Corbyn and Trots

Posted: 10/08/2016 by zandtao in Corbyn, Democracy, Struggle

Tom Watson is attacking Corbyn for Trots.

Trot manipulation is a judgement call in the same way as Blairites might call his manipulation of the party democratic – it depends on numbers on whether Corbyn support is genuine mass movement. Corbyn has a history of Trot support typified by the best being Socialist Conference discussed here. It is very hard to assess whether Corbyn support is Trot as Trots blow hard and loud. If the support is Trot it is a deal breaker but of course Tom Watson would know this – and it would not be unexpected to ses this “Trot spectre” to be a manipulation on his part.

Is Corbyn’s supprt mass movement? I think “yes” – my judgement call. Why? Because the support is based on mass movement alienation from the neo-liberal mainstream that Blair embraced.

But even if I am wrong I think the rules have changed. Party stalwarts such as Watson are of a mindset that existed when I was active, this was at the time when Trots were splitting the party, when neo-liberal engendered apathy allowed the Trots to have too great an influence. Since then Blair has lurched the party so far to the right that genuine mass movement support is splitting from the mainstream right where Blair put the party. But the mass movement is scared to follow where its notional leaders go – it is almost a group of Bolshevik intellectuals who are backing Corbyn – and comrades have always seen Bolsheviks as being at the core of the mass movement.

The “Trot Entry” tactic is again a scare of the right-wing parliamentarian opportunists, a group who are afraid for their jobs. The party has been divided by Blair’s manipulation of apathy, a standrad neo-liberal tactic. Now there is a continuing campaign to separate the mass movement from Corbyn as Corbyn offers a genuine alternative to the neo-liberal Veil. What else will these Wainwrights do?

This is a bit arcane – political jargon, but I am not about voters.

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  1. zandtao says:

    I was a bit mistaken when writing this. Trots are entering into the fray, there are examples quoted here by Tom Watson

    Watson’s purposes are divisive, the Trots purposes are divisive BUT the content of my blog is legitimate. In the 80s the small number of Trots divided the Labour party because the membership was not active – neo-liberal apathy. It is my feeling that the grass roots support for Corbyn is active, that there is no apathy, and that the Trots will therefore not have their way.

    In the Guardian article , it says that these Trots are members of other parties and therefore excluded from Labour. Sounds fair. Will Corbyn maintain this rule? His loose ties with these people in the Socialist Conference might mean he has supporters who would want Trot entry.

    Sadly these Trots are an issue. Let’s hope democratic involvement can remove the problem.

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