Labour Exclusions

Posted: 10/09/2016 by zandtao in Corbyn, Struggle

I have been a member of the Labour party – not now as I don’t live in the UK, but I suspect I would now be excluded.

Firstly I support Unveiling the Veil (see movie “”Lifting the Veil”), recognising the fact that electoral democracy is a con and the delusion of that game damages the working-class. But if I was voting or were to join a political party it would be Labour. I would have joined under Blair even though I think he was a warmonger, damaging to the working-class, and a Bilderberg lackey. Blair was a traitor to the mass movement.

How did Blair get into power? He stopped Labour shooting itself in the foot by preventing people from making statements that the mainstream media could use to damage Labour. In some ways I understand that, I will never forget how angry I felt about Dianne Abbott making a statement that the Labour party was racist. Whilst I agree with what she said, I thought it was tactically so destructive in a run-up to a tight election. But Blair went way too far. Not only did he stop the extreme from making comments he enforced cloning within the party. This is now clearly demonstrated by the vote of no confidence in the parliament, the support of the Guardian for these parliamentary representatives against the Corbyn mass movement upswell. It demonstrates to me that the NEC is in the pockets of Blairite opportunism. For saying this I suspect I would be prevented from voting yet I support the leader of the Labour party.

What are the NEC doing? Do they not have the interests of the Labour party at heart? Is it a mass movement party or is it a Blair clone party? With all the damage they are doing are they destroying any chance of electoral victory? Where will that victory come from? Labour party uniting all the disaffected voters. These voters are angry people, these are people who have been dumped on by Blair suits and jumped at voting for Corbyn in the leadership election because he was the only one standing against clones.

There needs to be control of the Trots but that control mostly comes from democracy, the more voters there are the less chance a few extremists have. There needs to be policies that help ordinary people to prevent the lurch to the right represented by UKIP and in part the Brexit vote.

Look at the following, how can this help the Labour party?
How will Labour succeed if it continues to disenfranchise people like me

I have to take this blogpost at face value, in other words that there have been no other actions to be taken into account prior to the NEC decision. In truth it could be a genuine plea or it could be a trick from someone with a long history of inappropriate action. Also the article does not contain the contents of the retweet. But let’s be clear, many of the policies of the Labour party and the Green party overlap. Corbyn has promised to make the UK the leader in climate change, would that not be a Green party hope if in government?

It is 25 years since I was active in British politics and in the Labour party. I had the feeling at that time that the NEC had the trust of the rank-and-file, the mass movement of the Labour party. Maybe that recollection is wrong. I was not a member over the Blair years so I do not know how much his Machiavellian control extended to. But I have no doubts that if the NEC was powerful enough to affect his interests he would have changed it.

My real question is why aren’t these opportunists seeing the writing on the wall? Don’t they want to distance themselves from Blair? Don’t they want to distance themselves from warmongering? Whilst Owen Smith is making Hillary-Clintonesque moves to mass movement policies, his own personal political history is littered with Blairite opportunist decision-making including I believe support for the Iraq war. His job in BigPharma was shady to say the least. Do these opportunists not see that there is a large proportion of the electorate who are completely alienated from their version of politics – the Blairsuit version. The move to UKIP is not just a barometer of working-class reaction to an increase in racism but also represents a complete alienation from the party whose history belongs to them – or is at least associated with them and their Labour.

Here is an Op-Ed piece which describes an alienation that exists within the Left across Europe and the US. Radical people like myself accepted that voting for Social Democrat parties (the opportunists of Labour and so-called socialist parties) was tactical, working as a Labour party activist was tactical – better the policies of a Right-wing Labour party than a Conservative party. But under Blair and his clones this rationale was put under the microscope, because the policies were no different.

Obama demonstrates the alienation towards the Left – as well as Blair. Hopey-changey brought great clamour from the mass movement especially black people. What is a significant state of affairs at the end of his 8 years – “Black Lives Matter”. How can any black person feel at all comfortable when on his watch black people are suffering such racist attacks? For those 8 years there has been an increase in war atrocities due to US foreign policy, drone use has sky-rocketed, an increasing rich-poor divide and Wall Street control has tightened – and a lurch to the ignorant right of Trump. Is there any wonder that leftward-leaning people are alienated? Across the board.

What these opportunists also need to know is that the grass roots activists are the engine of the party. The Labour party as a whole needs to harness the energy of Momentum, and not try to alienate them marginalising them through labelling as Trots. Without this energy the opportunists will not get into power. One of the opportunist tactics is to present Corbyn as unelectable and to present Smith as an electable alternative. Disillusionment during Blair and post-Blair makes Labour unelectable because they offer nothing other than right-wing policies, who can distinguish between what Blair stood for and what Cameron or May stand for?

In the end the opportunists are destroying Labour’s electability by clinging to power. Rather than trying to secede the movement that supports Corbyn, these opportunists need to rejoin this more genuine grass roots movement and then ply their opportunist trade under the guise of a New Labour that is radical and democratic. Whilst the socialist in me does not like this recommendation tactically it is sound. Whilst I do not see the Veil being removed using elections I hope it might; in the end evolution is better than alternatives that would probably contain violence.

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