Corbyn leadership Veil campaign strategy

Posted: 28/08/2016 by zandtao in Corbyn

The parliamentary Labour party and its mouthpiece, the Guardian, are running a campaign against Corbyn under the guise of his competence as leader. First it was Heidi Alexander yesterday, and today it is Sadiq Khan. It has been a constant theme of Owen Smith. And of course it started with the vote of no confidence, and Tom Watson set the seed leading the no confidence vote and suggesting Corbyn should resign.

Let us be clear, whether Corbyn is a competent leader or not the issue concerns their parliamentary seats. The majority of these opportunists came to power as Blair’s lackeys. Blair’s crackdown on democracy within the party started from the manipulation of ward opportunists all the way up through the party. Somewhere I read that Corbyn will work on a reselection process so these opportunists are all scared for their seats. So they blame Corbyn as leader.

They are trying to affect the grassroots support for Corbyn by saying that under Corbyn Labour cannot win an election. This might well be true but all the attacks that undermine Corbyn are much more damaging than anything Corbyn can do. Electorally where the Labour party will stand after his leadership victory will be hard to judge.

All the indicators are that he will win the leadership, and when the reselection process goes ahead the worst sort of Blairite will be weeded out. Tactically it would be sound for the Tories to call an election when Labour is low although they are probably seeing how much damage the Labour leadership will do first. At the same time they will judge whether Corbyn has got wider mass democratic support. If, as I surmise, that election increases Tory power there would be even further pressure on Corbyn but it looks as if he is prepared to hold strong. It is important that he does because he is standing for genuine democracy against the Veil.

This is a battle for democracy – not for a leader Corbyn, let us hope democracy wins against the Veil. I sorely hope it does. Forces have come together around Corbyn, and I feel how these forces play out is very important for the UK. If people don’t rally around Corbyn and Labour returns to opportunism 1%-power through the Veil will have been cemented. Where will such a figurehead arise again? The bigger issue is whether in the long term people can overthrow the 1% without violence. Sanders at the moment has lost in America so an electoral overthrow of the Veil did not occur there, can there be an electoral overthrow of the Veil in the UK? (Written 21st August)

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