NEC Decision

Posted: 15/07/2016 by zandtao in Corbyn, Struggle

The VBC continues as the Wainwrights try to oust Corbyn, and the leading Wainwright is Angela Eagle – someone who has tried to remove Corbyn from the word go. She is MP for Wallasey, my birth place, and somewhere I didn’t know had a Labour MP; maybe not Labour but a Wainwright. I just read she voted for the Iraq war.

The division between the parliamentary representation and the mass movement came to a head in the vote of no confidence that was 80% anti. Last night the talk was of whether Corbyn would actually be allowed to stand; I wonder how much that was feasible or desired. Quite simply so many Labour voters would have been alienated by such a machination that it would have severed the grassroots.

I am concerned this was a red herring. This Guardian article describes how the NEC accepted Corbyn with some very peculiar happenings. But I noticed this in the article “However, in a separate decision taken after Corbyn had left the room, the NEC ruled that only those who have been members for more than six months will be allowed to vote – while new supporters will be given two days to sign up as registered supporters to vote in the race, but only if they are willing to pay £25 – far higher than the £3 fee many Corbyn backers paid in the contest last year.”

I am not close enough to the ground to know the full meaning of this. It looks like a mechanism for excluding the poorer members, and I suspect those poor would be Corbyn supporters. I have a feeling that the Milliband measures that opened up the membership voting contributed to Corbyn’s success last year. I wonder whether the quoted change the NEC made last night (with Corbyn not in the room) was significant – I expect so.

I hope Momentum are strong enough to mobilise grass roots support. The Wainwrights say that Labour is unelectable under Corbyn. In part I agree, they are unelectable now with all the Wainwrights but within four years if representation can return to the mass movement and not Blair puppets that that swell of mass movement democracy could herald an electable opposition under Corbyn.

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  1. zandtao says:

    My hunch was correct. Here, , Momentum describes how the NEC have disenfranchised by subscription. However it appears that Corbyn is still ahead democratically ie votes of ordinary people. The NEC siding with the Wainwwrights is very risky for the party as a whole. I could imagine the old NCP hacks siding with the NEC not wanting to risk a split, mayb I am wrong maybe they will now represent people rather than smoke-filled analysis.

    It is not unsurprising that there have been votes on Trident. . At least Monty Kowalski did not have to die. Just huge amounts of money wasted in the defence industry.

    VBC prophetic continues.

  2. zandtao says:

    In the end this VBC trick failed as the courts said it was illegal to block these voters. This is the second way the NEC has been used to attack Corbyn and failed. I had never seen NEC as establishment before.

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