Touching Caste

Posted: 15/02/2016 by zandtao in Media, Struggle

I thought caste was an archaic system in India that was almost dying out but there are still 100,000,000 million people who are Dalit – “untouchables” – in India.

As a Buddhist I have an issue because Buddhism started in India, and for many Hinduism and Buddhism are considered much-of-a-muchness. Previously I didn’t like the sweeping reincarnation that is part of Hinduism but that was kind of that. Until a couple of Dalit on a Buddhist list made Hinduism clear to me.

First of all listen to Arundhati Roy, someone whose analysis is regularly correct, talking about caste and Dr Ambedkar.


Much more about this can be found in the book “Annihilation of Caste – annotated edition” by Dr Ambedkar with the introduction by Arundhati Roy – the clip is promoting the book.

What really got to me was how I had been conned by the myths surrounding Gandhi, Arundhati’s saint (irony). It is always good to know that no matter how much you try the media can still get one over you, and how it is always necessary to be vigilant. Gandhi, the man who used the word “kaffir”.

Religious institutions do not have a good track record but I can never see Hinduism as a source of knowledge, as moral, whilst caste continues.

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