Brad and Hitler, maybe?

Posted: 04/02/2016 by zandtao in Zen

Brad has just written a blog about Hitler that started my mind going. Before I had read the blog my mind went to what I write below, and I felt a commitment to that. When it comes down to it my blog has little to do with what Brad wrote, why should that stop me?

I wandered to my past where I had met a fascinating man called Ernie Trory, I had been warned against him as being addictive and a bit dangerous (see comment). When I was a Trade Unionist I became attracted to communism, and I joined the “original” Marxist-Leninist Revolutionary party – at the time called the New Communist Party NCP. Where I lived the lynchpin was Ernie, and he became a mentor for a while. It was somewhat strange that this communist revolutionary lived in “Hove actually”, a seriously middle-class enclave in London’s commuter sprawl. This was back in the 80’s and Ernie was in his 70’s when I knew him – so of course he is now long gone. But I had moved on long before he passed away. Now Ernie was committed. He had been one of those wonderful people who had given up their lives and gone to fight in the Spanish Civil War. I don’t agree with them but such a wonderful commitment to the mass movement. I even tried to understand Orwell in Homage to Catalonia because of these people but never got there. It just seemed to me that even as deeply committed communists they were still just cannon-fodder going nowhere.

Brad’s Hitler immediately sparked something Ernie said. There is only one war – the revolutionary class war, and all the rest are capitalists fighting amongst themselves for more profits. I was in my 30s, British, and scoffed at this. My father had joined up just after the second world war, became part of the debacle that was the start of Israel, and in my mind even though I knew about WW1 being about the African cake, I couldn’t see all wars except revolutionary class war as capitalist. But I was wrong. …. Now I must ask “where has there been a successful revolution?” Russia is now criminocracy. Cuba clings to communism by a thread whilst Fidel lives, Sandinistas come and go whilst Ortega changes spots. And Franco stayed in Spain. And the 1% control gets cemented deeper and deeper.

Much of what Brad writes about Hitler concerns the Jewish question, I know little about Hitler’s view on Jews. But when I look at the politics of Zionism now I see only evil. How can a religion be about accumulating land? There are some good Israelis but because of the continued war these people have such little impact. And the money their 1% have, the control of the media that 1% has, the power they exert in the US, all working against world peace.

But back to Hitler. One thing being in a Marxist-Leninist party – for maybe only two years – was never look at the power and individuals. Individuals rise and fall depending on forces that exist at the time. Forces in Germany wanted Hitler at the time. WW1 had never terminated German expansionism, and German businesses were on the rise again. Money from finance institutions across the western world began to build up the German economy – George Bush senior and his family are often associated with this. This money drove Hitler and his war effort. There was wealth in Germany and people became attracted to it, and Nazism arose.

I have no answer to the Jewish question and how the holocaust developed, but the western finance institutions are now allied with the 1% including the Jewish 1%. Those people are their own country now, how the holocaust happened with their power I don’t know.

WW2 significantly shaped today’s world as planned at Bretton Woods consummated with the Marshall Plan. I haven’t studied the full details of this planning but the US entered the war in Europe late intentionally. By the time they did, the European forces were depleted and what had been “troops-on-the-ground” control in Africa by Europeans had become the US neo-colonial hegemony that now devastates the world particularly in the Middle East. Since WW2 the US has maintained control through what John Stockwell calls US’s Third World War. When you detach yourself from what is learnt in schools or put across by the media and just examine what is what, then Hitler is the figurehead that was appropriated by forces that now control the hegemony – the 1%.

Examine US and NATO relations with Saddam Hussein from being the US shining light in the war against Iran to the excuse and ultimate execution in 2 oil wars; it is the forces that control. My history of Iraq.

What-is-what, step back from what is presented in the media and see what happens, not the theory that they pretend happens. What are the sources of your opinion? Does one read Theravada to know the truth about Zen? Does one look at US mainstream media to learn about US hegemony? Do we ask the military how many people have been accidentally killed by drones? Or does one listen to a whistleblower to know the truth? Enquire, examine, investigate what-is-what.

When looking at what-is-what it appears to be contradictory, are we educated by educators?, do we know politics from politicians, but these contradictions are not the contradictions discussed by Brad – his are more fundamental. Personally I am not good with Zen contradictions and should study Dogen more. My mind is too intellectual, too prone to the intellectual challenge, and equally prone to challenging intellectuals; it is a necessary way forward for me.

“Science works the same way. You need everybody to be on the same page if a number of people have to communicate their findings to each other. We all have to know precisely what we’re talking about.” [Brad’s blogpost]. How can people be on the same page? How can I precisely know what is being talked about? By the time I begin to know what someone else is talking about, they’ve moved on …. Or I have …. anicca. And what is science? I must look at Shobogenzo.

I look at Brad’s dharma quote, and I am confused. But Buddhadasa said “We don’t deny there are differences. For example Theravada Buddhism is very straightforward, and is kept within certain fairly strict limits. People who don’t have enough intelligence and wisdom are unable to understand the Theravada teachings properly. Mahayana has tried to open everything up and simplify things so that even foolish people (old grandmothers in the street the ordinary man in the road) can have access to Buddhism with the idea that Mahayana, being the great vehicle, can take even the foolish people along. And then in Zen. Zen knows it’s never going to work, and narrowed it down and made it an exclusive refined teaching for only the most intelligent people. If one isn’t very sharp and clever, one can never figure out Zen Buddhism.” My ego likes to think I am sharp and clever but zen …. I must try.

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  1. zandtao says:

    As for Ron Rosenbaum one has to be so careful. Most Israelis would call me a racist. I am against Zionism, those Israelis who include land as part of their religion. Historically, post-ww2, Israel was placed in the middle of Arab countries, and Arab peoples were thrown out of where they lived to accommodate the Israelis. During WW2 the Jewish people were treated atrociously by the Nazis, this is unacceptable. But is it acceptable what is happening to Palestine now against UN international agreements? 70 years on I feel the crimes are more against Palestine than against Jews. Wiki (on Ron Rosenbaum) discusses Ron Rosenbaum’s motivations “In December 2015, Rosenbaum published an article, ‘Thinking the Unthinkable’ in which he expresses his view that there exists a frightening possibility that Israel might not survive as a nation. In it he claims that ‘The Palestinians want a Hitlerite Judenrein state, however much violence it takes to accomplish it. Not separation, elimination.’ The Palestinians are, he asserts, engaged in incessant state and religious incitement to murder Jews. The ‘stabbing intifada’ is not an insurgency, but a matter of ‘the ritual murder of Jews’. Whereas Hitler tried to hide his crimes, the Palestinians celebrate killing Jews. [ ]” Ron Rosenbaum on Apartheid Israel “the entire world has essentially turned on the Jewish state, driven by the false narratives of the hate-Israel types”[idem]. When I read this article, I can’t give credence to anything he writes. His apartheid conditioning prevents him from seeing what-is-what. There is a wider observable strategy, continue promoting the holocaust to fan the flames of global guilt concerning Israel. What Hitler did was horrendous but is no justification for what is happening now, tanks against stones already, nukes against knives next – see article?

  2. zandtao says:

    Ernie was dangerous. He had a strong ego, expected things to go his way, and used his tutelage to tell me what to do. That is too harsh – wow! I did help him and he did expect me to do stuff – but doing stuff was what I did. He taught me a great deal and I will always be grateful.

    But the real danger was separation from the movement. By joining the NCP I was separated from the movement, when I left the NCP I was never forgiven. I met a true comrade, George Cooper – again long since gone. He understood me, we worked together, what he wanted was what I wanted – to work in the mass movement. He did it for a lifetime, I just a few years. A great man.

    Search for this:-

    I agree with what is written in the comment.

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