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The feminist education that discusses consciousness raising and the “enemy within” points to two types of awakening. There is an awakening consciousness of the inadequacy of the system, this might best be recently seen in the Occupy movement. Because of the intended debt entrapment of the student body as a whole in the US there developed an awareness of 1%-world. As many alienated people know this awareness brings with it a strong conviction and a need for change – characteristics of awakening.

But this political consciousness only touches on the awakening-anatta spectrum or maturity. Whilst beginning to see the truth these people often get stuck in an important aspect of conditioning, the conditioned belief in a set of ideas. Conditioning applies a set of conditions, a set of ideas, that people have to conform to, these are the ideas that I discussed before as culture. When people become conscious of the inadequacy of the system they throw off the set of conforming ideas that the system creates for them but this leaves a hole in their conditioning. Unfortunately this hole gets filled with another set of ideas, the ideas of a political ideology. When at university I replaced the conforming ideas with ideas “against the system”, and my father would give the conditioned response that I would grow out of it. At that time the conforming process allowed students a period of “rebellion” before thy finished uni, got married and got a job. Thankfully that “rebellion” never ended in me but it did end for many. I view what happened to the hippy consciousness-raising as meeting the same untimely end. Many people in the 60s and early 70s became involved in the consciousness raising symbolised by the hippies. But coming with the consciousness was all the “free love and drugs” that attracted many. But that attraction was not consciousness raising, and for most of the movement time dissipated it as people returned to the “get a job” system. Following the hippies was the Reagan-Thatcher backlash producing Thatcher’s conformed jobsworths and Reaganomics that opened the deregulation doors that sparked the 2008 crash. This was because the consciousness-raising replaced the conforming set of ideas with another, and whilst this could easily become awakening for many conditioning pulled them back into the conforming adolescent model that is the mainstream.

Yet the conviction that comes with a changing awareness of the system and the disillusionment that is concomitant are all good signs but sadly it is more than signs that is needed for awakening.

Each person’s awakening is different. In my own case disillusionment combined with alcohol led to a breakdown, and breakdowns as a precursor of awakening are quite common in the West. Yet many westerners awakening seek wisdom in the East through Buddhism and Hinduism. These monks and gurus will have rejected the material conditioning of their own society but because these religions are more mainstream find it easier to slip into the Path towards anatta. Western societies have Christianity but Christianity does not emphasise an enlightenment-type approach leading to anatta so those awakening are not generally attracted to it. But of course within Christianity there are many mature people – I think particularly of the esoteric traditions. I was brought up a Catholic but rejected this when 11, it never even crossed my mind to seek solace and advice from the church – but that could just be me; I associated the church with repression from my primary school. Once I met awakened Christians that changed. And living in Thailand I see the way most Thais react to Buddhism as being very similar to the conditioned responses that I rejected amongst the church and churchgoers.

Holding to idea sets is a big problem. Once young people begin to see the system for what it is, they reject conditioning – perhaps too much, baby with the bath water. There is a hole, an emptiness that they want to fill. One person who has filled this hole for many young people is David Icke. Most of what he says is evidentially true but then he has “lizards”. Why? I have a younger ex-friend for whom it was all or nothing. He had replaced the ideas of his conditioning with another set of ideas – “Icke-ism”. When I couldn’t accept all of it he became very aggressive especially as I would say not to hold onto ideas. Basically he was conditioned by a counter-culture rather than awakening to the freedom that is enquiry.

In politics alienation is a big issue – and alienation is probably an issue for revolutionary feminists. Alienation within the mainstream is fundamentally the fear of those who are conditioned. There is a comfort zone for the conditioned. Whilst they are not happy they accept that what culture forces them to do is all that there is. Part of the culture is chauvinism, they are brought up to believe in their culture and that everything is right about their culture, and they are conditioned to fear what is different. No matter how clear and reasonable a politically compassionate approach might be it still produces a response based on fear – alienation is produced as part of the conditioning.

From birth through to maturity (eventually anatta) there is a spectrum – a continuum. At birth nature provides us with instincts to survive but these are meant to fall away as we develop a mature sense of deep enquiry. Each culture is different but in various ways culture uses the clinging instinct to produce conditioning that is that culture; instinct and culture produces an ego that is clung to, a personal ideaset that is hard to break down. Through enquiry there is an awakening that eats away at this ego and the conditioning of the culture leading to anatta.

Revolutionary feminism with its enquiry into patriarchy and the “enemy within” breaks down the conditioning that is experienced by women bringing with it awakening. In determining the enemy within it is possible for enquiry to free these women from conditioning leading to awakening. It is also possible that feminism could just replace the conditioned mindset that is the culture of conditioned patriarchy. In the case of reformist feminists this happens – a conditioned counter-culture of feminism, and whilst these reformers have overcome patriarchal conditioning they will not experience the peace and freedom that comes with deep awakening and anatta.

Books:- Treatise, Wai Zandtao Scifi, Matriellez Education.

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