Blair’s Wainwrights

Posted: 01/07/2016 by zandtao in Corbyn, Struggle

The parallels with a Very British Coup grow. Lawrence Wainwright was an opportunist who challenged Harry Perkins and was backed by establishment forces. In VBC he was outplayed by Harry Perkins and ended up in Northern Ireland. Harry however was pushed into calling a general election as the establishment tried to defeat him.

Under Blair the Labour party was divided from the grass roots by Blair who installed Wainwrights throughout the Labour party. He did this from the wards up throughout the Labour party into parliament. Through his manipulations the grass roots were separated from the opportunists in parliament, and lost their voice; Blair split the party. Were Blair’s policies for the people or the 1%? It is my analysis that the grass roots support for Corbyn was a recognition of this split – conscious or otherwise, and was a measure of the people fighting back.

Now these Wainwrights are using the excuse of the EU to drive Corbyn out. Corbyn’s credentials are grass roots support, and he is fighting the apparent credentials of the establishment’s Wainwrights whose claim of legitimacy is being voted into parliament. As a democrat, why don’t I accept this as legitimate? Because I know how ward politics are manipulated. It is the apathy of the mass movement that enables such manipulations to occur – rigging ward meetings etc. When the Wainwrights force the election within the Labour party it will be fascinating to see if the grass roots are sufficiently mobilised to fight the Wainwright opportunists. Ultimately this is the battle that always had to be won, there would have been some other excuse – the EU thing is meaningless in context. Fascinating.

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