Purge of the Wainwrights

Posted: 18/09/2016 by zandtao in Corbyn, Democracy, Struggle

On 14th September there was an interesting move; the Guardian reported this move as “Jeremy Corbyn’s team issues list of MPs who it claims undermined leader”. I have previously described the Guardian’s position with regards to Corbyn, in the way that it supports the opportunists over mass movement representation. I am biased but it seems to me that the Guardian’s position is untenable. Examine the recent history of Corbyn:-

1) Corbyn was elected with a good majority.
2) Labour party membership increased after his election.
3) Corbyn’s limited Brexit position was not sufficient to create party disarray.
4) The opportunists supported a vote of no confidence.
5) Because of the no confidence vote an opportunity was missed to attack the Tories who were also in disarray after Brexit. What should have been an opportunity to demonstrate the longstanding Europe divisions in the Tories became division in Labour.
6) Hilary Benn from the word go had attacked Corbyn, and tried to divide Labour against him. It was reasonable to remove Benn from Corbyn’s cabinet.
7) Instead of seeking Unity Tom Watson continued to manipulate division within Labour.
8) There was a vote of no confidence in Corbyn – 80% against him.
9) Owen Smith has now become the focus of this anti-Corbyn movement, the movement of the opportunists, the movement of Wainwrights.
I am supportive of Corbyn but he does have a history with the Trots – I support him now because he has shown mass movement credentials; I do hope he has not developed Machiavellian tactics. Leaking the list is a feeble tactic.

But the real issue of division that needs to be understood is the division that Blair created. This is the division that separated the Blair opportunists from the mass movement. Corbyn represents the interest to unite the mass movement with ts parliamentary representatives again.

It is interesting that one of the claims amongst those critical of the “Corbyn list” is the fear of deselection. Why are they afraid of deselection? Is Corbyn afraid of the leadership vote? No, because the vote is mass movement. Why are these opportunists afraid? Perhaps because they manoeuvred themselves into power in the Blair era. I use the word “might” because my knowledge is limited but be clear a democratically-elected representative need not fear a democratic vote.

Here is an interesting Guardian article on Corbyn as leader, it cites his voting patterns as having been ratified by history. Does his voting make him a leader? In my view, no, it describes his position. In a democracy what makes a leader – the votes that make him an elected representative. In the situation of Corbyn his votes came from the mass movement, the parliamentary Labour party never voted for him. When there was a vote of “No Confidence”, it demonstrated the distance between the parliamentary MP’s and those that voted for Corbyn. When the vote is finally counted on the 24th the leadership victory will be clear. Amongst the opportunists there needs to be a climb-down acceptance of Corbyn as leader, Corbyn has opened the door for such already. If they do not choose to work with Corbyn it shows the true nature of their opportunism.

And that opportunism comes from a wider source. In this blogpost I have been discussing the voting within Labour as if it was part of an open electoral process. The reality in this Labour party election is the battle to maintain the Veil – “Lifting the Veil” movie, the delusion that the election process matters in terms of real power. Corbyn is threatening this Veil by changing the delusion to something meaningful if he were to get into power, this is the same fear that Wall Street has of Sanders, and it is also the theme of the book “A Very British Coup” in which Harry Perkins threatened the establishment. Within the power machinations around this Veil will exist genuine Labour MP’s who disagree with Corbyn – if their views are genuine democracy then entitles them their opinion. Those genuines then have a decision to make:-

zbulletEither to unite behind Corbyn for the good of Labour or resign from the Labour party allowing the mass movement to vote for an MP.

If they choose to remain in the parliamentary Labour party and fight Corbyn it shows their true colours. Those opportunists would not then be genuine Labour activists but pawns for the superrich who want to maintain the Veil, what might be termed the Bilderberg sanction. With the Corbyn vote almost a foregone conclusion now, it will be interesting to see who has the Bilderburg credentials.

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  1. zandtao says:

    Just a point on Bilderburg:-

    For me it is evident that Blair was aligned – look at his rewards and look at how he continues their work in the Middle East through the Quartet. I also suggest Brown worked with them. For a while he was considered successful when leader, and then there was an orchestrated campaign to get him out. Who came in? Cameron. And he did their bidding – austerity throughout and a Libyan intervention he is now beign criticised for. He should be criticised but be clear this was no Blair maiulation over Weapons of Mass Destruction, parliament was happy to go along with it. Now they wish to promote the idea that the carnage that is now Libya was not intentional, so Cameron is being painted as a demon. What will his rewards be? Let’s watch for his Executive BOard payoffs? Will he become the peace envoy for Libya?

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