Guardian Irritation

Posted: 09/08/2016 by zandtao in Corbyn, Media

Yet another Guardian headline has annoyed me. Owen Smith warns Corbyn that Labour “could bust and disappear”. Why should the Guardian focus on this when Corbyn is introducing policies of a National Investment Bank? Quite simple, the Guardian supports the Veil, the delusion of the two party electoral system.

There is so much at fault with this particular headline. First of all the Labour party can never disappear as it could always be the political wing of the mass movement. At present it is not. At present Blair more than anyone has created a party of opportunists who represent themselves and not the mass movement. The damage Blair caused would have taken a long time to heal but the opportunists have forced that healing now by engineering this leadership contest over Brexit. What we have in this leadership context is a leftward-leaning opportunist in Smith representing the parliamentary incumbents and Corbyn representing the mass movement. This is a genuine battle for democracy. Smith represents the Blair cronies who manipulated the membership apathy to put in opportunist clones from the ward on up through the party. Corbyn through Momentum seeks a genuine mass movement vote – more like genuine democracy.

I mentioned before the NEC meeting in which subterfuge led to a reduction in the number of new members being eligible to vote. This is being challenged in a court of law. Firstly the opportunists got a business stooge to bring a legal case to block Corbyn’s candidacy, and Corbyn’s people have now been forced to go to the courts to attempt to make the new membership eligible. Democracy is forced to use an undemocratic structure to fight its battles.

Smith is fighting the democratic vote for Corbyn. The mass movement want Corbyn, Smith has to win these voters. He cannot win on policy because Corbyn’s policies are genuinely democratic, they are peoples’ policies – this is why he got in. He has to appeal another way – through fear, the fear that the party will divide.

I remember another divide back in the 80s. This was not such a principled divide as the one that is happening now, I believe, although I didn’t follow it too much at the time. This was the formation of the SDP. A group of senior right-wing Labour politicians, known as the Gang of Four, were unhappy with the Labour party at the time and formed the SDP. To begin with they had some democratic support, but soon this dissolved into a Liberal-SDP alliance, disappeared into the Liberals and now the Liberals are disappearing. Such parties of Social Democrats, opportunists, cannot survive as they have no power base. The power base of the Labour party is the mass movement, opportunists are not candidates of that mass movement.

In other words, if these opportunists engineer a split in the long term they will disappear. In the short term they might affect an election or two, but in the long term the links between the parliamentary Labour party and the mass movement that were severed under Blair will be solidified under Corbyn. Of course by the time that happens Corbyn might be past it, and an opportunist could come in and replace him severing the links again.

The VBC continues as Smith representing the Wainwrights, the Blair clones, tries to undermine Perkins’ (Corbyn’s) links with the voters.

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