Posted: 24/06/2016 by zandtao in ONE planet, Struggle

I haven’t particularly been interested in the Brexit debate as I am somewhat ambivalent to the result. The purpose of the EU is to facilitate profit-making by increasing deregulation and enabling big business to prosper. Brexit has to mean that business profits will go down. So we must consider trickle-down, how much of this aspect of trickle-down capitalism will hit the people? Of course capitalists will try to offload their losses. People will suffer financially because of this decision.

This is connected with the fear as addressed by Corbyn. He promoted the position that we stay in Europe to overcome the fierce aspirations of British capitalists. Minimum wage is typical of these aspirations. British business says the European minimum wage affects their profits as they want to pay people less to increase their profits. Other regulations make it harder for British capitalists to screw the British people. Now that these regulations will go the people will get screwed more.

The EU fundamentally was designed as multinational business power-bloc to attempt to rival US power. Whilst France and Germany are more dominant in Europe, Britain leaving will impact the strength of the EU. On the one hand this is good because I believe bigger is worse. The EU is already crumbling – Greece Spain and Ireland, now it will be worse. In the long term this is better for me whilst in the short term there will be financial losses. However the US will gain, it surprises me that Obama defended the EU over Brexit.

There is however now an opportunity for the left to make advances. There will be increased exploitation of workers such as with the minimum wage. People’s money will be hurt. They will need to rise up or the exploitation will worsen, I doubt that they will.

My biggest fear is because of the deep-seated British racism. With the increasing racism due to immigration from Europe and also from the Syrian diaspora as a result of war, non-white British people and people of colour in general are going to feel increasing attacks. The racists will see Brexit as success for British nationalism, and they will take a new head of steam as a consequence. There will be a Britain for British approach, and although most will not be explicit they will take it as carte blanche (cheesy) as Britain for white British.

When Cameron called for a referendum I expect he thought the vote would be to remain. However the powers-that-be (the 1%) will never have allowed a referendum if they couldn’t control the outcome. With leaving being the outcome I presume they will have measures in place to maintain their profits.

But maybe not? Maybe the 1% are also divided being 1%-US and 1%-EU.

Smaller is better, and British people now have more chance to influence. I suspect their increased power will be directed towards racism as opposed to fighting the real power of the 1%. I hope I am wrong. Switzerland survives because they make laws to help the 1%, maybe Britain will do more of that now with all her tax havens and corporate freebies.

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  1. zandtao says:

    The Brexit debacle in the Labour party is an engineered excuse. The media is backing the split, this is an indication of the engineering that is happening behind the scenes.

    What is happening in the Labour party is that 1% Blairite stooges are banding together, and manipulating the opportunists in the party who are not allied with the Blair section. Be clear. Blair took the country to war, and was a representative of the 1%. What he did benefitted business and not labour. What these Labour MP’s are doing now is benefitting business – attempting to remove Corbyn and what he stands for. These are all 1%-manipulations. They want a return to the Veil, the Veil that is two-party politics, both of which go through a mock battle in public whilst ensuring their futures by following 1%-bidding.

    Corbyn is neither of these.

    For Brexit Corbyn’s stance was a compromise, it had to be. The EU did not represent the interests of British people, it never did, it was setup to facilitate business – to help exploit Labour. So how can remaining there be in the interest of Labour? But there is a temporary compromise needed at the moment to prevent the forces backing Brexit exploiting working-people in the short term. This is the policy Corbyn put forward.

    When Corbyn was voted in Hilary Benn demonstrated that he wanted leadership even after Corbyn had a clear mandate. Grass roots has been on the increase, and the first opportunity he could get, the Brexit vote, he tried to manipulate a split. The media says Corbyn is causing the split, but who owns the media? After an initial warning, the first time, Corbyn had no option but to sack Benn. Corbyn has never been popular with the opportunists who were brought in under Blair but they are causing the split. This is the standard opportunist split, their using the working-people of Labour to feather their own nests. That is the split.

    Does Corbyn have a chance of overcoming this Very British Coup?

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