to go back to the wards and the slow change that mass movement representation will have to effect; it will be a while before these parliamentary opportunists will be supplanted – if ever given the prevailing mainstream environment.

Whilst these forces do their neo-liberal work the Labour party will suffer in the eyes of the general population especially when fed by the mainstream media. These Wainwrights want their Labour party, their opportunist way, or they are prepared to see it die – an irony when considering “Saving Labour” is the exact opposite of what they are doing.

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  1. zandtao says:

    Youtube clip about Momentum . Owen Jones writes for the Guardian, and represents the left supporting Corbyn. The clip shows mass movement!!

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